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In the early hours of the morning on August 26th, 2012, we stepped off of our overnight flight and were in Barcelona!  Though we were exhausted and it was a long flight for the kids, we were pumped with energy and excitement.  We were all in great moods and had no idea what our future would hold.  This was only our second time in Spain, but we walked with our heads held high as we exited the Barcelona Airport, for the first time as Spanish residents and the beginning of this travel blog Spain and more!

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Travel Blog Spain
Things To Do In Spain by Autonomous Community and Facts about Spain

Since that time, we have scoured the country and visited as much as we could.  Most of the time we wrote about our experiences and shared them with you.  There are a total of 17 Autonomous Communities in Spain or regions of Spain, so think of them similar to US States.  We have had the pleasure of experiencing all but the Canary Islands and the 2 Autonomous Cities in the north of Africa.  Let’s just say you are in for a treat with this post, as we are going to cover some of our favorite things to do in Spain, from each area!

Let me start by saying, you really need to visit more than Barcelona and Madrid!  We love both of those areas, but Spain offers a wealth of experiences all over the country.  Step a bit off of the beaten path and of course visit some favorites, but plan to really explore the country.  You will see many of the best places to go in Spain right in this blog post, so keep on reading!

We will first list the things to do in Spain by autonomous community, and then we will share a couple of our Spain road trip routes with you!  There is a wealth of information below, including many facts about Spain!  Of course, we are a family of 4 and are traveling with kids, so many items highlight what to do with kids.  I guarantee that adults will love it all too, so keep on reading and hopefully, this will provide inspiration for your visit to Spain!

Autonomous communities of Spain or regions of Spain. Are you looking for amazing things to do in Spain? Our Spain travel blog is loaded with tips for you to visit Spain. All by an American family of 4 living in Spain.

Spain Coasts

Spain Costas or the Spanish Coasts provide a great variety of beaches, towns, and coves to choose from.  Spain is known as the Iberian Peninsula, which is shared with Portugal.  Being a peninsula means there is plenty of Spanish Coastline to discover and experience.  Along the south and east are the Mediterranean beaches. Then the west and north provide you with Atlantic or Bay of Biscay beaches.
Spain Costas or the Spanish Coasts provide beaches, nature, cities and towns. We explain each of the areas along the Spanish coastline. Read more on

Things to do in Spain

Of course, we have a list of things to do in Spain that we’ve experienced, but you may also trust Spain Guides as a great resource.  It is a complete guide to all the top attractions in Spain, including the Sagrada Familia and the Alhambra Granada.


Things to do in Andalucia Spain

Andalucia is pretty much the entire south of Spain and we happen to live in a town along the coast of Granada.  We have explored this area extensively, and there is so much to see and do.  You may be looking for things to do in Seville or possible things to do in Córdoba, as popular day trips from Madrid.  Our first couple of years here, we were on adventures all of the time and took many road trips.  We will share with you some of our highlights!

Frigiliana,Spain Andalucia

Things to do in Costa del Sol Spain (Malaga)

Things to do in Granada Spain

Things to do in Costa Tropical Spain

Rooftop bars and amazing restaurant terraces in Costa Tropical

Things to do in Seville and Cordoba Spain

Things to do in Jaen

Things to do in Cadiz Spain

Things to do in AlmerÍa Spain

Okay, I think you get the idea now.  Of course there is more for you to discover on our blog, but we do love Andalucia!

Things to do in Aragon Spain

Okay, I will have to admit we don’t have an all-inclusive list of things to do for this area, but we did spend a few days in Zaragoza at the end of our 6-week European road trip, summer 2013.  During that road trip we drove through Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France and Andorra.  As we traveled back home from France we had 3 nights in Zaragoza to just do nothing. Anya and Lars Shredding in Zaragoza Spain

We visited the city and explored a bit, but the kids had an absolute blast shredding in Zaragoza.  Look how little they were!  Growing up in Spain has been a real treat for them.

Things to do in Asturias Spain

Ah, Asturias Spain!  This was part of our 8-week road trip summer 2016.  We were just able to have a small taste of the area, but we sure loved it.  We received a warm welcome and private tour in Oviedo from some of our blog readers, who have now lived in Spain a couple of years.

Visit Asturias in Northern Spain.

This city really felt good to us and we would even consider it as a place to live.  The countryside in Asturias is amazing and there is no shortage of adventure and activities either.


Things to do in Balearic Islands Spain

The Balearic Islands are an archipelago of Spain off of the eastern coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea.  The four largest islands are Mallorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera.  There are many minor islands and islets close to the larger islands, but we have only visited Mallorca so far.  We spent a glorious week in a luxury villa and had an absolute blast.

Check out our list of things to do in Mallorca!

Alcudia Mallorca Things to do and Places to Stay


Things to do in Basque Country Spain

We didn’t have a chance to stay overnight in the Basque country, but we did manage to spend the day in Bilbao on our drive from Santander to La Rioja.  It was wonderful to visit the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and we highly recommend it with kids.  We also drove back through the Basque country and stopped by San Sebastian, on our drive from La Rioja to Bordeaux.

Guggenheim Bilbao Basque Country Spain fun outside. Are you looking for amazing things to do in Spain? Our Spain travel blog is loaded with tips for you to visit Spain. All by an American family of 4 living in Spain. Read more on

We also accidentally spent the day in San Sebastian, as it was a stop of on our way to Bordeaux France and we ended up being stuck in the city.  After visiting the beach we started to leave, but all of the roads were blocked in every direction.  It turns out there was a bike race going on and we were trapped.  Oh well, a couple more hours for us to partake in the festivities.  


Things to do in Canary Islands Spain

This is the one and only region in Spain we have yet to visit.  So we don’t have any personal tips for you.  That said, we know others who do!

Things to do in Cantabria Spain

We spent a few days in Cantabria (Santander and Loredo), during our 8-week summer road trip.  We enjoyed surfing lessons, excluding Alan’s accident.  Santander was a beautiful city and we would love to return.  Wagoners Abroad Surfing Santander. How to stand up on a surf board.

Of course we managed to walk every inch of town, but it was also nice to ride the Hop On Hop Off bus.


Things to do in Castile-Leon Spain

Without a doubt, we really need to explore this area more.  We managed to spend a bit of time in Salamanca and would love to return there.

Things to do in Salamanca with Kids. So much history and culture at your fingertips. Read more on

This is a large Autonomous Community, so we will need to return and check out other areas in the future.


Things to do in Castile – La Mancha Spain

We have driven through this area numerous times, but have yet to stop and take it all in.  On our to do list, we want to visit Toledo, Cuenca, Albacete and so much more.  If you have some things to recommend for this area, just let us know.


Things to do in Catalunya Spain

Oh I am sure you know all about this one.  There are so many great things to do in Barcelona, as it is a top destination for Spain.  We started our life in Spain with a few days in Barcelona.  It was also the launching point, via ferry, for our 6 week European road trip.  I also spent a couple of days on my own to visit my best friend from the USA, who was in for a visit.

Park Güell Barcelona Spain

Things to do in Barcelona Spain

Each time, we have just had a small taste of the city, so we hope to give it a deep dive in the future.

  • Rooftop Bar Barcelona – With Barcelona being one of the top-visited cities in Spain, there is no shortage of great views and vantage points.  Take a peek at our list of rooftop bars and restaurants in Barcelona!

Things to do in Costa Brava Spain

A travelers guide to Costa Brava, you are in for a unique experience in this area!


Things to do in Extremadura Spain

Without a doubt, the Roman Ruins in Merida have been the best we have seen in Spain.  It was absolutely amazing and to think we almost just drove on by, when returning home from our visit to Portugal.

Roman Ruin in Merida Spain. These ruins are in great condition. Read more on


Things to do in Galicia Spain

We absolutely fell in love with the nature, sea, mountains, and vibe in Galicia.  We intentionally stayed in a small village, so we could just absorb it all.  It was a great place to visit in the summer, but it seems a little too slow of pace for us to live.

Visit Galicia Spain - a 1 week itinerary with things to do, places to see and places to stay. Read more on


Things to do in La Rioja Spain

La Rioja is the land of wine!  We spent a week in the small town of Navarrete, but of course explored.  Lars was volunteering for Diverbo so the 3 other Wagoners were off to do some wine tasting!Marques de Riscal La Rioja Spain


Things to do in Madrid Spain

Who doesn’t love visiting Madrid?  We have been several times, but it just seems we are having too much fun enjoying the city to write too much about it.  Without a doubt, we highly recommend doing the Madrid food tour, as it is the perfect combination of food, culture, history and sightseeing.

Things to do in Murcia Spain

There is so much to do in this area and it was part of our original scoping trip for places to live in Spain.  This was high on our list of places to settle, but Costa Tropical won out instead.  We still like to go to the area for a visit and it was the final stop on our 2016 road trip.


We spent 3 nights near Murcia and just relaxed in our rental apartment, with a little facemask spa fun.  Of course we did also check out Cartagena and a return visit to the mud baths of Lo Pagan.


Things to do in Navarre Spain

Unfortunately we don’t have a long list for this area, as it was just a drive through Pamplona on our way from La Rioja up to Bordeaux France.


Things to do in Valencia Spain

The similarly named city of Valencia is another city we could easily see ourselves calling home.  We think Valencia is also one of the best places to live in Spain.

Valencia is full of charm, history, amazing architecture, and loads of fun. Visit Valencia with kids, we will share Things to do & Places to stay and eat. Read more on

Of course we still need to make it to the Valencia Fallas in March, when the city is ablaze!

Organized Tours

There are also many organized tours for you to enjoy from being active on walking or biking tour, to enjoying a food or wine tour.  There is so much to do and Viator has so many great offers for you.  Click here to see their latest Deals!



8 week Road Trip Spain & France

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Spain is one of the most culturally liberal and welcoming countries for LGBTQ+ travelers. People in large cities and in most of the country are very open-minded and accepting. In fact, Spain was one of the first countries to legalize same-sex marriage (2005) and hosts one of the world’s largest Pride celebrations drawing 1.5 million people every year.  Here is a guide to LGBTQ Spain!

Are you trying to figure out the best places to live in Spain?

Perhaps this will help you out, Moving Abroad? How To Select The Country, Town & Make The Move.  Historically there having been many Americans moving to Spain, but in the recent years things are changing!  We have helped hundreds of Americans move to Spain and we know many living in Spain.

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When are you coming to Spain?  Or have you already been?  Are you returning?  Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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