Spain Residency Renewal: Non-Lucrative Visa & Retirement Visa

Congrats!  You’ve had Spanish residency with the Non-Lucrative Visa or the Retirement Visa and it’s time to renew.  Here’s the full Spanish residency renewal process & requirements all in one place!

Spain non lucrative visa renewal process. You've had Spanish residency with the Spain non lucrative visa or the Spain retirement visa and it's time to renew.  Here's the full Spanish residency renewal process & requirements all in one place! Read more on


Announcing Spain Residency Renewal eBook!
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Do you want to save hours of online research and going down the path of that paper chase?  Would you like to be organized and impress the Foreigner’s Office with your application?  Do you want to be sure you have everything on the checklist complete and in the correct order?

If yes, you really need our Residency Renewal eBook.  It will help you cut through the red tape and save you hours of time.  The Extranjería staff have been very impressed with our clients and how organized they were.  Even our local office told us they can tell who we are working with, because they arrive with documents organized and correct.


What’s in the book?

  • Understand Temporary vs. Long-term Residency
  • How much time can you be out of the country and still renew?
  • You get the full residency renewal requirements
  • Every step you need to follow from forms to bank fees
  • Online appointments, renewal status check, procedures
  • Tips to save you time and frustration

Have you gone to an appointment only to discover you were missing something?  Perhaps you have already completed one renewal and received a notice stating your financial or medical insurance proof wasn’t correct.  Each little mishap can add weeks of time to your renewal process.

Make sure you have everything you need before you go!  Understand each stage of the process and how you can minimize mistakes.  Follow our steps and save time and do it right the first time!

Why should you buy our book?

  • Save Time – It’s all in one document for you.  There is no need to search every site, every blog, or try to figure out the Spanish ministry website.
  • Avoid Frustration – Follow our suggestions and avoid getting that letter stating more information is required.
  • Understand the Process – We will provide you with expert tips and advice to make the process easier for you.
  • Confidence – Know this process has worked for us and our clients.
  • Know the rules! 

So what are you waiting for?

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6.99€ +VAT

Spanish Resident Card Renewal Process.
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