Spain Health Insurance for Digital Nomads

Digital Nomad Insurance in Spain! You’ve decided to move to Spain and work remotely! Fortunately you work remotely, so you can work anywhere you like. Spain is a great place for Digital Nomads, as you will find that it is very affordable. As part of the new Spain digital nomad visa or teleworking visa, you will need to show proof of Spanish Health Insurance. We would like to share with you some of the top companies to choose from.

Spain Health Insurance for Digital Nomads! The digital nomad visa Spain or teleworking visa requires you show proof of Private Health Insurance. Here are the top companies to choose from.


Spain Health Insurance for Digital Nomads

Each of the options below will meet the needs of the digital nomad visa in Spain, just be sure to mention that when you obtain your quote. All insurance companies have various health insurance plans to choose from, but you need one specifically for visas and residency. This means there should be no copayments, no deductibles and no wait periods.

Nearly all of the insurance companies offer plans that are for a full year, with auto renewal. If you need something different from that, please mention it and they will see what can be done for you. Let’s get on to our list!


Digital Nomad Insurance in Spain List!


Caser Expat Health Insurance Spain for Residency

We speak English and can help you with the right policy for your needs!  Caser has been doing business for nearly 75 years and have a good network of coverage throughout Spain.  Offering special plans for expats in Spain for residency and meet all of the current visa requirements.
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Insbrok - Insurance brokers in Valencia, offering insurance for your health, home, pet, car and more.

With over 35 years of experience, Insbrok can help you with your insurance needs.  We are dedicated to helping English-speaking clients wishing to reside in Spain. We have a plan for you to meet the Spanish residency, student, and visa requirements.
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SegurCaixa Adeslas Motril health insurance in Spain

A popular private insurance in Spain and with special expat packages.  .  We have a plan for you to meet the Spanish residency and visa requirements.
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DKV private insurance Spain

DKV private insurance Spain has a wide network of providers. DKV has a plan for you to meet the Spanish residency and visa requirements.
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Sanitas expats insurance in Spain

Sanitas expats insurance in Spain is very easy to work with and can offer plans for residency, visas and students. We speak English and offer great customer service.
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1 thought on “Spain Health Insurance for Digital Nomads”

  1. We used DKV and Sanitas while on our non-lucrative visas in Spain. I found DKV to be the easiest, using a policy that included reimbursement if/when we went out of network for care (which we usually did with our kid, since her pediatrician didn’t do any insurance).

    In-network, they just swiped my card; out of network, I just paid cash (usually FAR less than the US) and then scanned the receipt and uploaded it to DKV. Payment into our bank account within 1-3 days, every time, no problem.

    Sanitas was okay but their “network” was their own facility in Valencia, and it was a bit of a hassle getting appointments and dealing with them there sometimes. Cost a bit less, but I much preferred paying a wee bit more (it’s still so much less than the US it’s amazing) for the DKV and not dealing with that.

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