13 Fun Things To Do In Morzine France For The Summer

We were scheduled to visit Morzine France this summer, as we had a house sit there for 1 week.  We didn’t know much about the town, other than it being a ski resort in the French Alps.  Since this was all part of our bigger 8 week road trip, we planned to have a very mellow week and just catch up on our writing, while staying at a house sit.  Well, that isn’t exactly how it played out.  So check out these great things to do in Morzine France for the summer!

13 Things To Do in Morzine France. This was 1 week of our 8 week Summer Road Trip in Spain and France. Read more on WagonersAbroad.com

We arrived in Morzine without having done any research at all.  We knew we were going to be spending a week in the summer at a place which is well-known for its winter activities.  Our assumption was that it was going to be scattered with a few locals and other than that, not much to do.  We arrived at dusk on a Friday night and as we drove through the village, we could tell that there was going to be plenty of temptations of things to do.

We settled into our housesit that night and the next day we were out exploring the adorable village.  It was something out of a story book with the green mountains blanketed with trees and buildings accented with bright flowers over the railings.

Morzine storybook setting with hills and hotel

What the heck is there to do at Morzine ski resort in the summer?  Let me just say there is plenty.  In fact far more than we could do in just 1 week, but we tried our best.  We are certain you will have a fabulous Morzine Holiday!

Things to do in Morzine France – Summer with kids!

Morzine Lift pass

I know what you are thinking.  “Why would we want a lift pass in the summer?”  For hiking and biking of course!  Each lift is anywhere from a 4-8 round trip fare.  We discovered the Morzine multipass for just €8 per day and you can ride all of the lifts in the area as a pedestrian!  You can purchase at any of the lifts and it is a really good deal, especially when we did the Fanstasticable!

The Pleney Luge

This is a chair lift ride up and then a zig zag ride down on a track with a plastic sled.  Not to worry, you can control your speed and there are 2 different runs.  This is fine for younger children with an adult and perfect for the big kids and adults too.  If you already have a Morzine multipass for the day, you do receive a discount on the luge purchase, so plan wisely.  The Pleney Luge Morzine France

Downhill Mountain Biking experience

For this activity you also need a Morzine les gets lift pass, but you do need to purchase one especially for biking.  They offer them from 1 day to multiday, so you can decide what you need.  Of course, if you don’t have a bike with you, not to worry.  You can rent the bike and gear from Alpine sports.  Alan and Lars enjoyed this so much and wrote all about their experience right here!Les Gets Downhill-mountain-bike-Alpine-Sports-Morzine


The Fantasticable was a kid favorite!  Flying high in the French Alps to Châtel.  The kids soared above the hamlet of Plaine-Dranse, at almost 100 km/h (60 mph) and 240 meters above ground (790 feet).  We took a chair lift up to the launching area. The kids experienced 2 ziplines totalling over 8300 feet.

Again, this is discounted if you have the Morzine Multipass and the chair lifts would be included.  These are the things we do, when we have a free place to stay housesitting!  We spend our money on FUN!  Read more about our experience and you can watch and listen to our video tooFastasticable_take_off

Zipline and or Challenge Courses

These are more traditional and zipline courses, and they also offer other activities like canyoning and challenge courses.  There is something for just about every age.

zipline in Morzine France

Picnic or Hike at Lac de Montriond

There is a 7 km trail going around this gorgeous lake.  If you aren’t up for the hike or bike ride around the lake, it is the perfect area to have a picnic or bring some wine to watch the sunset.Morzine out with Anya at Lake Montriond

Ice Skating year round!

It is great to be able to find a place to cool down in the summer and indoor ice skating was the perfect thing.  It is located in the town center at the Morzine sports center (Parc des Dérêches).  Once again, if you have the Morzine Multipass you have free entrance into the skating rink, but you do need to pay a few Euro for your skate rental.  In the summer they have late night skating on Thursday nights from 9 – 11 pm.  That was perfect for us!  Of course in the winter they also have an outdoor skating rink.

Morzine Indoor Ice Skating in the summerSwimming!

Of course summer is always fun if a pool is involved.  The Morzine sports center also has an outdoor pool in the summer with water slides and all.Morzine public swimming pool summer


You are in the French Alps, so there are free hiking trails just about everywhere.  You don’t need to take a lift up to enjoy them, just start from any of the areas in town and explore!Hiking in Morzine


While we didn’t do paragliding in Morzine France, we have enjoyed it in Spain.  This would be a stunning landscape to partake in tandem paragliding.  Paragliding Morzine France

The Gorges of Pont du Diable

This excursion lets you see first hand the power of erosion.  Following along Morzine’s Dranse River, you will this spectacular gorge, one of the 23 geosites of the Chablais Geopark, at the exit of Thonon-Les-Bains and at the foot of the ski stations of the Portes du Soleil.  Check out their website!

Skate park, Tennis, & Basketball

Out front of the Morzine sports center there are plenty of activities to enjoy.  There is a skate park, tennis courts, basketball courts and more!
Morzine Sports Center Outdoor skate park, basketball, tennis and more. summer

Other Attractions

Also available in the area for the summer is canyoning, rafting, caving, climbing, golf and more!  Outdoor summer activities in the Morzine France Area.

Canyoning Morzine France

It is also worth a stop at the local tourist office in the center of town.  Daily they post up schedules of activities in town and they are full of information.

Places to eat

We were amazed that there were so many restaurants to choose from.  They even had a great Indian food too.  Here are some of our picks for you!

Spice Garden

Open Tuesday-Saturday 5:30pm  here is their facebook page.
Spice Garden Indian Food in Morzine FranceThe Place To Be

The Tremplin Hotel has a Bar Brasserie, with outdoor seating and a gourmet kitchen.  It is a great place to hang out on a summer afternoon and watch all of the action.  It is in front of the Pleney luge and chair lift, the perfect place to be.
The place to be at the Tremplin Hotel

The Burger Place

Of course this is where you can get a big burger!  It is located on the corner, at the main cross walk to the Pleney lift. The Burger Place

Hotels in Morzine France:

  • Hotel Le Samoyede  Right in the village center across from the tourist office.  Very easy access to get around, restaurants and activities at your doorstep.  Click here for more info, pricing and availability.
  • Hotel Le Tremplin – A 3-star property in the heart of Morzine, with the chair lifts at your door.  Great mountain views and easy access to everything in town.  Click here for more info, pricing and availability.

Morzine Accommodation – Apartments, Chalets and more

These are the great tools we use to find self catering rentals, hotels, or house sits.


What do you think?  Does Morzine France look like a great place to spend some time in the summer?

Come on and tell us what you think!

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