Health Insurance For Expats In Spain – For Non Lucrative Visa Application

Medical & Expat Health Insurance Spain!  Let’s talk Private Health Insurance in Spain for US Citizens and other nationalities who are thinking of applying for the non lucrative visa Spain or the retirement visa Spain have been asking about the private health insurance Spain. 

The popular questions are related to costs, Non lucrative visa Spain health insurance options, as well as the medical insurance in Spain residency.  If you are looking for practical information on health insurance in Spain, this is the perfect place for you to start!  It has been a hot topic for us lately and keeping our email inbox buzzing away.

Explaining Medical Insurance in Spain or private Health Insurance Spain costs and options. This is all information to meet the non lucrative visa Spain or retirement visa Spain requirements. Read more about Private medical insurance Spain on

We’ve also received a few questions from expats already living in Spain as well.  After responding to several of the emails, I thought it would just be easier to write up a quick post and let you know all that we know about health insurance for Americans living in Spain.  This may apply to other countries as well, but you will need to check.

Updates: 2022 for Expat Health Insurance in Spain  

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Private Health Insurance Spain

Medical Insurance in Spain is one of our most popular posts!  We have updated the information below.  It seems many of our clients are now informing us that their consulate is requesting medical insurance with no co-pay and no deductible. 

This is currently only the guide at a few of the consulates, so please check with the one aligned to you.  See our recommendations below.

Private health insurance in Spain costs

I know it is a huge mental leap for an American to think of the cost of Medical Insurance for Spain or Health Insurance, as something you can afford out-of-pocket.  

Well, let me just tell you from personal experience, we found health insurance for American expats living in Spain to be very “affordable”.  

Of course affordable is a matter of opinion so I will share with you the actual cost of our private medical insurance for our Spanish resident visa, as well as other quotes we have received.  We list several companies below who can help provide you with quotes for the cheapest health insurance for Spanish residency!

You can be the judge and also ask for your own quotes.

Please do keep in mind this is just something for you to get a feel for the costs, as for each person/family it will vary due to your ages, location, duration of policy and coverage selected.

Medical Insurance Spain
For Non Lucrative Visa Application or other resident visa applications in Spain

(US Citizens or non-EU Citizens)

Medical Insurance Spain and How to Apply for non lucrative visa in Spain US citizens


REQUIREMENT – You need private Spanish Medical Insurance Coverage!

This is true you do need health insurance for the non-lucrative visa in Spain, as well as for the retirement visa in Spain.  It is likely required for other Spain resident visas as well, like the student visa.  It is possible to purchase the non-lucrative visa health insurance in Spain in advance, and we provide you the info we have available. 

*** Keep in mind we are not insurance agents and can’t compare every option or answer questions.  We just list those which we know, our clients or readers have used and recommended for us to add, or the expat health insurance we have had experience with.  We are not responsible for any quotes, service or coverage you receive.  These are just data points for you to do your research.

Time to show you our Research on Non lucrative visa Spain health insurance

Let the research begin.  When still living in the US, we researched many options and found it to be overwhelming.  Many US insurance companies wouldn’t insure us outside of the United States for an extended period of time.  Others wanted a thorough head-to-toe examination and proof that we were over the top healthy.  

We received many online quotes from your standard US Insurance companies (Cigna, Aetna, IMG, United, etc.) and many quoted $5000 – $12,000 per year for our family of 4.  What?!  I thought that was crazy and continued to do research. They will tell you that you are covered in Spain, but beware!

Medical Insurance How to Apply for non lucrative visa in Spain US citizens or Canadians

Many of these companies are not accepted or known in Spain.

After living in Spain for 1 year, it was time for us to apply for our Spanish resident card renewal.  As part of this process, we needed to again show proof of finances as well as Medical Coverage.  

Do your research about health insurance in Spain!

Again we reached out to several and received quotes for our family of 4.  To receive a quote for coverage, all they needed was our birth dates and passport numbers (or NIE number).  Of course, you still have the varieties of coverage from your basic coverage to the mac daddy full hospitalization as well as various deductibles, in a network, out of network, etc.

The Spanish Consulates now have a requirement regarding health insurance.  it states that you must have a policy with no co-pay, no wait periods, and no deductible. It is more inclusive and similar to what would be provided if you were in the Spanish public healthcare system.  

When it says “no wait periods”, this means for general issues.  There will always be a wait period for giving birth to a child and things like that. It just isn’t possible to buy insurance today and then give birth to a child using the insurance next week, so there will be a few standard wait periods.  

We received price quotes for our family of 4 ranging from €45 – €220 per month ($62 – $300, depending on the exchange rate).  If you opt for a quarterly, bi-annual, or yearly contract, you may also receive discounts.  

I think the Annual contract for full coverage with dental, travel, and hospitalization was about €2200 per year (~$3025).  This is a far cry from the prices quoted to us by many of the US companies, and we didn’t need to go to the ends of the earth to prove we were in good health.

What did we choose for our health insurance plan in Spain?

In 2013, we moved to Mapfre –

In the end, we selected the basic preventative coverage with Mapfre, which included travel and dental.  It also covered us for emergency medical around the world, including the US.  In hindsight, I think this was the right option for us at the time.  Our needs continue to change, so we will again go through an evaluation of our coverage as needed.

Mnay people prefer a full-coverage plan offered with Sanitas Expats or Caser Expat (including hospitalization).  I really liked the online services and they have all of their documents in English as well as Spanish.  

They do cater more to foreigners, but their prices show that.  When they sent us a quote they offered one that was geared more towards expats and had regular coverage in the US as well.  

In 2015 we did more research and opted for DKV Seguros (They do require a Spanish bank account and address).  We have full medical, hospitalization, and dental coverage for our family of 4. This is including 90 days of travel insurance outside of Spain. 

It is a network provider system, so we have a low copay within the network.  There are several different levels of coverage you may choose from.  The price for our family of 4 is €387 a quarter (in 2022). This coverage would not be sufficient for the current applicants for the nonlucrative visa because we have a copay. As of 2019, you need to have no copay.

How much is health insurance in Spain?

For us, as of 2022, we still have DKV.  It is now €387 a quarter, so it has gone up about €13 each year.  We do have a co-pay) and rarely use it.  I am autonomous (self-employed) now and we have access to the free national public health system as well.  The DKV insurance is something we keep because it is low cost and just in case we are no longer self-employed, plus the 90 days of travel insurance included is a bonus.

With the current exchange rate of $1.14 to €1, it comes out to $395 per quarter or about $1600 for the entire year.  We get all preventative medical and dental (cleaning etc) included once a year free as part of the plan.

The Spanish Insurance companies we have received quotes from are listed below.  These are also the companies our clients have recommended to us as it is what they use and recommend.  They all have online tools available for you to receive a quote. Each offers a variety of coverage for healthcare in Spain.

 Live a Healthy Life!

Health or Medical Insurance How to Apply for non lucrative visa in Spain US citizens

Companies with private Medical Insurance in Spain for Expats

(US Citizens applying for non lucrative visa in Spain)
Here are some companies that we researched and found to meet the non-lucrative visa requirements needs. This also includes our own insurance or our clients’ recommendations.

Expat Health Insurance Requirements for Spain

Be sure to mention you are looking for health insurance for Spanish Residency or a visa when you obtain your quotes. They will know what the current requirements are:

  • No deductible (no minimum to pay prior to coverage)
  • No co-pay (no fee per visit to pay)
  • No waiting periods (access to general procedures right away.)
    *there are likely a few wait periods for some conditions like childbirth or oncology.
  • Repatriation (in the case of death, the return of remains to the home country)

Please refer to our Health Insurance for Expats in Spain List below:


Health Insurance Companies – Spanish Residency & Visas


Medical Insurance for 0 – 84+ years old!

This is the most popular private insurance in Spain and they offer special expat packages as well.  You really can’t go wrong with their coverage throughout Spain, as ,it is one of the biggest networks in Spain.  They have a plan for you to meet the Spanish residency and visa requirements.

They also offer car, home, pet, and other insurance policies so you get discounts with bundles.  When we met with the agent they assured us you can choose from several plans. 

If you are over 65 years old, this is the one for you. Adeslas offers plans for customers from  over 65, and even a special plan for those 70-84 years old!  In some cases, they may also request permission to obtain insurance for those more than 84 years old.

  • Plena Plus – Full Health Insurance
  • Completa – Full health insurance with repatriation, which is necessary for the visa to live in Spain
  • Senior Health insurance specific to customers from 70 to 84. Also, more than 84 years old, with special permission.

Read more about what they offer here.  
Contact: Segurcaixa Adeslas for more information.  
(Let them know Heidi sent you)

Click here to email
Tel: +34 640 249 711 WhatsApp


Updated: Aug 2022 –  We are receiving feedback on good customer service and prices, happy customers!

CASER Expat Insurance In Spainclick here for a quote


Caser Seguros expat health insurance in Spain to meet residency requirements. Read more on Wagoners Abroad.

We speak English and can help you with the right policy for your needs!  We work with the leading insurance companies in Spain, who have been in doing business for nearly 75 years.  They are trusted and have a good network of coverage throughout Spain.  Offering special plans for expats in Spain for residency and meeting all of the current visa requirements.

Some of the key expat features include:

  • Offering health coverage for people 64 years and younger, perfect for families or early retirees.
  • Dedicated English-speaking claims and customer service telephone line.  Telephone and on-line medical support 24 hours a day, in various languages (English, French, German, Dutch).
  • The insurance plan may be contracted with a passport to apply for residency.  Offering a special certificate for Residency and Visa applications
    Read the FAQ’s and more about the coverage.
    • No copay or deductible – Use the network director of medical providers with No co-payments*  (except for 8 Euros for Psychology).  There is no deductible to meet prior to being covered.
    • Wait periods – No wait periods for general medicine.  There are a few wait periods related to Family planning, Psychology, Oncology all 6 months.
    • Repatriation (add on policy for small annual fee)
    • Dental included
  • Offering competitive rates and policies may be contracted 2 months in advance of the policy start date, to allow for visa and residency applications.
  • Offering multi-insurance products including Private Medical, auto, life, pet, home, and more. 
  • It is preferred to have a Spanish Bank Account for direct debit payments or an EU account with IBAN number.
    • If you don’t have a EU bank account, you may open an online Spanish account with something like Holabank or N26. You can even look into an European account with Wise Multi-currency Account.
    • With any of these, you will be able to use the account for a direct debit, as Caser debits your account on the contract start date.  So we create the contract for you and provide you with a certificate as proof of insurance for your appointment.  You will just need to ensure there are sufficient funds in the account when it comes time to draft.  If there are any problems, Caser will contact you and see if there are other means of payment.
Special offers until 15 March 2023
      • Adapta + Sonrisa (policy for residency and visas) *  April 2023, April 2024 and April 2025 FREE.  Payments must be monthly and contracting with NIE.  OR *  8% discount with Annual Payments and contracting with passport number.
      • Activa, Integral and Prestige Plans
        2 months FREE (April 2023 an April 2024) and if a dental policy is contracted November 2023 will also be FREE.


    Click here to read more about the health plan or request a quote. 

    Caser Expat Health Insurance Spain for Residency


    Sanitas for Expats – click here for a quote

    This is specifically for expats and will certainly meet the visa requirement needs.  If you are from 65-74, this may be your best option.  Hundreds of our clients have opted for this Spanish health insurance to meet their visa requirements. We keep in touch and most have continued to stay with them over the years.  Their age limit is a bit higher than the others.  Good communication skills.

    The office speaks English and caters to the expat community.  We have a comparison chart of their various plans.

    They have several plan options with various levels of coverages, copays, and deductibles.  By clicking on this link you will be able to make an inquiry. The team will help you determine the best insurance package to meet your needs.

    Some American friends of ours in Spain were specifically seeking out Maternity coverage. It appears that Sanitas offers good coverage as well. Some friends of ours (US Citizens) in town also use Sanitas.  

    Much of their site is in English and they offer a live chat. It is great for asking all types of questions.  We received a “same day” quote for coverage, plus they sent us a detailed list of alternative options.  


    Great customer service.  They like it best if you have a Spanish bank account for the payment.  If you don’t have one, they will likely ask for payment of a full year in advance.

    INSBROK InsuranceClick here to request a quote

    Insbrok - Health Insurance in Spain

    With over 35 years of experience, Insbrok can help you with your insurance needs.  They are dedicated to helping English-speaking clients wishing to reside in Spain.  They offer private health insurance, home insurance, pet insurance, and more.  They have a plan for you to meet the Spanish residency and visa requirements.

    The Valencia-based team handles policies with many different companies. Offering health insurance in Spain as well as other insurance, so getting a quote from them saves you time from contacting several different companies yourself.  They will find you the right network, for the right price, with appropriate coverage for the residency visa! Most insurance companies in Spain would exclude pre-existing conditions. Insbrok is able to offer a solution that covers a large number of these.

    So do you have questions?  You may read more about the FAQ’s here. You will find answers to those popular questions. (Waiting periods, deductibles, payments, pre-existing condition, repatriation, buying before you arrive, and more).

    Some INSBROK Partners: Insbrok Insurance Partners. 


    MapfreClick here to request a quote

    This is what we had for our first 2 years.  It was very affordable, but we didn’t use it for anything, so can’t inform you of the claims process or anything.  It is offered through Insbrok.  INSBROK Insurance – Click here to request a quote

    DKVClick here to request a quote

    This is what we currently have.  It seems to work well for us and is affordable. The network of providers is pretty similar to all of the other insurance companies for the area where we live.  You may request via  INSBROK Insurance – Click here to request a quote


    A word of caution if you intend to use any of the US-based health insurance companies;  (Cigna, United Health, and so on) please read the fine print and be sure they have coverage in Spain.  Ask someone and then ask a second person, just to be sure it will be widely accepted in Spain.  Many of them will not suffice for the visa approval and you will likely have difficulties once in Spain.

    We do know of several families who purchased the expensive US coverage and then once in Spain realized, they weren’t easily covered.  No one knew what the company was and there wasn’t a wide network that would accept it for coverage.  They ended up canceling and switching to a Spanish company and buying Spanish health insurance.

    Please do your own research and let us know if you find any other Spain healthcare insurance companies you would recommend.  Just contact us, so we can add them to the list, or just enter the information in the comments below.  We want to be sure that you have enough information to make a decision based on your needs for your expat insurance.

    It has been said there is a program to join the Spain healthcare system after living in Spain for 1 year.  We do not have experience with this and cannot advise on using the Spanish healthcare system.

    Do you have a pre-existing condition?

    We are not experts in this area, as we didn’t have any pre-existing conditions.  Don’t completely give up hope.  We have heard from some clients and some Spanish health insurance companies, that coverage will vary for a pre-existing condition. You may be able to receive coverage, depending on the condition.

    In addition, we have heard there are carriers who will allow a policy, excluding the condition (meaning you are completely covered except for your condition).  Others will not cover you at all. 

    It depends on the insurance carrier and the flexibility of obtaining travel insurance instead will vary based on which consulate you go to in the US (your aligned consulate is your only choice).

    Best of luck with your Spain private health insurance hunt!

    Helpful Health Insurance Spain Vocabulary

    • Doctor in Spanish – Medico
    • I need an appointment – Necesito una cita
    • I have an appointment – Tengo una cita
    • Private – Privado
    • Insurance in Spanish – Seguro
    • Pain – Dolor
    • I hurt or I have pain – Me duele
    • Health or healthy in Spanish – Salud
    • Blood – Sangre
    • Medical Insurance Spain – Seguros de salud España

    Bonus Information!

    With the non lucrative visa, you are required to show proof of Spanish health insurance each time you renew.  After the first year, you may renew 2 times for 2 years each.  That will give you a total of 5 years in Spain. 

    After that 5 year mark, you apply for the long duration residency.  With that residency, you are automatically allowed to work in Spain and if you work and pay into social security, etc, you will be able to join the Spanish healthcare system.

    Other information we have provided regarding “How to Apply for Non Lucrative Visa for Spain as US Citizen or Canadian Citizen” are listed below.

    More help for your move to Spain

    Of course, Alan has written a very thorough e-book, Live in Spain, which walks you, step by step, through the entire process of the non lucrative visa requirements and the Spain retirement visa requirements.

    It is full of tips and tools to help you and a matrix with spells out the special things for each Spanish consulate in the USA.  It also provides you with a checklist to make sure all of the organization and timing of documents in on target. 

    We have helped hundreds of families, couples and singles successfully move to Spain!  

    Do you want to live or retire in Spain?  If you are an American or Canadian, or even just an English speaking resident of a non-European Union (E.U.) country and want a long term visa in Spain, then Live In Spain is what you need. This is the book that will help turn that dream into a reality. Read If you're interested in applying for either a Retirement or Non-Lucrative Visa, you're going to want Live In Spain. Read more on

    We also have a book to help you prepare for your move and getting settled once you arrive!  Getting Settled In Spain

    If you are moving to Spain from the US or just about any other country, this will help you with your residency paperwork, setting up banks, utilities & services. Save you money on ATM's, transfers and cars. Read more on

    Some other articles that may be of help to you.


    Live In Spain – Spain Visa Requirements | Driving In Spain | Getting Settled in Spain | Residency/Visa Renewal | Education In Spain | Almuñécar Walking Guides

    We have collected most of the info we have, all in one spot.  Our 10 tips for resident visa application, cost of living, getting ready to move, arriving, are documented for you.  We will help you plan and execute your Move to Spain, feel free to check out our consulting services.

    I would advise you have a read through our documents first, as many of the frequently asked questions have already been answered.  Just click on the image below.

    We help you plan and adjust for your move to Spain. Read more on

    Cost to Travel -

    Move to Spain Consulting

    If you want a quick answer or someone to speak with, we also offer consulting.  Check out our Spain non lucrative visa consulting page now, for our latest offers!

    Move to Spain Relocation Services

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    Traveling with medication

    Make sure you have the right supplies to travel with your medication. Check out some options below from Amazon!

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  1. I think there is an option into the national scheme at a set rate,not with an insurance company at around 200euro per month

  2. Hello Heidi, great info here, thanks a bunch. We use Salus Seguros. The contract started May 1. We got our non-lucrative visa in June 2019. On April 1 we will have to notify them of renewal. However, there’s a possibility that we may return to the U.S. in summer 2020. I thought I had read that once you were in Spain with a Spanish bank account, that you did not have to sign an annual contract and could pay monthly, not annually. Or that if you showed proof that you had moved back to the U.S., the insurance company will refund the rest of the annual fee you paid. However, my sales person at Salus said they cannot do it for four months, only a full year. Do you know if this is true of all the insurance companies? Thanks for any help!

    • Hi Phillip,
      Great, welcome to Spain. We have only heard of full year contracts. You can start any time of year, but to cancel is the calendar year is what we have found with most we have used or has been reported to us. Check in the fine print of your contract, if you find out something different with Salus let us know, as that alone could be a reason to take that path.

  3. Hi Linda and Heidi,

    Did you ever get an answer on this? I have the same question!
    “By any chance do you know how long the process takes from policy to documents and when you wire money to them?’

    Thank you.

    • Hi Daria, It all comes down to your background health check and payment, so it varies. It shouldn’t take too long. Each agency is different too, so I would ask them directly. My guess would be a couple of weeks and you should know.

  4. Hi I’m coming to Barcelona to continue my education for 3 years my program starts at 7 January 2020. I’m taking with me my wife, my daughter and my son. I have scholarship they will be pay me back the insurance cost. What do you recommend for me my wife has type I diabetes and hypothyroidism.

    • It will be tricky with a pre-existing condition. I would try Sanitas and Adeslas first. Some will write a policy excluding the condition, but you would need to speak with each one. Best of luck.

  5. Hi Heidi, I found that your information about health insurance for Spain was very helpful. I got in touch with Lorena from Adeslas. I included my email to her that Heidi sent me. She has been helpful and has gotten back to me promptly with answers to most of my questions. By any chance do you know how long the process takes from policy to documents and when you wire money to them? Also, are the documents sent PDF or in the mail? I am getting down to the wire for when we fly to San Francisco for our appointment. These are the questions that she has not answered. Thank you for any kind of help.

    • Hi Linda, Great. When is your appointment?
      I will give her a call tomorrow and follow up for you. I have your email in this comment, so I will likely reply to you with an email. 🙂

  6. Hello Heidi! Great info! I am applying for a visa for 14 months for a masters program and it’s been a headache trying to find travel insurance to cover that length since they all go up to 12 months. I want to go with World Nomad since it seems to be accepted by the Spanish consulate but do you have any tips on what I could do? I would appreciate any help! Thank you in advance!

    • Hey Janice. We went the World Nomads route as well. We initially only purchased a 6 month plan to have our visa approved and then you can purchase something local when you are in Spain. That said, each consulate in the USA is a little different on what they accept and what they don’t. Some are more strict on that policy, like San Francisco office, and will require full insurance for the application. It really comes down to your risk of getting approved and getting sick or hurt. The insurance in Spain usually goes by calendar year too. So even though we are currently in Thailand, we can’t cancel until the end of the calendar year, so factor that in based on your arrival as well. Since you are going for education. you may want to look into anything available via your university as well. I hope that helps a little. Feel free to email if you have more questions.

  7. Heidi & Alan, you guys are awesome sauce!!!! Thank you SO much for all the clarification you put into this post (and for the shout-out!). We are learning more and more each day about the ins and outs of the private insurance companies, and your advice has been BEYOND helpful. MUCHÍSIMAS GRACIAS!!!!!

    • De Nada our dear traveling friends Emily and Ryan! It is difficult to navigate the path of Spain (paperwork and fine pring) sometimes, but it is well worth it in the end. When you were asking about it, so were a few other families. So why not write up all that we can? 🙂 I am glad it has helped you and please let us know if you have any other questions. You know we would do anything for you guys.

  8. Thanks so much Henry. I hope it helps people some and at least have them thinking to ask more questions. What appears good on paper (internet), isn’t always so when on the ground and in person.

  9. Hi, Heidi. Thanks for writing at length about this! Folks intending to stay longer often face a big challenge learning about some of the fine (“sticky”) details, and I’m happy you’ve provided some help and resource with your post.

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