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Wagoners Abroad Stats Card Nov 2018

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Wagoners Abroad is a rapidly growing family travel blog focused on adventure, experiences and the reality of travel with children.  We have been traveling with our 2 kids for over 2 years and love to feature the best locations, accommodation, activities & attractions in each area we visit.  While informative, we also like to ensure there is a bit of humor and real-life infused for our readers.  It seems to be working well, as we have many return visitors and a high level of engagement.


Fixer & Local Almuñécar Spain Experts

Filming with TVN (HGTV Mediterranean Life pilot & 2 additional episodes)

  • 5 days of filming for each episode
    (June 2017, March & April 2018)
  • Filming permits
  • Activity planning & permits
  • Location planning & permits
  • Transportation
  • Movers, cleaners, translators
  • Meals
  • Accommodation

Come see where we have been featured.

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Here are the general demographics:


There are several ways to partner with Wagoners Abroad, so let us know what you have in mind.  Not all companies are a good fit for Wagoners Abroad, so please provide as much detail as possible with the initial contact.  Just contact us to discuss.

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