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We have managed to quit our jobs, live abroad and enjoy the life of travel for 4+ years.  Our family travel blog provides you with loads of information, tips, stories and more to inspire you to move abroad, plan a vacation, or travel with kids.  We share why we think Spain is one of the best places to live for families!  Of course we have our opinion and chose it as our best country to raise a family.  Don’t forget we spent one year traveling Southeast Asia too!

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Of course we are a traveling family, but our content is good for any type of traveler.  So take a dive in and see what we have to say about travel and family travel.  There is nothing better for us than opening our eyes to the world and embracing every moment.

Just click on one of the images above to learn more about our favorite family travel destinations.  Of course we are Americans living in Spain, so we have so much info on why we think Spain is the best country to raise a family.  We have shared all of our details on the cost of living in Spain and exactly how much we spend for the first 2 years.  We also have the cost of living in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia and Singapore).

There are so many amazing places to live in Spain, but we share why we feel Almuñécar is the best place to live in Spain.  Of course this is our opinion and it may not be perfect for everyone else.  If you need help choosing where to live in Spain, we can help.  We have traveled to every province and just about every major city.  So if you are looking for typical Spanish locations or something with expats in Spain, we can help you out!

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If you live abroad and find yourself making regular payments back home, stop using the banks and paying their high fees. Instead, you should start using companies that specialize in currency transfer services for expats abroad.  If you are curious about our costs and finances, please check out our family travel costs page!