If you aren’t sure what to buy in Spain, don’t worry we have a great list for you.  We cover things to buy in Spain as souvenirs for you to remember your trip.  Things to buy as gifts from Spain our Spain Souvenirs too.  We also share with you the best things to buy in Spain and enjoy while you are there!  What is Spain famous for?  We’re about to tell you about the best Spanish things to buy!

What To Buy In Spain, Souvenirs, Gifts & Things To Enjoy Right Away! If you aren't sure what to buy in Spain, don't worry we have a great list for you.  We cover things to buy in Spain as souvenirs for you to remember your trip.  Things to buy in Spain to give as a gift.  We also share with you the best things to buy in Spain and enjoy while you are there! Read more on WagonersAbroad.com

When you are planning your vacation to Spain, you may want to leave a little extra room in your suitcase to bring some amazing goodies back home with you.  It is difficult visiting a local market and not falling in love with many of the things.

We know you just want to know what gifts to buy in Spain. Some are easy to transport or have shipped and other things you buy in Spain may be more difficult to get back home.

Don’t worry, we have some options for you to know what to buy in Spain and what you can buy when you return back home.

What to buy in Spain and take home with you

These are the things to buy in Spain and pack in your suitcase to take home with you.  Spanish souvenirs are fun to buy and even better to give as gifts from Spain.

Just in case you can’t add more to your suitcase, we’ve also provided you with options to buy online and have shipped to your home.  This way you can decide what you can easily order from home and what to buy in Spain!

Spain gifts and Souvenirs from Spain!

Olive Oil

Spanish Olives and Olive Oil are absolutely delicious and are the perfect gift from Spain.  Did you know Spain is the world’s biggest olive oil producer?  Yep, Spain produces some of the world’s best olive oil and even sells it to Italy.

In Spain, olive oil is used regularly, mostly for salads, salad dressings and for cooking.  Dirt cheap to buy in Spain, as are olives.

You can buy extra virgin olive oil, which is the best to buy, at any Spanish supermarket for a much lower price than you can buy in the US.  You can purchase some in a plastic bottle or in a tin, so keep this in mind when you need to pack it.  This will need to go into your checked luggage.

If you prefer not to pack and buy when you get home, you can buy online. It may be a little more expensive, but you don’t need to worry about transporting it. Click here for options for Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Our experience picking olives in Spain and watching olive oil hot off the press!
Read how olive oil is made.

Spanish Flamenco Dress

Flamenco is a very traditional Spanish form of art and an adorable little dress is a great gift from Spain.  While it usually consists of several members, the flamenco dress is usually the star of the show.

There are two types of flamenco dresses for you to buy in Spain, an authentic flamenco dress or a souvenir flamenco dress.  The traditional dress is typically custom-made, as these dresses really hug the body.

There are shops to buy them off of the shelf as well, which usually are available in Feria season (Spring to Fall).
Read all about our time at the Feria of Seville.

Red - Feria de Abril Seville Spain

You of course also have the typical souvenir flamenco dress or even a flamenco cooking apron, which are great gifts from Spain for the little ones.  These are easier to find at a souvenir shop or local market.

They are lower cost and are fun and colorful.  The perfect gift for the kids or maybe for Halloween dress up?  The apron is a great gift for someone as well and a good reminder of the fun spirit and lifestyle of Spain.

If you didn’t get to buy it while in Spain, you can buy it now! Click here to see an assortment of Spanish Flamenco Dresses for Kids.

Cava or Wine delicious gifts from Spain

Cava (sparkling wine in Spain) or wine is a must in Spain.  These are certainly items to enjoy while you are in Spain, but if you want to bring some home, just pop into any supermarket or grocery store.

Be prepared to be shocked at how inexpensive good wine is in Spain!  If you are buying wine in Spain, be sure it is package correctly for travel.  You want to be sure your gifts from Spain make it home!

Devour Madrid Food Tour Wine and CheeseDevour Madrid Food Tour Wine and Cheese

We spent a week in the La Rioja region of Spain over the summer.  The wine tasting was one of our favorite activities, but you don’t need to be in Spain to enjoy the Spanish wines.

If you couldn’t pack it for your trip home, you can order wine online and have it shipped right to your door.  You just can’t have a Spanish tapas party without a few bottles of Spanish wine.  Buy wine here and filter by Spain on the left side.

You may also search for a specific wine or brand.  Enjoy your shopping.

Spanish Wines

Spanish Tablecloths

You can find beautiful tablecloths at most town markets, but we love to visit the specialty shop in the alleys of the white village, Frigiliana.

If you can’t make it there or don’t have room in your suitcase, you can always buy Spanish tablecloths online, like this Rustic olive tablecloth. Of course, there are many to choose from, but you don’t want to flashy tourist type, you want something to set the mood for being in Spain.

The famous Jamón Iberico

This is what it’s all about, Jamón!  You can enjoy this during your visit and then when you return home, your mouth will be watering for more.  This is likely one of the most famous things to buy in Spain.

It is possible to buy one and carry it on the plane (check customs for your country to see if it is allowed), or have one shipped from a specialty shop, but did you know you can also buy on Amazon? Check out prices and options here:

Spanish Fan (Abanico)

When you’re strolling around the streets of Spain you can’t help but notice all of the Spanish ladies using their fans all day long.  There is no shame, age or embarrassment using your Abanico.

Not only are they useful, but they’re also pretty to have as a decor in your home.  These are the best lightweight souvenirs to buy in Spain!  Fans are one of the best things to buy in Spain, as they are easy to transport and can be full of vibrant color.

These are always a big hit with the kids, so stock up on them.  If you get home and wish you had more, don’t worry you can buy them online too!  Click here to see an assortment:

Spanish Scarves

Scarves are a popular accessory all year-long. They are often very lightweight and just provide a splash of color or dress up a simple t-shirt or outfit. You can usually find these just about anywhere in any town.

Try looking at the euro shops, the bazaars, and the local markets.  You should be about to get them from 1-5 euros each. These are the perfect gift to take back with you in your suitcase, but just in case you want to buy online.

Spanish Ceramics and Pottery

This is likely one of the most popular Spain souvenirs, the Spanish pottery. No matter where you are in Spain, you will find colorful handcrafted pottery. It is likely one of our favorite gifts from Spain because they are so colorful and brighten up any space.

There are so many to choose from, and you can find items for an outdoor patio or on the kitchen table.  Each region in Spain has its own distinct pattern, but you just buy what you fall in love with!

The province of Granada is the blue and green pot in the top right section of the photo.  If you would prefer to look online and see what you can get shipped to you.

Spanish ceramics and pottery - What To Buy In Spain, Souvenirs, Gifts & Things To Enjoy Right Away! If you aren't sure what to buy in Spain, don't worry we have a great list for you.  We cover things to buy in Spain as souvenirs for you to remember your trip.  Things to buy in Spain to give as a gift.  We also share with you the best things to buy in Spain and enjoy while you are there! Read more on WagonersAbroad.com

Terra Cotta Tapas Cookware

These traditional terra-cotta dishes are the perfect gift for the entertainer in the family.   We own a large one and use it all of the time, but the little dishes are just the right size for individual portions of tapas, gambas pil-pil, or can even be used for dips.

It gives your tapas party, just the perfect touch of Spain.

You can usually buy these at a local bazaar or at a weekly market. If you want to wait until you are home (they can be heavy), don’t worry they are online too!

Spanish Paella Pans

This is going to be an odd one to bring back home with you, but paella just isn’t the same unless it is made in a traditional paella pan.

You can easily find them in the local bazaar shops or at the local markets in Spain. If it just isn’t something you can cart home with you, you are in luck, they are online!

Why not a Spanish Bull for the kids?

The iconic black bull can’t be missed when you are visiting southern Spain. The Osborne Bull is the black silhouette of a bull, along the highway or on hilltops. It all started in 1956 as advertising and now is a symbol many associate with Spain.

The kids will love this cute little Ferdinand Bull as a gift from Spain.

Spanish Guitar

This is likely an expensive and very niche thing to buy in Spain.  If you love the Spanish guitar, then the Master Spanish guitar maker in La Herradura is where you need to shop.

Master Spanish guitar maker in La Herradura

If you don’t have the budget for that, there are more inexpensive and beginner options for you as well.

What to buy in Spain – These are things to enjoy right away!


Who is a cheese fan!  One of the tastiest things to buy in Spain is cheese.  Spain produces some really good cheese, and I like the Manchego Curado.  You will also have plenty of choices for goats cheese, cow cheese, sheep cheese and more.

Be sure to visit a cheese shop, taste some Spanish cheese, then let your tongue decide which is best!  If it isn’t something you want to bring back in your suitcase, you can buy online.

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Red - Feria de Abril Seville Spain

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When are you coming to Spain?  Or have you already been?  Are you returning?  Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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