Family Holiday Destinations

We have visited 50+ countries over the past 20 years and have lived in USA, UK and Spain.  We share our travel experiences around the globe.  We share with you some of the best family holiday destinations in the world.  Of course since we are home based in Spain, we have so many options for the best family holidays Europe and Asia too!


Check out all of our family destinations for recommendations, tips, reviews, family travel costs, and local information.  Just click on the destination you like and see what we have to say.  Keep a look out, as we are always adding more.

Family Holiday Destinations

Family Travel Destinations Europe

Spain – Almuñécar, AndaluciaBarcelona, Cádiz, Córdoba , Granada, Madrid, Merida, Seville, Mallorca, Salamanca, Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, La Rioja


You can also view our Spain Travel Blog, which is a complete guide to visiting Spain with things to do, places to stay and more.  Also we have a complete guide of things to do in Spain by region.

We also have an abundance of information in our guide move to Spain.

Other parts of Europe

Austria Belgium France Gibraltar Hungary –  Italy Ireland – Netherlands Portugal – Sweden – Switzerland – UK


Family Travel Destinations Asia

Thailand Bangkok Chiang Mai  (Southern Thailand & Islands – Koh Chang, Koh Tao, Koh Phangan, Koh Samui, Phuket, Krabi)

CambodiaLaos Malaysia – Vietnam – Singapore



Destination North America MexicoUSA




Africa     Morocco




There are also many organized tours for you to enjoy from being active on walking or biking tour, to enjoying a food or wine tour.  There is so much to do and many great offers for you.


Family Travel Destinations Map

No matter which family travel destinations you choose or which continental model you follow, we are trying to visit them all!   Check out our individual Travel Logs.

Continental models

2 thoughts on “Family Holiday Destinations

  1. Hi Guys,
    Love your blog. I’m travelling from Perth to Japan, and then on to Spain and Portugal in April 2018 with friends. We’re actually thinking of leaving Aus and just coming back to work.

    Is there any need for TSL for English there? Also I’m a single 50yo woman, are there things I need to know about safety, work, etc? ie safe places to live etc.

    Re: the cost of living, our AUD is taking a hit right now, probably on par w the Euro. I have lived on about $60 a day paying rent utilities etc, but how you do $100 for 4 people is a major achievement, I think anyway. I too love spread sheets and want to crutch numbers before I take the leap, as best I can anyway.

    I’m a professional house sitter too, I come with references. Is there much of a need for that in Spain/Portugal? Of course this dramatically drops my cost of living as well.

    Any advice would be regarded as highly valuable, so please no rush, as I said April next year, so plenty of time.


    • Hey Amanada! Well first of all your plans sound awesome. Yes there is a need for English teachers, so you may want to reach out to school and scan the expat forums etc. I would say Spain is a very safe country. Of course you need your normal street smarts in the bigger cities. Yes, we can live a very simple lifestyle on $100 no problem. Sometimes we splurge, but on a day to day basis it can be even less. You travel with the deals and find a great place to live at a low cost and those are some of the bigger expenses to keep down. As far as working, you would need to get a company to sponsor you to work here, which can be a challenge. If you have a steady income or sum of money in the bank you could apply for the non lucrative visa, but it will not allow you to work in Spain. If you don’t have a visa then you only have 90 days in the Schengen zone out of 180 days. so you could only stay for that time. I would recommend housesitting for sure, but make sure you have the right visa to stay the full time in or out of schengen zone. There are many housesitting opportunities in Spain and some in Portugal too, it all comes down to timing for you.

      I hope that helps a little.

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