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Wanna know how we lived in Spain for 2 years, then spent 11 months roaming around Europe and Southeast Asia? Oh and now we are back in Spain!

We show you the Money!  Our Budget for Living In Spain

SPAIN Cost of living

Expert Advice for Living in Spain

Move to Spain
Live In Spain

Spain Non-Lucrative Visa Application Process

The Kids adjusting to Life In Spain!
Kids Interviews


Travel Tips and Tricks

We do have a few tips and tricks up our sleeves for expat living.  Here you will find some info regarding how to save money for your dream.  In addition, we have many tips regarding the process to obtain a Non Lucrative Spanish Resident Visa (aka retirement or “no work” visa for US Citizens or Canadian Citizens).  We also have loads of information on preparing for living abroad.  You may also purchase our eBook Live in Spain. With very detailed information on the application process, as well as tips, tricks and charts to help keep you organized.

Moving Abroad - How to Choose location and find rental

Moving Abroad? How To Select The Country, Town & Make The Move

No matter if you are moving abroad long-term, short-term or perhaps you are just going on vacation/holiday,  these tips will apply to all.   Check it out!  Do you want to know what our first 500 days of living abroad was like?   Are you curious about all of our family travel and exploration in Spain and many other countries?

Finding Hotels Got Easier with

Family Travel – Where have we been?

Collectively we traveled to 35+ countries in the past 20+ years.  Since August of 2012 we have been expats living in Spain and visited PortugalFrance and Gibraltar.  We lived in Costa Tropical, but also loved Costa del Sol.  We had a blast on our 6 week European Road Trip – Summer 2013 and even provide you with the cost break down.  We experienced our first house sit experience in London and did some cooking in Morocco.  Here is a rundown of where we went in 2013 and didn’t need to worry about that Schengen Visa!  If you know of a place we should visit, just let us know.

Cost of living in Spain

We share all of the details with you on the costs of everyday things and what our expenses are.  This is all just data to help you determine what you might expect to spend.

The Kids adjusting to Expat Living

Let the Kids Cook - A Kids Cookbook Inspired by Kids for Kids

Yep, we have two creative kids with minds of their own.  This is where you can see just what they think about all of this as well of some of their posts.  Want to know more about their education and comparison of US to our Spanish school?  Are you curious about their report cards, we tell it all.  Their creativity has really blossomed and they helped write and inspire the Wagoners Abroad cookbook “Let the Kids Cook – Inspired by Kids for Kids”.  We have a video interview series on YouTube as well.

Our Plan

Check out our grand master plan to be an Expat Living in Spain.  You will also soon find that every plan changes and evolves, so look for updates in this area as we “change our minds”.  After 6 months of living in Spain, what were we thinking?  Are there good reasons to take a sabbatical?  After 18 months, our plan is now morphing into more open-ended family travel and we are heading to Southeast Asia Summer 2014.

Where we have been Featured

We have contributed information on other blogs and sites, written guest posts, been interviewed, featured and won awards!  We do our best to be sure that you are in the know with what we are doing.  Don’t forget to check out our family travel YouTube Channel.

Learning Spanish – The Tools We Use

How can you possibly learn Spanish?  It all depends on you and your drive to make it happen.  We have shared with you some of the tools we have used and recommend.

Blog post series
Wagoners Abroad Venice Italy - love expat living and family travel

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Help with your Move to Spain

We hope this helps you with your move to Spain.  We do offer hourly consulting to help you with your relocation and we also offer move to Spain consulting services.  Learn more about a family gap year in Spain! Try new foods, language, routines, & different way of doing things. Give the gift of experience, culture and the world to your kids.

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