13 Spain Souvenirs or Gifts From Spain

Spain souvenirs can be gifts too!  When the gift giving season is upon us, sometimes it can be a challenge to find that perfect gift for your special someone who already has everything. You may be able to pick up some Spanish souvenirs on your visit to Spain, but you can also get souvenirs from Spain at home too!  This is when you really need to dig deep and try to figure out what type of give will be meaningful and not just something to clutter their home. That’s when you remember, they are travel lovers and are especially a fan of Spain!  Let’s give them gifts of Spain. 13 Gifts of Spain - If you've visited Spain, i's likely touched your heart & tastebuds. We share a few ideas to give the perfect gifts of Spain for any occasion. Read mores on WagonersAbroad.com

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Artisan Soaps In Vera Spain – Naturalmente Mediterraneo

We’re on our way home, and this means that our Epic 8-week Summer Road Trip is coming to a close.  We’ve chosen to end the trip on a good, no great note, and we’ll be doing a Where It’s Made type of post.  Our journey takes us to Naturalmente Mediterraneo and Jennifer explains the process of making artisan soaps and other skincare products.

naturalmente-mediterraneo-shop-Artisan Soaps

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Where It’s Made – Let’s Talk Powder Coating

After a long break, it is time for another Where It’s Made.  I know this is a travel blog, but we do like the kids to learn about a variety of things.  That is why we started are Where It’s Made Series, but this one is going to be a different for a number of reasons.  For one, it’s not just about the where something is made, but the how and why something is done.  The second reason this post is different is because I happen to be related to the co-owner (Bro-in-law) of this business.  The topic is Powder Coating, and it’s one of those things that’s so common that most people probably don’t even realize what it is.  So let’s dig in.



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Adventures With Anya: Custom Dress – Hoi An Vietnam

Anya takes us along on her adventure, to have a custom dress made in Hoi An Vietnam. She will walk you through the entire process of her tailor-made experience and even adds a bit of a vlog at the end. She received some money from her Great Grandmother for the holidays and this is how Anya wanted to spend it.

Adventures with Anya custom dress

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Bo Sang Village – Saa Paper Umbrella Making Chiang Mai

Who doesn’t love something colorful and handcrafted?  Well, just about 9 km outside of Chiang Mai, on San Kamphaeng Road is “the handicraft highway”.  Here you can find many handicrafts.  We were seeking out the umbrellas, but you can also find silk, weaving, silverware & gem factories and showrooms.  Thanks to our fellow traveling friends, the Ullan Family’s recommendation, we set out to see how Saa Paper Umbrellas were made.Just outside of Chiang Mai Thailand is the hadicraft highway. Let us take you on a visit to Bo Sang Village - Saa Paper Umbrella Making. Read more on WagonersAbroad.com


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You Must Have A Private Cellar Tour In Champagne France!

After spending a fantastic week on a houseboat in Amsterdam, we decided to change not just the city in which we would stay, but the country.  That is one of the great things about Europe.  Everything is so much “closer”.

Vineyards in the distance

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How Beer Is Made At Heineken Amsterdam

One of the things I really like about our travels is finding out how things are made.  Well this trip is no different.  While visiting Amsterdam, we were fortunate enough to see how beer is made at Heineken.  Through the Heineken Experience, the Wagoners Abroad crew was able to do just that.

Amsterdam Heineken Experience - Stimulates the taste buds!

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