13 Spain Souvenirs or Gifts From Spain

Spain souvenirs can be gifts too!  When the gift giving season is upon us, sometimes it can be a challenge to find that perfect gift for your special someone who already has everything. You may be able to pick up some Spanish souvenirs on your visit to Spain, but you can also get souvenirs from Spain at home too!  This is when you really need to dig deep and try to figure out what type of give will be meaningful and not just something to clutter their home. That’s when you remember, they are travel lovers and are especially a fan of Spain!  Let’s give them gifts of Spain. 13 Gifts of Spain - If you've visited Spain, i's likely touched your heart & tastebuds. We share a few ideas to give the perfect gifts of Spain for any occasion. Read mores on WagonersAbroad.com

We have lived in Spain for many years now and we have also had many visitors come and go.  Along with that, we know what types of things people bring home as Spain souvenirs, and which of those have actually been useful.  We will share some of the favorites, as well as a few extra recommendations for gifts of Spain.

Sidenote:  I don’t need to make any of this up, as this is all what Gma Linda (Alan’s mom) really does.  She is wonderful and Spain has touched her heart.  Most of the things below come to mind because of her and how she likes to recreate those special moments with friends and family.


Let’s start with a tapas party!

You had such a wonderful time in Spain on your last vacation and you want to have that fun yet relaxed feeling back.  Imagine having a group of friends over to help recreate you wonderful visit to Spain.  We will start off with a few gift ideas to help you bring a touch of Spain into the home.

Gifts from Spain

If you are planning a trip to Spain, check out our post on what to buy in Spain.  If you aren’t planning a trip or already returned, the options below will be helpful too!  There are always plenty of things to buy in Spain, but online as well.

Flamenco Music

First of all, you will need to set the mood for that party.  Why not start with some Flamenco music.  This isn’t always to everyone’s taste, but it is a big part of Spain, especially in the south.  So go ahead and get that music playing.

 Spanish Tablecloth

Next up we need to dress that table!  I just picked a random tablecloth that looks very similar to those found here in Spain.  Of course there are many to choose from, but you don’t want to flashy tourist type, you want something to set the mood for being in Spain.


Abuela Apron

Of course we can’t start cooking until you are wearing your apron.  This one is very cute, but you can also go on the cute side and get one to look like a flamenco dress.  We have purchased a couple for Gma Linda and she has been a sport to wear them.


Get out that recipe book

If you don’t have recipes or ideas for tapas already, you can find what you need in these cookbooks.With recipes that reflect the influence of the innovative cooking in Spain today—dishes seasoned with soy sauce or balsamic vinegar; ingredients wrapped in flaky phyllo pastry; accents of goat cheese and arugula; foie gras in elegant presentations.


Add the spices

[The flavors of Spain come from using the freshest ingredients and organic produce, but it also takes just the right combination of spices to bring it all together.  This is a great gift to bring you back to Spain and a must have for that tapas party!


Open that bottle of wine

We spent a week in the La Rioja region of Spain over the summer.  Wine tasting was one of our favorite activities, but you don’t need to be in Spain to enjoy the Spanish wines.  You can find many all over the world or you can have it shipped right to your door.  It just wouldn’t be a Spanish tapas party without a few bottles of Spanish wine.

If you couldn’t pack it for your trip home, you can order wine online and have it shipped right to your door.  You just can’t have a Spanish tapas party without a few bottles of Spanish wine.  Buy wine here and filter by Spain on the left side.  You may also search for a specific wine or brand.  Enjoy your shopping.

It’s the little touches

When it comes to entertaining, it’s the little touches that take you back.  The smells, tastes, sounds and of course the sights.  Some colorful Spanish pottery is just the thing to serve up some of those tapas.

Terra-Cotta Dishes

Let’s move on to a few of the dishes you may use.  These traditional terra-cotta dishes are the perfect gift for the entertainer in the family.  We own a large one and use it all of the time, but the little dishes are just the right size for individual portions of tapas, gambas pil-pil, or can even be used for dips.  It gives your tapas party, just the perfect touch of Spain.

Tapas party shortcut!

If you don’t want to do any of the cooking and have the party come to you, then this is the best gift option!  Why not order a tapas party and you just need to invite the people and have a good time!  All items are shipped directly from Spain in appropriate containers to keep all of the yummy food fresh.  The package contains cheese, peppers, membrillo, olives, almonds, boquerones, Serrano ham, and more!


Gifts of Spain – It isn’t all about the tapas party!

Perhaps you don’t want to think about that tapas party, but you want to serve something that reminds you of Spain.  How about making some paella.  You don’t need to know how to do it, especially if you have a paella kit to help you out.  Not only are most of the ingredients included with this kit, but they even package it all in a paella pan!


Spanish Gourmet Gift Collection

Time to move on to the guests of the tapas party.  Perhaps you are trying to think of that perfect something as a hostess gift?  Well, why not continue with the Spain theme and present the host with a Spain gift basket!  A little bit of everything and all gourmet, so it will be appreciated.


For the wine lover

Another great little gift for the host would be a book about Spanish wines.  It is a small yet personal gift to help transport them back to the tastes of Spain.


A little bit of Spain

When most people visit Spain, the remember the taste of the incredible hams and cheeses.  This gift helps bring those flavors right to your door and you don’t even have to be in Spain!  This gift includes Jamon Serrano, Manchego, Murcia al Vino, Mahon, El Serpis Anchovy Stuffed Olives, Marcona Almonds, Chorizo by Palacios, and Torta de Aceite.


Oh and we have a bonus thought!

Spanish Olive Oil


More ideas for Spain souvenirs

Well, there you have it!  If you know someone who loves Spain, you can give them a gift from Spain or better yet give them a gift to Spain!  Believe me, it will be appreciated and make them feel special.  Let us know your thoughts and perhaps you can tell us about more gifts of Spain we should add to the list.

Looking for more gift ideas!

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