Municipal Market Almuñecar (The Daily Market)

 The Municipal Market Almuñecar
(Mercado Municipal or Daily Market)

The first few weeks here, we thought we had figured out this small town, except for one building.  Each time we went by this place, it was the afternoon and appeared that people were just cleaning. Outside it said Mercado Municipal (municipal market), so we knew it was some type of market.

Almuñecar Mercado

The Almuñecar Mercado Municipal (Food, Flower and Spice Market)
Monday – Saturday 9:00 – 2:00 – Avenida de la Cala

One day, I finally walked over after dropping the kids off at school.  This was one happening place! It is a terracotta colored building in the middle of town, just across from the Aquarium (we still need to check this out too). Outside of the building there are stands set up selling fresh flowers and potted plants.  Inside are several rows of individual stalls set up to sell fresh goods. There were bakery’s, butchers, produce, coffee, herbs and seafood.

Free Loaders

There were several free loaders hanging out near the seafood stalls. There was one cat burglar on the run and I managed to nab a photo! Another that was on the prowl and ready to pounce on me, if I got any closer. I loved that the market stall owners threw out fish for all of the stray cats. I think I had more fun watching all of them rather than buying goods this day.
Municipal Market Almuñecar (Mercado Municipal or The Daily Market)

Cut your grocery bill!

I like to go and pick up fresh produce, like Granada’s (pomegranates).  Each fall our grocery bill sky rocketed in the US.  Why?  Because Alan is addicted to pomegranates and has the rest of us hooked too.  In NC they are pretty expensive, about $1.50 to $2.00 per “pommie”.  We would rack up at least an extra $80-$100 per month for the season (Sept-Dec).  What do I love about Almuñecar?  I bought 5 huge granada’s for 3 Euros, that is about $3.80 or 76 cents each!  Woohoo!


Mercado Municipal
Calle de la Trinidad, 4, 18690 Almuñécar, Granada, Spain

Please feel free to enjoy the pix of the Almuñecar Mercado. Let us know if there is anymore information you would like about the market, we are there often.

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I love the Friday market in Almunecar Spain



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4 thoughts on “Municipal Market Almuñecar (The Daily Market)

  1. Hi,
    I’m planning my summer holiday in Spain and I really liked Almunecar. Mostly because it’s small (during the semester I live in Prague, so it would be great change).
    But what I’m a bit concerned if there also are some shopping centers. I obviously need to cut my expenses as much as I could. And food in Czech Republic is much cheaper, even more during the summer season…
    So are there any shops where you can buy relatively cheap food?
    Thanks so much and best wishes,
    Karolina, CZ

    • Hi Karolina, we just happen to be in you neighbor country right now, Hungary (Budapest), for the week. You can find very inexpensive produce and bread all year in Almunecar. Depending on your taste in meats, that can be inexpensive too. If you cook for yourself you will save money. There aren’t as many prepared meals at the ready and eating out can get expensive. The menu of the day would be your best deal eating out and it is most often offered for the midday meal. Most Chinese resetaurants run about 6 Euros for the menu which is usually choice of soup/eggroll, then an entree and choice of dessert or coffee. Spanish restaurants are usually closer to 9 – 13 euros for the menu.

      We have a few posts on cost of things in Spain “cost of everyday things“, also tips on how to estimate the cost of living.

      We love Costa Tropical.
      I hope that helps and let us know if you have any other questions.

  2. Hello Wagoner family!
    Glad you are settling down to your new life in Almuñecar and have found the municipal market, finally 🙂 I usually pop in there if ever I´m around the area. I always come away with so much fruit and veg, and the flower stalls outside are amazing!

    Almuñecar is a great Spanish town.

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