The Best Scratch Off Map Of The World or USA -A Great Gift!

The unexpected gift which turned into a magical treasure , the best scratch off map of the world.  
The Best Scratch Off Map Of The World or USA - A Great Gift for Any Traveler! This is a perfect unique gift for anyone. Read more on

On a side note, I find this so fascinating.  Our friends Omar and Josina are very well-traveled and come from very diverse backgrounds.  Omar is Indonesian, raised in indonesia, and went to University in Indonesia and Italy.  Josina is from Belgium and went to University in Amsterdam and is fluent in 5+ languages. They met in Amsterdam, married in Greece and now reside in Spain.  Well, that should have your head spinning about now.

This was a birthday gift for our daughter from our  well traveled neighbors. Oh they know us so well! 


A scratch off world map, a unique gift for kids and the traveler (yes adults too)


A selection of Scratch off maps!

What was it?

Upon close inspection of the map, we noticed that the countries didn’t have names and all of the land areas were covered with this gold stuff.  They explained it was a scratch off world map!  Then the excitement really kicked in!  Our daughter couldn’t wait to start scratching off each country she had visited.  I think at that time she may be been at 15 countries or so.  She used the back of a spoon and off she went.

What pleased me the most is that she actually knew where the countries were located on the scratch off map of the world!  Woo Hoo, three cheers for travel!  Okay, she did have a little trouble with Hungary, when we visited there, but it was very impressive.  At the time we all thought that was a very well-chosen and thoughtful gift for our traveling child.  What kid would love a scratch off world map, right?  Even better a scratch off travel map to take on the road with you!

The Scratch Off World Map was a hit!

So every couple of months, we would venture off on a travel adventure from our home base in Spain.  About a year later, it was time for us to leave Spain and travel as a nomadic family through Southeast Asia.  This meant that all of our belongings would be carried by us and we would not have a home base to leave things behind.

Of course we needed to pack carefully and really make a conscious decision on what will go with us and what will be given away.   When it came time for her to make her choices, her scratch off world map was coming with us!  This is not something you should fold, as the scratch off may peel, she had to keep it rolled.  We really chatted with her and said it was great that she loved it so much, but it may be better not to bring it along.  She insisted that it come with us on our travels.

As we ventured into several new countries, the first night in each, she would carefully take out her scratch off world map and find the country we were in.  This was very exciting for her and she took such care of her map.  We have since returned to Spain and she couldn’t wait to tell our friends that the map went with us and returned.  That map is still going and she has about 27 countries scratched off now.  All of this to say, if you know or have a child who is traveling, a scratch map of the world or a particular country is a great gift.


The Best Scratch Off Map Is Educational and Fun

There are loads of facts and data on the back of the scratch off map for them to learn facts about the countries and they will love it.  Our daughter takes such pride in her map and likes to figure out the short code for each country and also knowing where things are located.  If you are looking for unique gifts for kids, then this is what you need.  Give the gift of learning and fun with a scratch off world map!

We did a little research and they also have scratch off maps for the USA for each state visited. So this is an ideal gift for any child (adults too).  They have full size maps, but she has the scratch off world travel map.  I would also recommend the scratch off USA travel map.  The travel size is ideal for kids to bring along on the trip too.

What do you think, would you or someone you know love a scratch off map? buy it now on Amazon!

The Best Scratch Off Map Of The World or USA - A Great Gift for Any Traveler! This is a perfect unique gift for anyone. Read more on


We do have affiliate links to Amazon if you wish to purchase a scratch off travel map, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.  This is just a product we really love and she doesn’t travel without it!

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