65 Reasons Why We Love Costa Tropical Spain

Why come to Costa Tropical Spain? Where is that? Everyone knows about the coasts with the big cities Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol, Costa Dorada (Alicante, Malaga, Barcelona, Valencia), but not many know about Costa Tropical.  That’s why it’s one of the best places to live in Spain!  Shhh, don’t tell anyone!  With coast, mountains, sea, mild winters and more.

Why come to Costa Tropical Spain? Just 1 hr from Malaga or Granada is a hidden paradise, hugged by the mountains and sea (Almuñécar & La Herradura Spain). Read more on WagonersAbroad.comUpdated:  It’s all still true as of November 2019!

We are often asked, “Why did you choose to move to Almuñécar or Costa Tropical Spain?”.  The list of reasons is endless, but we thought we would share with you why we fell in love with Costa Tropical.  Located in the Granada province this is a small stretch of Spanish coastline, along the Mediterranean.  It is just 1 hour east of Malaga and 1 hour south of Granada city.  Obviously, when choosing a location to call home there are other factors, such as education, etc.  We just wanted to share with you why this captured our hearts.  More abot Almunecar here.

Why we think Costa Tropical is the best place to live in Spain

  1. Hands down there are extremely Friendly people in Costa Tropical Spain!Almunecar Around Town Plaza Welcome Tour site
  2. Picturesque rugged cliffs plunging straight into the seaCerro Gordo Torre and views Costa Tropical Spain
  3. One hour from 2 good-sized airports (Malaga and Granada) – closest airports to Cost Tropical.
  4. Quaint small white villages
    La Herradura old town
  5. Hiking in the hills and mountains as well as along the coast
  6. One hour from snow skiing and the Sierra Nevada Mountains
  7. Watching the fishermen return in the mornings from the sea in the wee hours
  8. Scuba diving
  9. Costa Tropical is Not overrun with tourists
  10. “Real Southern Spain”  (Otivar or Spanish Culture mixing with modern times)
  11. Almuñécar Roman RuinsLiving within walking distance to Roman Ruins!
  12. Watching the sunset over the Mediterranean
  13. Driving through the windy mountain roads passing through enormous gorges
  14. Watching the local artisans perform their crafts (Spanish Guitars)
  15. Ease of access with or without a car – connected with public transit
  16. The variety of small towns to walk around
  17. Fresh Local Produce – at very low-cost
  18. Markets  (The Friday Market,  Municipal Market, Medieval Market)
  19. Crazy Inexpensive Good Wine and Cava.  Locally it is from 2€ up for a bottle of wine and some really good bottles at the 3€ and 4€ mark!  You can  Buy wine here and filter by Spain, but they are a slightly more expensive to order from the US, so just move here!
    Spanish Wines
  20. Everyone is out walking on the promenade in evenings
  21. The water fountains in each village
  22. The daily mood of the Mediterranean Sea
    Almunecar our amazing daily view.
  23. Family Friendly with playgrounds everywhere
  24. Options for Naturist or Topless Beaches
  25. Aquapark!
  26. Watching the paragliders
    Adventures with Anya Tandem Paragliding in La Herradura Spain. Enjoying the peaceful flight.
  27. Affordable living, see our cost of living in Spain.  We shared every expense for the first 18 months to help provide a starting point for others to create their budgets.
  28. Wildlife park and hiking areas, like Mediterranean Park.
    Almunecar Mediterranean Park - Mirador del Calistro
  29. Waterfalls
  30. Looking at San Cristobal Beach every single day
    (over 19km of Almunecar beaches with a variety of sand, views, and coves.
  31. History!!!  Many of the towns have a Castle in the center.
    Below is San Miguel Castle in Almunecar
    Almunecar El Castillo San Miguel
  32. Simple Family Life –  Here is our guide to Almunecar from A-Z.
  33. Panderias – Fresh bread daily!
  34. Zumo – fresh squeezed OJ
  35. Interesting Architecture in town buildings
  36. Outdoor activites – Snorkeling, cycling, mountain biking, hiking, water sports, padel, tennis, futbol, and more.
  37. Pedestrian-only zones in town centers
  38. Creatively designed cobblestone streets & paths
  39. Cafe con leche for about 1.20€ !   (Here is how to order coffee in Spain!)
  40. Flowers everywhere, All Year Long!
    Almunecar Pozuelo Beach Summer
  41. People watching in Almuñécar Center Plaza
  42. Farinel  pizza
  43. Affordable rental properties with sea view
  44. Awesome Bacon and Jamon
  45. Flamenco Dancing at restaurantsFlamenco Andalucia
  46. The Climate – Beautiful sunny breezy days 90% of the time
  47. Traditional Festivals and Celebrations  – Semana Santa  Here is the annual calendar of fiestas in Almunecar – Costa Tropical
  48. Extremely mild winters (don’t get me wrong, there are still cold and rainy days).
  49. Close proximity for amazing day trips
  50. Watching the sun rise over the Mediterranean
  51. Watching the local basket weaverPaella Gigante en Almuñécar, Granada Spain
  52. Experiencing the making of a 10-foot wide paella at one of the many fiestas in Almunecar
  53. Hearing the Almuñécar Church bells ring
  54. Good Tide Pooling
    tide pooling Cabria Beach. Costa Tropical live in the moment
  55. Fresh Seafood – We are not big seafood eaters, but it is nice to have the variety when we want to step out of our comfort zone and try something new.
  56. Romantic Hidden Coves
  57. Did I forget to mention ——-The Climate – Beautiful sunny breezy days 90% of the time.  Read more about the weather in Almunecar
    Almunecar sunset along playa San Cristobal
  58. Terraced Hillsides
  59. Open air farmlands
  60. Diversity of multinational locals
  61. Almuñécar is a hidden gem
  62. The age and history of the area dating back over 2000 years
  63. The towns are “Alive” in the winter
  64. Very low crime and safe for families
  65. No matter where we travel in Spain we come back to Almuñécar and know this was without a doubt the right place for us to call Home.
    playa puerta del mar Almunecar - Costa Tropical Spain


Rooftop bars and amazing restaurant terraces in Costa Tropical

Even more things to love about Costa Tropical Spain!

Sailing charter from Marina del Este

Force 4 Sailing School La Herradura

Kayak and Paddleboard tours


Read more about Costa Tropical

Read more about Costa Tropical on our Almuñecar Info website.  It is loaded with useful information about the area!

Read more about Costa Tropical on our Almuñecar Info website.  It is loaded with useful information about the area! https://almunecarinfo.com


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Organized Tours

There are also many organized tours for you to enjoy from being active on walking or biking tour, to enjoying a food or wine tour.  There is so much to do and Viator has so many great offers for you.  Click here to see their latest Malaga Deals!

Where to Stay in Costa Tropical

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32 thoughts on “65 Reasons Why We Love Costa Tropical Spain

  1. What an amazing list. I have enjoyed many of these amazing experiences and look forward to adding more when I visit in September. Thank you a Heidi.

  2. We visited Andalusia on our honeymoon in 2014 and now want to move there. We need to accumulate some capital to buy first but we hope to move from Canada in the next 5 years (so we will be moving in our 40s, not retirement age). Can’t wait to research this area and see how it compares to others we were looking at (Ronda, Nerja, Solobrena, etc.) We will likely need to have a place we can rent part of it out for income as well. In any case, if we move to Almuñécar, I’ll look you up!

    • Sounds Awesome! Look us up no matter where you land. 🙂 It is such a fun journey doing all of the research, planning and dreaming. Please let us know if we can be of any help to you.

  3. Wonderful..Glad you are heading back it does sound as though your heart is there. I also am a travel bug and looking forward to experiencing Spain later this yr with the plan of staying for several months. Just myself and my little dog so I know my expenses can be minimal. I’m still trying to work out the logistics. I will be in Glasgow first for 2-3 weeks and I know the requirements of entering the UK with a dog but am wondering about crossing into France and then Spain with her as well. Hope to see you along the beach. I’ll be the lady sipping wine and smiling from ear to ear.


    • Thanks Matthew. It is still the plan to return this Summer, as we really do miss Spain. We shall see how it all turns out. 🙂

  4. Ok I’m sold! Where do I sign up? I want that paella.
    But seriously, Spain gets such a bad press. We were in possibly the most “touristy” and “spoilt” part just a few weeks ago, Lloret de Mar, and it was just lovely out of season, we loved it.

    • Ha! just hop on a quick and cheap flight out of London to Malaga Alyson. Then drive 1 hour east and get away from all of the tourists. It is amazing. I think many people hear about the college party areas and freak out. Even those areas are fun, maybe not at 3 am though.

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  6. Only 65? Only kidding. Spain is very popular with us Brits, with around 3-5 million of them living there, so I can agree with your list wholeheartedly. We’re also heading there next year.

    • Yes, it was an odd number to come up with. Ha! We were shooting for 50 and then couldn’t stop. Most Brits are in our neighbor Costa (Costa del Sol), but we love the real Spanish feel here in Costa Tropical. Hey look us up if you are here in the first half of 2014. Otherwise, it looks like we may be swapping places. You in Spain and we would be in SEA. 🙂

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