December Flowers of Almuñécar, Spain

The town of Almuñécar, Spain is full of beautiful flowers all year-long.  It is so nice walking through the town and seeing all of the color from the December flowers in the winter.  What a nice treat.

December Flowers of Almuñécar, Spain I went for a leisurely stroll around town and were overwhelmed with the choices of December flowers to take photos of.   We only covered a few blocks, along the west side of town.  We ventured along San Cristobal beach and weaved our way through the sides streets as well.  A nice surprise was bumping into our friend Jaime too.

Back in the US

Coming from North Carolina we are used to the trees losing their leaves and very few flowers in the winter.  I just can’t get enough of the pops of color and variety of flowers we have here.  So many residents take care to have flowers around their home and the town plants many along the beach.  But there is also quiet the variety that just seems to be natural and wild.

Here are some photos of the beauty we see daily during the month of December.  We aren’t sure of all of their names, so please feel free to comment and help us out.  Do let us know which is your favorite and excuse us if the photos aren’t perfect.  🙂  We do like to take photos are playing around with some settings too.

December Flowers of Almuñécar, Spain

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