Itinerary For An Amsterdam Christmas With Teens

Our itinerary for an Amsterdam Christmas with teens, was an interesting and fun experience for sure!  As you know we have visited Amsterdam several times and it is certainly a top family destination, but this Christmas vacation was one of our favorite trips to Amsterdam.  By the way, we also list many things to do in Amsterdam all year too.

An amazing itinerary for an Amsterdam Christmas with teens. We promise an interesting and fun experience for everyone, even if you don't have kids!  Read more on

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Would You Do This For Your Christmas Dinner?

Ahhh Christmas dinner!  That time of year when families come together and celebrate this festive holiday over a large table of food.  Typically, families have their own special traditions, but this year, we are totally throwing tradition out the window.  Why?  Because we’re celebrating our Christmas dinner at Winter Parade.


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How To Prepare For Tibet and Nepal Tour

High up in the Himalayas are two amazing places in the highest regions in the world. Sharing a border that crosses directly over the summit of Mount Everest, Tibet and Nepal are neighbors in more than one sense of the word. Not only do they share Mount Everest, by they also share many other high Himalayan mountains, since their border follows the line of the Himalayas from north to south. Therefore, more and more tourists choose the Nepal Tibet Tour and experience the subtle differences between them.

How to Prepare for Tibet and Nepal Tour

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2017 Christmas & New Years Destinations Announced!

You wouldn’t think it would be a difficult task to select our 2017 Christmas destination this year, but we did have a bit of back and forth with several destinations.  We want to thank everyone who made suggestions via comments, email and Facebook.  None of your suggestions will go to waste, but some may have to be for a future trip.  It is a double destination holiday for us, so keep on reading to find out where.

Where will Wagoners Abroad spend 2017 Christmas & New Years? This is the big announcement and Europe wins again! Read more about this traveling family of 4 on

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8 Day Intensive Spanish Course – Did Alan Survive?

I’ve finished the very intensive Spanish course program which is organized by Diverbo, called Pueblo Español, and it’s time to tell the world about my experience.  The short answer is…I had an excellent time, and it is an incredible Spanish conversation course.

Instead of writing a daily journal type of post, I’m going to cover the highlights of the week.  If you’re interested in improving your Spanish by doing an immersion program, then you’ll want to continue reading.

Curious about trying an intensive Spanish course? We were students with Pueblo Español in Spain and we have something to say about it! Read more on

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How To Apply For Non Lucrative Visa Spain Requirements & Renewal Process

,So you have decided to move to Spain and are fumbling around trying to figure out the requirements of the non lucrative visa, or how to apply.  Perhaps you have lived in Spain for a while and it is time for you to renew your resident card.  We have all of the steps needed for you to apply for the Spanish non lucrative visa as well as the process for renewal.  We have helped hundreds of people move to Spain with these steps and have been through the process ourselves as well.

Moving to Spain, how to apply for the non lucrative visa Spain requirements and detailed process for renewal of the Spanish resident card.  Read more on

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