Spain Visas

Do You Want To Live In Spain For A Year or More?

Dreaming of something different?  Do you want to live in Spain for a year?  Perhaps a gap year in Spain is what you need?  Does this sound like you? There you are living a wonderful life with both parents working and the kids are in school.  Your afternoons and evenings are spent running around from activity …

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Caser Expat Health Insurance In Spain For Residency

if you are planning to move to Spain, you will likely be required to show proof of coverage for private health insurance in Spain.  The requirements have evolved over the years and at present, it needs to be equal coverage to the Spanish health system. Caser meets the health insurance for Spanish residency and visas!

Health Insurance in Spain for over 75 or 65!

Health Insurance in Spain for over 75! You’ve decided to retire in Spain, but you are having trouble finding health insurance coverage. Don’t worry, we have some suggestions for health insurance for seniors. Spain is a great place for seniors, as you will find that it is very affordable.

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