10 Free Things To Do In Porto with Kids (Oporto Portugal)

Yes, I did say Free Things To Do in Porto with kids!  We had a wonderful time visiting Porto, Portugal (aka Oporto).   It was so thrilling to find so many free activities for the kids, we thought we would dedicate an entire post just to that.  I am sure there are more free things to do in Porto out there, but we didn’t have time to enjoy them all.

10 Free Things To Do In Porto with kids! Yes, I did say Free Things to do in Porto Portugal! We were so thrilled to find so many free activities for the kids, we thought we would share them with you. Read more on WagonersAbroad.com

10 Free Things To Do In Porto With Kids

The Atlantic Ocean in Porto with kids!

Take the bus out to the beach!  Enjoy the Eastern shores of the energetic Atlantic Ocean.  Rain or shine our kids love to go to the beach.  This particular day was cold, rainy, and windy, so why not get splashed with the waves too.  Heck, we were already wet why not allow a little more?Atlantic Ocean Porto

Forte de São Francisco Xavier

This is a cool fort to walk around and depending on the tide, it can be a spectacular wave crashing show.  This is on the Atlantic, just near the Sea Life Aquarium and Parque da Cidade.  Around the front of the fort is a small draw bridge where the kids can play and let their imaginations run wild.Forte de São Francisco Xavier

Parque da Cidade, Porto

The City Park is the largest urban park in the country, with an area of 83 acres of green naturalized extending to the Atlantic Ocean.  Throughout the City Park you can walk through a long network of trails (about 10 km) and let the kids run wild and enjoy themselves.

The São Bento Railway Station 

Once you step inside this railway station and you’ll find so much more than just a train station.  The tile work on the walls is a sight to see.  These alone make this an important landmark and a must see on our list of things to do in Porto.  The kids played I Spy with the 20,000 plus tiles of battle scenes and much more.  It was very exciting to see the modern trains come and go surrounded by buildings full of charm and character.Sao Bento Railway Station Porto

Walk over the Dom Luís Bridge in Porto with kids

This is a metal arch bridge that spans the Douro River between the cities of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia in Portugal.  At the time of construction its span of 172m was the longest of its type in the world.  The upper level is very scenic and can be accessed just down the road from the Sao Bento Railway Station.  Alternatively, you may cross on the lower level for quick access to the Port Cellars on the Gaia side.Things to do in Porto

Free Porto walking tourWalking around Porto Portugal

Port tasting

This is not free for adults on its own, but it is if you purchase the Citysightseeing Bus.  Kids are free , but of course they don’t get to taste.  We also stopped by Taylor’s and they provided the kids with a book and were very good to them. Port Tasting Gaia, Portugal

Mercado do Bolhão

Tucked away in the heart of the city, is this lively market right in the Porto city center.  It is a two-level Partially covered building, where you will find just about anything you can think of.  Upon entering, your socks will be knocked off by the incredible aroma of freshly baked breads as well as the smell of the different meats and cheese.  You will also hear loud fish sellers offering their latest and freshest catch.  Even if you don’t purchase anything, it is a sight to see, hear, smell and experience for the entire family.
Mercado do Bolhão Porto


There are far too many to list here, but many are free on the weekends for all ages.  During the week children are often free.  If you have a Porto Card they are either free or discounted.  I would advise going to the local tourist office and obtaining a list from them.  They are full of information and maps as well as great advice.

Six Bridges Douro River Boat Tour (Free for the kids)

The bridges were spectacular, but the “postcard” view of Port was the best.  We all loved the turn around point at the mouth of the river, where it meets the Atlantic.  The waves were just crashing over the retaining walls and it was spectacular. Douro River Cruise    


Do you have more free things to do in Porto with kids to add?  Just comment below.

How About Bikes?

After walking all day, why not explore a bit more on a bike tour?  Baja Bikes offers bike tours of around 3 hours that show you the highlights of the city with an English speaking guide.  The routes are comfortable, safe and suitable for children from around 8 years (depending on the city).

porto city

Check out the travel guides for Porto and Portugal

For more things to do Porto, check out the Organized Porto Tours

There are also many organized tours for you to enjoy from being active on walking or biking tour, to enjoying a food or wine tour.  If you don’t know what to do in Porto, use these as your inspiration when you visit Porto.  There is so much to do and Viator has so many great offers for you.  Click here to see their latest Porto Deals!


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    10 Free Things To Do In Porto, Portugal (Oporto) The kids will love it! Yes, I did say Free Things to do in Porto! We were so thrilled to find so many free activities for the kids, we thought we would share them with you. Read more on WagonersAbroad.com


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  1. This must bring you back such good memories. I checked up this blog post before we went to Porto (but then afterwards I forgot about everything in it haha). We saw most of the things in your post except the Mercado do Bolhao which was closed for renovation. Whenever we travel and wherever we go there is always someplace under renovation, when we went to NYC it was the Statue of Liberty! Hard to believe it was already 2 years ago, time flies during a pandemia haha. Hope your mother is doing well.

    • It was fun. We were laughing about this the other day. We were wandering around near the Myanmar border and remembering you “loving” our hike up the hill and then back down in the cold rain. Ha!

  2. Great post guys! We didn’t even know about the fort when we were there. I guess you can’t see everything in one go and it gives us another excuse to go back! Of course, just spending the day wobbling from one port tasting to another is a great reason in itself!

    • Ha! Thanks Charles. We have to go back to Porto for sure. We didn’t get to do everything we wanted to, but made the most of it. In fact, we loved just roaming around town and admiring all of the buildings. Maybe we will all meet up there one day. 🙂 We have a few more posts about Porto in the hopper, so look for them in the next week or so.

  3. Leave it to my sister to “almost get killed” by her loving son-in-law in Portugal. Who would ever know? 100 euros was a good buy, Bev. So glad this family is loaded with a sense of humor!

  4. please note in above picture the children are running away from Atlantic Ocean (in great fear, I might add). Alan is preparing to push his fabulous mother-in-law over the small precipice into the angry waves. Luckily a bribe of 100 euros saved her life at the last minute!

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