Lisbon Portugal – The Contemporary Side

Our last day in Lisbon and it was raining off and on, with 80% chance of rain for the day. We decided to play it a bit safe and be near “indoor” activities if needed.

Contemporary Lisbon Portugal

We headed over to the Contemporary Side of Lisbon Portugal, near the 1998 World Expo area of  Parque das Nações.

To get to our destination, we crossed the longest bridge in Europe (Vasco da Gama Bridge) 17km long. The kids were quite excited to cross a bridge with some sort of “record”.  On the Lisbon side we found the area we wanted to explore. Here is the Science Museum, Aquarium, Huge Mall and much more. We first explored a very intriguing building, which turned out to be a 5 star hotel that will open next year. The bar was open and the staff allowed us in to snoop around.

Back outside and we meandered down the promenade. We found the Science Museum and were just playing with the outdoor activities, when Dad spotted something that looked like more fun.  There was a family riding around on push pedal karts and zipping in and out of the fountains.  OMG!  The Wagoner Family must do this too!

Zoom Zoom

We rented Karts and had a great time exploring the area via this means of transportation. Dad led the pack and I took up the rear to help (Control) our daughter. She had a rough time with the Brake, thus me yelling “Don’t run into those people!” often.  One time we were on a wooden platform boardwalk and she opted to fly off of the step at the end, full speed, rather than slow down and use the ramp.  Yes, she is our adrenaline junkie, like Dad. Our son is a little more cautious, like me.

Hum Drum

Shortly after our time was up on the Karts, it began to rain.  It was about 1:30pm, so we opted to head indoors to the mall and grab lunch. This part of the day was a bit ordinary, as it was similar to any American mall.  We roamed around a bit and decided we were done with being indoors. The kids wanted to go back to their favorite park (Eduardo VII Park) we discovered the day prior. We loved it there too, just hanging out at the little cafe. No family vote needed for this decision.

Ah! Creature Comforts

We returned to the park and stayed for a good hour or so. The kids are addicted to the darn See Saw things, even though they are way too big for them. They also loved the zip line. We enjoyed a Hot Cocoa and a Cappuccino once again. The music they were playing was so delightful (Ricardo Leão – Cinema) and we were happy campers. Dad asked the cafe owner about the music and we are on the hunt to purchase.


How About Bikes?

After walking all day, why not explore a bit more on a bike tour?  Baja Bikes offers bike tours of around 3 hours that show you the highlights of the city with an English speaking guide.  The routes are comfortable, safe and suitable for children from around 8 years (depending on the city).

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