Caser Expat Health Insurance In Spain For Residency

if you are planning to move to Spain, you will likely be required to show proof of coverage for private health insurance in Spain.  The requirements have evolved over the years and at present, it needs to be equal coverage to the Spanish health system. Caser meets the health insurance for Spanish residency and visas!

Caser Seguros expat health insurance in Spain to meet residency requirements. Read more on Wagoners Abroad.

Expat Health Insurance in Spain for Residency

We work with policies offered by Caser Seguros.  They are one of the leading insurance companies offering private health insurance for residency in Spain.  With a large network of providers and their own private facilities, we have you covered!  They have recently created a special insurance plan for expats in Spain that meets the residency and visa requirements and includes dental.
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OFFER through March 2024   – 30% off!

Some of the key expat features include:

  • Caser offers a dedicated English-speaking claims and customer service telephone line.  Telephone and on-line medical support 24 hours a day, in various languages (English, French, German, Dutch).
  • Policies for those up to and including 69 years-old, so perfect for the early retiree or families.
  • Caser Adapta plan be contracted with a passport to apply for residency.
    We offer a special certificate for Residency and Visa applications.

    • No copay or deductible – Use the network director of medical providers with No co-payments*  (except for 8 Euros for Psychology).  There is no deductible to meet prior to being covered.
    • Wait periods – No wait periods for general medicine.  (As with all of the Spanish insurance companies, there are a few wait periods related to family planning, Psychology, Oncology and others, but it still meets residency requirements).
      If you transfer from another Spanish insurance company, where you have held a policy for over a year and show your paid receipt,  Caser may remove* the qualifying periods (except for assistance during childbirth and assisted reproduction).  * Subject to the Particular Conditions in the previous health insurance policy.
    • Repatriation (add on policy for small annual fee)
    • Dental included
  • Read the FAQ’s and more about the coverage.
  • Offering competitive rates and policies may be contracted 2 months in advance of the policy start date, to allow for visa and residency applications.
  • Offering multi-insurance products including Private Medical, auto, life, pet, home, and more.
  • A European Bank Account is needed for direct debit payments with IBAN number.
    • If you don’t have a UK or EU bank account, you may open an online Spanish account with something like Holabank or N26. You can even look into an European account with Wise Multi-currency Account.
    • With any of these, you will be able to use the account for a direct debit, as Caser debits your account on the contract start date.  So we create the contract for you and provide you with a certificate as proof of insurance for your appointment.  You will just need to ensure there are sufficient funds in the account when it comes time to draft.


Click here to read more about the health plan or request a quote. 

Caser Expat Health Insurance Spain for Residency

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