Are you dreaming of moving to Spain? We can help you with our relocate to Spain packages and offering bespoke services when moving to Costa Tropical.

Relocation Consulting with extra care

From planning to visa application / residency, and getting settled. Our expertise, knowledge & advice will help you with your move to Spain.


We offer a variety of services to our clients including

Residency & Visa Application

It doesn’t matter if you are coming for 1 year or longer, we can guide you through the process.  We offer assistance with Visa (non-lucrative/retirement) and/or Residency (including 1 person EU Citizen and the other Non-EU).  We provide very detailed step-by-step instructions for all applicants.

Relocation Planning

Need help narrowing down where you would like to live?  Or do you need help with the logistics of making an international move?  We can help you with planning a scoping trip, property searches, and even assist with planning the move!  If you are moving to Costa Tropical, we offer more services.

Getting Settled

Offering assistance with selecting affordable Spanish medical insurance, home or auto insurance, banking, money transfers, cell phones, and more.  You will receive our Getting Settled in Spain ebook!  If you are relocating to the Costa Tropical area, we offer very customized services in these areas as well.

Driving In Spain

We know the rules of the road and can provide invaluable information about them.  We also offer expertise in obtaining a driver’s license and an International driving permit.  If you need help getting a good deal on a rental, we’ve got you covered…

Education in Spain

Tired of scouring the web trying to make sense of all of the incomplete information out there about education in Spain?  We provide you information to make informed choices.  If you are moving to Costa Tropical, we offer additional services.

Pets in spain

Planning to bring your furry family along with you?  Not to worry, we can help you navigate the process and ensure you all have a stress-free experience.


Wagoners Abroad and we are the consulting team.  We’ve found that our clients are not only looking for answers but “data points”.  By data points, we’re talking about additional information that you may have gleaned from the web or our blog.


  1. Read / Fill-out the Contact Form below.  This will help us better understand your particular situation before we speak with you.
  2. We will review your answers create your package quote and return it to you with a link to purchase.
  3. You make your purchase and we will send you your eBooks to get started.
  4. Next we will create the remaining items you have selected. Within a day or two, these items will either be placed in a Google shared folder we create for you or we will send them to you via email.
  5. If you selected something with consulting time, we will schedule the call at your convenience. A time tracker spreadsheet will be created, to show where the time is being used and how much time you have remaining.
  6. If items are specific to Costa Tropical, they may be delivered in advance or upon arrival, depending on the nature of the service.

Testimonials …

“Words cannot fully express our gratitude for the phenomenal support and advice the Wagoners provide! Every step of the way, we felt fully confident in our decision to move our family halfway across the world because we had such reliable guides to help us. Between the blog and our 1-on-1 communication, every question was answered thoroughly and in a timely manner. The Wagoners truly transformed our dream into a reality!”  M.G. July 2021

“Just wanted to give a shout out to Alan and Heidi Wagoner – for all their assistance in successfully getting us through our VISA appointment yesterday in NYC!  We purchased their ebook, Live in Spain, last year when we decided to apply for a non-lucrative VISA following a visit to Europe in the fall of 2019. Obviously, Covid delayed our plans, but it gave us plenty of time to prepare mentally and literally for this big step.

All the moving pieces of deadlines and expiration dates for the various forms and requirements was a bit daunting, but having the Wagoner book, and specific advice from them just an email away, was a BIG help and certainly made a difference in having all our paperwork accepted at the NYC Spanish Consulate without any outstanding issues to address. Big sigh of relief!

So now we are told we are 4-6 weeks away from approval, and we owe a big thankyou to the Wagoners for all their help  So thank you Alan & Heidi Wagoner! And those of you who are ready to begin this journey, I highly recommend their services! We owe them a dinner when we get there!! “- C.L. July 2021

“I wanted to make sure to let you know how helpful you and your program have been. I seriously could not imagine having done this without your knowledge and support! We’ve taken your advice from day 1 as far as having all of the necessary paperwork in an orderly fashion for all of the appointments we have had throughout this process. It makes a huge difference! They literally give us grateful looks of relief and seem almost happy to help us.” – J.S. 2021

“When planning our family move to Spain on the non-lucrative visa, the best money I spent was on the Wagoners’ e-book as well as hiring Alan’s consulting services to review our application package. Their web site has a ton of tips, but the book is really the key; it sums up everything you need to successfully navigate the Spanish bureaucracy. Which is saying something, let me tell you.”  – P.C.

“Our family followed the Wagoners Abroad blog and it helped us decided on Spain for our one year sabbatical.   We then bought a small consulting package to make sure we got approved in a timely manner.  Using their awesome materials saved me a lot of time, and their knowledge and responsiveness made our process a lot easier/better.    So happy to recommend them.”  – R.C.

“Heidi and Alan helped us plan our sabbatical year in Spain. We hadn’t visited Spain from the US prior to our trip, so we really needed someone who knew the area. Their professionalism and follow-through, local knowledge and expertise, and personal experience were integral to our wonderful experience in Spain. They went above and beyond to help us create memories that will be part of our family story forever. Thank you, Wagoners!” – M.H.

“Heidi and Allen were very helpful in our move to Almuñécar. They also were invaluable in helping us to find a home to rent and to register our kids for school before we came. It would have been a much more stressful process without their help and investing in their support was worth every penny!” – M.W.B.

Moving to Spain Package Options

Now you can build your own custom package. Not everyone has the same needs when making their move to Spain. We have tried to create a modular list of services for you to mix and match to build your own package. Just read through the services and fill out the contact form, checking the services you would like. Those with an * are only offered in the Costa Tropical.

Spanish flag

Non-Lucrative Visa

You will receive the Live in Spain eBook. The eBook details all of the requirements and steps to obtain the Spanish non-lucrative visa for US Citizens, including a checklist, the nuances per consulate in the USA, the timing of gathering documents, and applying for the visa.

our Spanish visa was approved! We now have 2 of the big ticket items crossed off of our list to Move to Spain!

Prepare for the Move

You will receive the Getting Settled in Spain eBook. This eBook specifically covers information for anyone (mainly Americans) to prepare for the move and helping with tips once you arrive. We have referrals for shipping your items, credit cards, banking tips, bringing pets, and more. 

Where to live?

We will send a questionnaire to you and schedule a phone consultation. We will recommend general areas based on your needs. To allow you to do more research. We have more expertise with southern Spain.

euros cost of living in Spain to retire. Read more on

Cost of living in Spain

You will receive the Cost of Living in Spain eBook. This eBook will guide you through the process of how to budget and estimate the cost of living in Spain.  It will help you understand your current lifestyle and estimate your lifestyle in Spain. It includes several money-saving tips as well.

Driving in Spain- Everything you need to know & more. If you are planning a trip to Spain and intend on driving, this is an essential book for you. We offer you a complete guide to driving in Spain.

Driving in Spain

You will receive the Driving in Spain eBook. This will help provide information on the basic road rules and signs. In addition, it includes information for obtaining your Spanish driver’s license.  If you’re going to be driving in Spain, you need this book!


Education in spain

You will receive our Education in Spain eBook. The eBook provides an overview of the Spanish Education System, from Pre-K to High School. It reviews the various types of schools available, the general process for enrollment, and more.

Heidi Wagoner off road in Langkawi

Hourly Consulting

Heidi will consult via email or video/phone call. This can be related to any topic you want and the time is yours to ask the questions. We prefer to receive the bulk of the questions in advance to make our time together most effective. Consultation and advice for moving to Spain.


Lobster Mobile Spanish SIM

We are suppliers for Lobster Mobile. We can Pre-register and mail you a sim card to use in Spain. If you are moving to Costa Tropical we can assist you in person or send it to you in advance.

Almunecar our amazing daily view.

* Just the Basics

We provide a written neighborhood and area overview.  Including special tips and things to keep in mind when searching for a rental!   We will also provide links to many of the local estate agents and general rental search sites.  

Mijas Spain, buying or renting a property in Spain. Read more on

* Property rental search

Once we’ve received the detailed requirements from you, we will search to identify possible options for you.  We will provide 3-10 properties for your review, a customized map with the approximate property location plotted.  We will also provide you with the tools in the “just the basics” option to also search on your own and understand how the rental market works here. 

Mallorca Spain. FIRE movement - Financial Independence Retire Early spain visa options. Read more on

* Property opinions

Sometimes you just want to know more information about a property, other than what is provided by an agent.  We will share our unbiased feedback on location, walkability, parking, winter and summer activity, noise levels, and more.  We will review up to 10 properties and plot them on a custom map, in the approximate location.

Costa Tropical-Almunecar views -

* Property viewings

We will view a property for you and send you photos or a video and include our unbiased feedback. Alternatively, we can attend a viewing with you in person, to help with communication and receive our unbiased opinions.

* Property rental Search & Viewing Bundle

  • All of the above property assistance is provided (Just the basics, search, opinions and up to 2 viewings. You will receive the tools to help you with your search, plus the addition of our local connection and knowledge.
  • We will collaborate with you and search the various sites and will review 8-18 properties.  This is a combination of our search and your search as well.  You can provide us with properties for our review and feedback, based on listing information and photos, plus we will add to the mix. We will reach out to our local contacts and see what is available or what is coming soon.
  • We create a custom Google Map and plot the potential property locations (as best we can), so you can view the surrounding area.
  • We will share our unbiased feedback on location, walkability, parking, winter and summer activity, noise levels and more.  We have nothing vested in a particular property, so will just provide you with the facts that we know about the area.
  • (This is all based on us knowing the approximate location of the property, based on the photos in the listing.  If you have an exact address, that is even better)
  • We will view 2 properties on your behalf or with you, based on the details listed above. If a viewing is not needed, we will add more time and effort to the search.
  • We are not agents and provide our unbiased opinion and facts about the property or area.

* Meet and Greet

Meet up for coffee and chat, to get to know you and gather your likes, desires, and needs to customize the tours.  It is a great time to get some of your questions answered as well as getting to know the area.  This is a question and answer consulting session. 
(~45 min)

* Big Picture Tour

We provide an overview driving tour, locations may vary based on your needs (max of 4 people).  Get a feel for the different areas and neighborhoods of Almuñécar.  We will point out local activities, schools, restaurants, banks, shops, and more, per your needs. (~1 hour)

* Day to Day Life Tour

We provide a walking tour of the town center.  This will include historical sites, as well as pointing out the markets, restaurants, shopping, banking, schools, and a dip into the pedestrian alleyways of the old town.  This will provide you with a feel of the day-to-day life in the city and will be customized based on your desires.
(~1 hour)

* Moving to Costa Tropical Understanding the area – 3-hour Almuñécar Tour Bundle

This is a bundled price for the Meet & Greet, Big Picture Tour, and the Day to Day Life Tour.

Almunecar Town Hall - Ayuntamiento

* Residcency Empadronamiento + TIE

With the non-lucrative visa, you have 30 days to get more paperwork done once you arrive in Spain! You will receive the documented process for the empadronamiento (padrón) and your TIE request. We will make your appointments, provide you with a checklist of what to bring to the appointment, and review your documents before you go.

Almuñécar - School Classroom

* School Registration

This is registration during the standard annual process. We provide you with information about the local area schools (public and private) to help with your research, checking for space availability, scheduling a school visit, help with registration 

Almunecar sunrise december 2020.

* Misc Add Ons

These are items we can help you with, once you arrive. There is no need to include it with your package, as they may not be needed. It could be helping with opening a bank account, setting up your internet, phones, etc. We can quote you a price at the time or offer hourly consulting.

Build Your Package to Move to Spain – Request a Quote!

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