if you are moving to Spain from the US or just about any other country, this will help you with your residency paperwork, setting up banks, utilities & services. Save you money on ATM's, transfers and cars.

"What You Need To Do & How To Do It"

Is This Book For You?

It is if you are moving to Spain!

This book is for you if you are preparing to move to Spain.  It doesn't matter where you are moving from or what your nationality is, it is sure to be of help to you.  As we are Americans in Spain, there are many references for Americans, but we promise this provides information valuable for everyone!

It is perfect if you are planning to move to Spain with children, with pets or if you are going to retire in Spain.  Use our Live In Spain eBook to help you with your visa and this book will help you with Getting Settled In Spain!  We have helped and inspired people who have moved to Spain from the US, Bulgaria, Russia, Canada, Finland, UK, South America, Australia, Asia, and more!

What's in the book?

Navigate Bureaucracy

When you migrate to Spain, there's always a level of paperwork, standing in lines, or paying fees, which can all be very frustrating. We know how much stress there can be when you have to figure out how to work with realtors, buying a car, opening a bank account, utilities or registering with the town hall or for public schools.  We help with detailed instructions and tips to cut through the red tape.

Questions & Answers

Not only will this book help you answer the most common questions about your move to Spain, it will also help you understand how to keep in touch with people back home, shopping, learning Spanish, administrative services, immunizations for kids and more.  The first several chapters are dedicated to preparing for your move and answering many of your questions.

Setting Expectations

Since you are planning a move to Spain, this guide will help set expectations and take away some of the frustration of not knowing how things work. Moving to a new country presents many challenges, especially if you aren't fluent in the language. We help set the expectations and review what needs to be completed upon your arrival. Our help getting you settled should help reduce the stress on everyone!

Why Buy This Book?

It's easy!  We provide you with tips that will save you time AND money!

  • Save Money on ATM  & Transfer Fees! - Those pesky ATM and transfer fees add up after awhile, and can put a dent in your bank account.  Our tips in Chapter 6 will save you some money.  These tips alone are worth the price of the book!
  • Save Time Getting Settled! - Once you've arrived, the clock starts ticking, and you only have a certain amount of time to get registered in Spain.  Do you know WHEN the clock starts, and WHAT to do?  This is covered in Chapters 12 - 18.  You're welcome!
  • Save Money Renting or Buying A Car! - You'll really want to read Chapters 39-40.  We share where to get the best rental car deals.  Oh and if you are buying a used car, you don't want to get saddled with someone else's tickets right?  I didn't think so...
  • Keeping in Touch! - As you become expats living in Spain, you are likely leaving loved ones behind in your home country.  Chapter 7 will help ease the stress of being far from family and friends.  We provide you with the resources to ensure you keep your connections and save you money on expensive phone plans.
  • Learning the Spanish Language! -  A little preparation and practice will go a long way before you arrive.  We provide you with tools you can use before your move to Spain and continue to use them after you arrive.  One special tool will give you access to over 3000 words, just because you know English!
Preparing to move to Spain! Living in Spain as an American or from most other countries.

Feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or confused?

Don't throw in the towel. Just take a deep breath and keep on reading...

You're in for a whole new vocabulary when filling out forms and navigating the Spanish system.  There are Spanish words, phrases, and customs that are specific to Spain.  Throughout the book, the Spanish words and their English equivalents are provided.  We also provide a review of many Spanish customs to be aware of.  Look out for that double kiss, siesta or "el ultimo"!

We even cover public transportation options, rental cars, child care, health insurance, recycling, home utilities and more.  This is exactly what we wished we had in our hands for our arrival.  It is overwhelming to figure it all out, especially when you are new expats in Spain and don't have local friends to help.

There is so much information packed into this book, it's incredible.  Another fantastic chapter discusses mobile phones and SIM cards to be sure you are getting the best option for your communications.   Cell phone options and plans are different from the U.S.  It's not always obvious that you don't have to get stuck in an expensive contract, but it's all laid out in this book.

Why trust us?

We've been in your shoes!

That's an excellent question! I'm Heidi of Wagoners Abroad. My husband and I moved to Spain almost 6 years ago with our two children, who were 7 and 10.  We navigated the getting settled in Spain tasks; from figuring out phones, finding a place to live, buying a car, registering for public school, to learning about all of the paperwork and residency obligations to do.  We not only have a lot of expertise in the process types of things, but also the emotional aspects of getting settled.  It is great to have the dream of moving to Spain, but you need to work hard at making that dream come true.  It isn't always a bed of roses and a clear path, but you will get there!

In short, we're living our dream. Alan and I have helped hundreds of families with their move to Spain, not to mention obtaining visas, schools, choosing a location, and settling in Spain.  A great deal of time was spent researching this book, and it will greatly help set your expectations; and ease you in to your new life in Spain.


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