About Us

We are Americans living in Spain! 

Live life with passion and follow your dreams

We are Americans living in Spain since 2012, who sold it all and packed 2 suitcases each and made the 1 -2 year move to Spain.  In addition to Spain and Europe, we’ve traveled extensively throughout Southeast Asia as well.

Our kids were raised the first part of their lives in the USA.  That said, the latter part of primary school through high school graduation was in Spain or traveling.  We felt it was a great place to raise our kids and slow things down a bit. We’ve adapted to the European and Spanish culture.  Spain is still home, even though the kids are off at university in Europe. 

Through the years, we have helped hundreds of people move all over Spain and each year.  Of course there are families wanting to take a gap year in Spain, but we also help single people, couples and people who want to retire in Spain.  We’ve even helped several people move to our town in the Costa Tropical.

In the beginning, were only helping Americans move to Spain, but it has evolved and our business has adapted to the needs. We have ebooks and consulting services to help with the non lucrative visa for Spain, as well as bespoke services for those moving to the Costa Tropical.  

Let our experiences be an inspiration for you to take the leap and live life to the fullest.  We don’t pretend to sell it to you or tell you that everything will be roses each day. It is a big move and it isn’t for everyone.  But, if it is right for you, the lifestyle and culture are amazing.  

As a family we’ve traveled to more than 28 countries with our kids. The adults have 50+ countries under our belts.  Travel is a passion, it is our business and it is our way of life.

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