A Day Trip To Gibraltar – Part II

Continued from A Day Trip To Gibraltar – Part I

In the last post, we had just arrived in Gibraltar.  Getting in was very easy, and not too time consuming.  Now we were on our way to the Upper Rock Nature Reserve.  Getting around a (less than) 3 square kilometers was pretty easy, and we made our way to the admission gate without any problems. 

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A Day Trip To Gibraltar From Southern Spain

We were expecting to take a trip to Gibraltar as a joint anniversary present (16 years)  in March, but an unexpected holiday gave us a four-day weekend.  The holiday in question is Día de Andalucía (Andalusia Day).  This important date, February 28th, commemorates the date when Andalusia was made an Autonomous Community in Spain some 33 years ago.

With Bev here (Heidi’s Mom), we figured it would be a great place to go for a day trip.  As it’s only about three hours drive, it’s not too painful.  It also gives us a chance to see how the car handles five passengers instead of our usual four.  Heidi smartly decided to reserve a two-bedroom hotel room so we weren’t driving home late at night.  Rooms in Gibraltar were very expensive, so she found an affordable place in Spain about 20 minutes away from the border.  Our plan was to leave Alumuñécar early (7-ish), and get to Gibraltar relatively early, so we could spend as much time possible.

Day Trip To Gibraltar from Southern Spain. Read more on WagonersAbroad.com

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