19 Months of Family Travel Expenses, From Expats to Nomads

I know how much you love to travel and you just wish you could take more vacations, longer vacations or take a leap into full-time travel.  If you want to know about family travel expenses, we are opening the door to our lives for you.  We are sharing it all in hopes it helps you plan your journey in some way.

The thought of it is overwhelming and you feel as if you need to be rich to make any of this happen.  I know you think we are rich, as we have been traveling full-time for 3 years, so we must be.   I hate to break the news to you, but we aren’t rich!  Perhaps we are rich with experiences and travel, but we don’t have endless amounts of money.

Family Travel Costs and Expenses- 3 years of travel in Europe, Asia, USA and Morocco. see the details on WagonersAbroad.com

We have made travel a very high priority in our lives and part of that is making choices that help feed into that priority.  We live a very simple life in exotic or dream destinations.  Yes, I will admit we have lived in some incredible places, but I will be the first to tell you we still maintain a steady budget and cost of living.  We select locations and determine how long we will be there, based on their affordability.

Wagoners Abroad at Angkor Temples - Ta Prohm,

So are you curious what travel expenses this family of four has?  Not to worry we share it all.  We have been traveling since August of 2012 and we like to keep track of the budget, thus our travel expenses.  We want to be sure we can keep our life of travel going as long as we can, and part of that is to manage our travel costs and make sure we know when to splurge and when to stay on budget.Wagoners Abroad with Naam Rhino Adventure in Langkawi Malaysia

Please keep in mind, we only share our expenses as a guide for you.  Every person/family has different comfort levels, wants and needs.  So by default that means we all have different travel expenses.  Now, I say travel and this also includes all of our expenses from having a home base in Spain as well.  We moved to Spain as expats and then traveled from there, so you are kind of getting several different flavors of travel when you read what we have to say.

Wagoners Abroad at Mar Menor - Lo Pagan Mud Bath (6)

We can help provide you with data points for the cost of travel in Europe with our posts on the Cost of a 6 week road trip in Europe (Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, Andorra).  We also have a 3 week European Road Trip costs post in Netherlands, Belgium and France. Of course we have loads of information on our Family Travel costs in Southeast Asia.  We spent nearly 4 months in on place in Thailand and can share our cost of living in Chiang Mai.  Additionally we were nomadic and on the move for a few of the other countries in Southeast asia, so can provide travel costs for Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia.

I absolutely love crunching the numbers and making spreadsheets, so be warned.  Thanks for stopping by and enjoy digging into the numbers!

We have summarized some nice groupings of costs and cost of living posts below, just click on the appropriate photo.  Otherwise, you can view our full Finances Category and see it all.

SPAIN Cost of living Summer European Road Trip

1 month Expenses Laos and Vietnam - Wagoners Abroad

Thailand Budget 2 Months

1 month costs Thailand and Laos


Cost of Living Chiang Mai Thailand

Thailand Inexpensive? It Was Supposed To Be!
So many people say how inexpensive Thailand is, but is it true for the family of 4. Thailand Inexpensive? It Was Supposed To Be! Can we make it work? Cost of living in Thailand. Read more on WagonersAbroad.com

8 week Family Road Trip 2016 Spain & France Travel Expenses

8 week family Road Trip Spain and France. It's time for another European Summer Family Road Trip and this time it was in Spain and France. Read more on WagonersAbroad.com


Wagoners Abroad 1 year living in Spain Budget and Actual Spend


MONEY!  Cost of Living in Spain

This can not possibly represent the entire country, this is just what we have experienced in our town, with our lifestyle.  Your life will be different!  🙂  If you are planning to live in Spain for a month or spend a year in Spain, this should all help you with at least a data point to estimate from.

Updated 2019 Cost of living in Spain.  We share all of the details with you on the costs of everyday things and what our expenses are.  This is all just data to help you determine what you might expect to spend.


 Are you planning to Move Abroad?

Read this to help you Select The Country, Town & Make The Move.    How much can you afford? Where will you live? Use this to help estimate the cost of living?  What are you willing to live without?

How to save money – Tips and Tricks

If you are planning a move to Spain, a vacation in Spain, a vacation in Southeast Asia, or you just like to look at what people spend for their travels, then you can click on any of the images above or view our Finances Category, it is also listed on the right sidebar.  This will show you a bit more about what we have shared.

We know people think it is expensive to travel and we are here to tell you, we have been spending far less with full-time travel than we did living outside of Raleigh, North Carolina.  Travel doesn’t have to be expensive and the cost of living will vary depending on your lifestyle choices.  This is also true if you are just home and not traveling as well.  We have a blog post series on How to Save Money full of cost saving tips and tricks.

Do you like to travel?  What are your dreams, more vacations or full-time travel?  What is holding you back from making your dreams happen?

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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