Córdoba – A Great One Day Itinerary

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Looking for what to do with just one day in Córdoba Spain?  There are times when you just want to get away from the normal routine.  A week-long vacation may be out of the question, but there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a quick weekend trip to take in some culture. If you only have 1 day in Córdoba, don’t worry as it is just the sort of place for a great day trip, short weekend or you can also easily enjoy a full week for your vacations to Córdoba. Córdoba Coat of Arms

A Great Córdoba Itinerary for One Day

Most don’t know it, but in 1000 A.D., Córdoba was the biggest city in Europe!  Between 500,000 and 1 million people lived there, and it was the capital of the Moors.  At the time, it was a sophisticated city with advanced learning, famous doctors, and a relatively educated population.

While its population is now approximately 330,000, it’s lost none of its allure as a fantastic place to visit.  So if you are visiting, Seville, Malaga, or Granada, do make the effort to take a day trip to Córdoba.  It is easy to see Córdoba in a day, but even better to stay over at least one night, so you can take advantage of some free sights.

Looking for the perfect day in Córdoba Spain?  There are times when you just want to get away from the normal routine.  A week-long vacation may be out of the question, but there's no reason why you can't enjoy a quick weekend trip to take in some culture. If you only have 1 day in Córdoba, don't worry as it is just the sort of place for a great day trip, short weekend or you can also easily enjoy a full week.  Read more on Wagoners Abroad.com

Things to do in Córdoba Spain in one day!

Old Town

Most of the places described in this post are in Old Town.  This area is large, but I’d recommend you park the car on the outskirts of Old Town, and just walk around.  Certain areas are very difficult to navigate by car, and parking can be a nuisance.  Better to walk, and soak in the vibe of the area.  Be aware that you’ll be walking on cobblestone streets, so bring sturdy shoes. Córdoba Spain Collage

Mezquita / Córdoba Cathedral (8:30 AM)

The absolute Must See place in Córdoba is the Mezquita Cathedral (The Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba). In its day, it was the most important mosque of the western Islamic world.  The mosque was built on top of a Visigothic church, and started in 785 A.D.  The entire compound is big at almost 600 ft. x 425 ft. [179m x 129m].  Approximately one-third of that is the courtyard which contains fountains and dozens of orange trees. Mezquita Cathedral Córdoba Spain It took about two hundred years to finish the mosque, and when it was completed, it was the second biggest mosque in the world.  Once the Spanish reconquered Córdoba in 1236, the mosque was “converted” to a cathedral.  The stunning double horseshoe arches, and columns are a true indication of the architectural engineering used to build such an impressive building.

The contrast between the Muslim outer section, and the Catholic nave, or inner section of the cathedral is astounding.  The stained glass windows, and art adorning the walls is amazing to view.  The Mezquita is considered to be one of the greatest achievements of Moorish art in all of Spain.

TIP:  The Mezquita is free from the hours of 08:30 – 09:20 (except on Sundays/Holidays).  After that it’s 8 Euros for adults and 4 Euros for children.  It’s a great way to start your day trip to Córdoba, and it’s neat to watch them open the large doors first thing. If you only have one day in Córdoba, it may be a bit difficult to arrive so early, but it isn’t too expensive and it was one of our favorite things to see in Córdoba in one day.

After exploring the Mezquita

After exploring the Mezquita, if you’re needing a bit of some morning nourishment, try any one of the many cafés that surround the cathedral.  Don’t worry about rushing as you will have time to see a lot of Cordoba in 1 day.  Then take the time to just meander the pedestrian streets of old town and allow yourself to “get lost”.  You never know what you’ll happen upon, perhaps the street of flowers (Calle de las Flores). Calle de las Flores Córdoba Spain

Córdoba Synagogue [Sinagoga]  (10:30 AM)

The Jewish Quarter [La Judería] was the area that many Jews moved to after the Temple of Solomon was destroyed in Jerusalem in 70 A.D.  At the time, it was the largest Jewish community in Europe.  You can walk through the Almodovar Gate, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Like the rest of Old Town, it is filled with narrow streets, many different types of shops, and be on the lookout for the frequent ornate patios. On Calle Judios, the only conserved synagogue in Andalusia can be found.  The geometric designs in the architecture are very detailed, and a great deal of work has gone into restoring the building and inscriptions on the walls.

Synagogue Cordoba Spain

Córdoba Roman Bridge [Puente Romano] (12:00 PM)

As you can imagine, the Roman Bridge was built by the Romans during the reign of Augustus.  The bridge crosses the over the Guadalquivir River during the time of Augustus.  Along its banks you can see the Albolafia Water Mill.  The wheel is no longer operational, but it must have been a great site to see (and hear!) when it was running.  On the far side of the bridge, you’ll see the Calahorra Tower [Torre de la Calahorra].

Inside is a museum which collects, preserves, and exhibits artifacts and documents of multicultural Córdoban. The bridge is for pedestrians only, but you’ll see kids in strollers, bicyclists, and joggers crossing at all hours of the day.  You’ll experience various artists painting, playing a violin or accordion, and that adds to the atmosphere.


For those lovebirds out there, a nighttime stroll across the bridge when it lit up is very romantic.  There is a legend that if you kiss your significant other on the bridge when the clock tower bell rings, you’ll have love and happiness in your relationship forever.  OK.  I made that last part up, but if you have a chance to give your sweetie a snog, why not do it?! Roman Bridge Córdoba Spain Did you hear that rumbling sound?  That’s your stomach.  It’s tell you it’s time to get some food for your Córdoba day trip.  You’ve seen a lot so far, and reward yourself with some fantastic food that you’ll find along the river.  There’s Sojo Ribera which has good food and excellent views of the Guadalquivir from the top patio.  The Regodera is also highly recommended.  I didn’t try them, but the desserts there look divine!

Córdoba Museums (2:00 PM)

If museums are your thing, Córdoba does not disappoint.  The Fine Arts Museum [Museo de Bellas Artes] and Julio Romero de Torres Museum are both great places to visit if you like paintings.  The religious paintings in the Fine Arts Museum are first-rate, and the portraits by Julio Romero de Torres display the symbolist style for which he is best known. If archeology is your thing, then the Archeological Museum [Museo Arqueológical] is a special treat.  Inside you’ll find exquisite mosaics, Iberian sculpture, ceramics, and sculptures that are a special treat.

TIP:  The museums normally open at 10:00, but it’s a good idea to check their respective web sites for their hours as they can change throughout the year.  If you’re a EU resident, then admission is free (free is always good, right?), and if you’re not an EU resident, the entry fee is a mere 1.5 Euros.  A great bargain!

Corredera Square [Plaza de la Corredera] (5:00 PM)

No trip to a Spanish town would be complete without a visit to a local square or plaza.  The Corredera Square is massive, and contains some nice restaurants (try the Kebabs!).  Besides the people watching, you’ll find the Sánchez Peña Market which carries some pretty interesting food items.  The square is a great place to grab a bite to eat, have a glass of wine, and unwind.  You’ve seen a bunch of stuff today, and you haven’t even scratched the surface of all that Córdoba has to offer. Plaza de la Corredera Córdoba Spain

Córdoba Medina Azahara

While this isn’t in the Old Town, Medina Azahara is a great place to visit.  Perhaps on your way out of Córdoba?  The remains of Medina Azahara are about 5 miles (8 km) out of Córdoba.  This built-from-scratch city was built between 936 and 940 A.D. by the Caliph Abd ar-Rahman III.

This city was built as his new capital, and as such, he wanted it to outshine all other Arab capitals as a show of his power and wealth. Plan on taking a few hours at Medina Azahara.  There is a lot to see here.  While the site was completely destroyed by the numerous Civil Wars around the turn of the 11th century, the immense amount of time and effort into creating such a wonderful city can still be seen even though Madinat al-Zahra is now in ruins.

TIP:  Check the website for opening times as they vary throughout the year.  There are also daily buses and guided tours to the site, so check availability.

With so much to offer, it’s hard not to fall in love with Córdoba, and it’s one of those cities that you’ll want to visit again and again. Where did we stay?  Apartamentos Alberca, Córdoba, with top notch service, location and history.  Check Prices Here
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Other Family Friendly places to stay in Córdoba

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  • NH Cordoba Califa 

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  • Sercotel Hotel Selu 

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  • Seneca Hostel 

    Set in a Moorish-style house on a narrow street in Cordoba’s Jewish Quarter, This relaxed hostel is a 4-minute walk from the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba and a 7-minute walk from the Alcazar Christian Reyes (a 14th-century palace).  The straightforward private rooms and beds (with up to 6 beds) feature low-key decor. Some quarters offer private bathrooms and / or balconies.
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  • NH Collection Amistad Cordoba 

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  • Balcon de Cordoba Hotel 

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Organized Cordoba Tours

There are also many organized tours for you to enjoy from being active on walking or biking tour, to enjoying a food or wine tour.  There is so much to do and Viator has so many great offers for you.  Click here to see their latest Spain Deals!

Where to Stay in Spain

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Looking for the perfect day in Córdoba Spain?  There are times when you just want to get away from the normal routine.  A week-long vacation may be out of the question, but there's no reason why you can't enjoy a quick weekend trip to take in some culture. If you only have 1 day in Córdoba, don't worry as it is just the sort of place for a great day trip, short weekend or you can also easily enjoy a full week.  Read more on Wagoners Abroad.com

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  1. When I was in Andalucía (Granada for a meeting), I had to decide between Córdoba and Sevilla, and I chose the latter. I have absolutely no regrets, but my time in Spain only served as an appetizer. I wanted more, and I view España as one of my “life projects.” Your words and pictures on Córdoba only adds to that particularly unique longing. Thanks for your post!

    • Thanks Henry. Yes we have experienced Seville too and loved it. For some reason we kept choosing locations to explore other than Cordoba. Well, it was time. I am so glad we did. It has a population of about 300k, but it felt more like a small town. Likely because we remained in the old town area. It was well worth it.

    • Welcome Thursday Took! So glad you found us. We just love love love World Travel Family. Tell us a little about yourself and feel free to find us on facebook and youtube too.

  2. Great article! It bring back great memories. I was fortunate to live in Spain for four years while I was young. I still have wonderful memories of Cordoba and would love to bring my family back some day soon. Thanks for sharing your pictures and stories.

  3. Great post Alan. well-researched and written. I went to Córdoba two years ago but didn’t stay for long. Just two days in fact, though I left feeling pleased with what I’d managed to cross off my list. My highlight was sampling the local tortilla at Bar Santos next to La Mezquita. ‘The birthplace’ of the Spanish tortilla apparently! It was like a football!

  4. Heard many beautiful things about this place including the synagogue though I don’t think I could go for just two days. Frankly, I think I’d also need more than a week.
    Beautiful descriptions and pictures.

    • Hi Dorit, Thanks for stopping by. A couple of days was no where near enough time for us either, but it is all we had. We did enjoy the synagogue, but it was so much smaller than we expected. It was a great city, but small enough to walk around and enjoy it all. Do plan to visit some time. There is also a high speed train direct to Seville too.

    • Dorit – I’d highly recommend more than a week. Especially if you stay in the Old Town. I’d definitely go there again! Thanks for the comments.

  5. I love it when you have a local friend or find an interesting blog like this one, to help guide you through a new city. I will keep this at hand for when we get to visit. Thank you for posting.

  6. Hi there! We planned to drive from Granada to Cordoba for a day trip. Saw that we could park in the outskirts and walk in cordoba city itself. Do you mind sharing the parking area and also the cost? is it underground parking or open air?

    • I don’t remember the name, but looking at maps these are good locations

      Aparcamientos Cordoba SA Parking Lot Address: Calle del Conde de Robledo, 6, 14008 Córdoba Phone:957 47 87 83

      Parking La Mezquita de Córdoba Parking Lot Address: Calle Cairuan, 1, 14004 Córdoba Phone:957 78 79 59 This is right in the center and is 13.50 max per day. I hope that helps.

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