Family Road Trip Planning, Tips, Itineraries, Costs and more3 yrs of travel and loads of Road Trip information to share (Itineraries, costs, tips and more). Road Trips in Europe, Southeast Asia, Morocco and USA. You can find it all on

Family Road Trip Itineraries You Must Do!

Welcome to our Family Road Trip Page!  We have been traveling for 3 years and during that time we have become experts at Trip Planning.  We will share our tips with you and also the itineraries we have taken, all around the world.  We have so much to share and hope you enjoy it all.

Whenever possible we like to provide you with a map and our road trip costs as well.  These are only meant to be data points for you and please note that everyone has different travel styles and comfort levels.  Prices can vary quite a bit based on time of year alone.

While our nomadic life of 10 months exploring Southeast Asia isn’t actually a traditional road trip with a car, it was a road trip of a lifetime!  We used all means of transportation and enjoyed every bit of it!

Summer Road Trip Intinerary - 6 weeks in Europe

Wagoners Abroad Family Road Trip Itineraries

Other road trips

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We share our Costs


 Practical Driving Tips

6 week European Road Trip

Road Trips Aren’t Just With Cars

Okay, maybe officially a road trip is with the use of a car on the road.  We also consider moving around via public transportation a road trip as well.

Getting Around Spain or Europe

  • Train – If you are wanting to explore Europe via train, Click here for Europe Rail deals.
  • Bus – There are many options for comfort levels and bus options,  you may click here to Discover Europe by Bus

Using public transportation in Europe

It is ver easy to make your way around Europe using trains, planes and buses. There are several different options for each mode of transportation.  The best way to view all options is to check with Go Euro.  They will seek out the best way for you to get from one place to another and then you may filter, but fastest, cheapest, shortest, and so on.  You can look between the different modes of transportation and see which works best for your schedule.  Click the image to begin your search.

  • Car – Rental cars are very inexpensive from the Malaga Airport and many other locations in Spain (excluding high season in July/August).  Do keep in mind that 90% of the rentals will be a stick shift (manual)  and likely a small car.  We always find the MPV to be the best deal for space, size, price.  They hold 5 people and loads of luggage.  We actually owned a Citroen Berlingo and loved it.  We often rent via Gold Car, but have found many other rental car deals using Easy Car.  We have rented a car for a few 28 day periods (not high season) for anywhere from €131 to €220 for the entire month!   Check prices today and just click on the image below:


Places to Stay from Hostels to Luxury

Trip Planning Tools & Games

Travel & Road Trip Games

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Family Road Trip Planning, Tips, Itineraries, Costs and more. 3 yrs of travel and loads of Road Trip information to share (Itineraries, costs, tips and more). Road Trips in Europe, Southeast Asia, Morocco and USA. You can find it all on

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4 thoughts on “Family Road Trip Itineraries You Must Do!”

  1. Hi Heidi,
    I need some urgent advice. I suddenly have an opportunity to come to Europe with 3 kids (9 11 13) for a couple of weeks late November, early December (only 5 weeks away!!) we have to do a week in London first the 2 weeks anywhere?
    Although I have been to most countries in Europe before, not with 3 kids and not at that time of year. I know many places are closed and cannot decide where would offer enough for all of them?? They would love to see the snow, but many places in Switzerland are not open at that time, I would love to go to a Christmas market.
    The older 2 have both been to Europe before and loved it.
    I have been following your adventures for several years now and really love reading all about your adventures. The attention to every detail is so very helpful.

    Any advice would be very welcome as I will need to book next week!!

    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Michelle, thanks so much. Hmm that is a tough one. So from London, you are likely to get many inexpensive flights to western Europe. How do you want to travel? Because it is also a fun experience to take the Chunnel over as well.

      If you are planning to rent a car in Europe, then you can pop down to the Pyranees and potentially Andorra will have snow at that time. Their ski season is 2017-11-25 – 2018-04-15. If you want a quick flight to Spain, head to Malaga or Granada, as the Sierra Nevada ski opens in early December (Southern Spain, just outside of Granada). You will need to verify the exact dates though.

      Christmas Markets:
      Check tourism board sites to be sure when Christmas Markets start, but I know all over Germany, Amsterdam and Paris have some great markets.

      Do you plan to move every few days and see as much as you can (more expensive each time you move) or do you plan to pick 2 more location with a week each?

      We absolutely loved Christmas season in Edinburgh.

      You may want to chunnel over to Paris and then you can fly or train up to Amsterdam. (that doesn’t give you the snow for sure).

      Or chunnel to Paris (Markets) and fly to southern Spain (snow in the mountains 20 min away, but not in the city). This will give you 2 different countries and feels. Alternatively you can do Paris and then go to the French Alps (we loved the village of Morzine, about an hour away from Geneva near Mont Blanc. There are loads of villages around there or Chamonix too. Check when they open)

      Oh your options are endless. If you are wanting German Markets, pick any of the big cities and then hit up Andorra or Southern Spain. Of course you have some amazing markets in Eastern Europe as well, we have just been researching but have not yet visited (Prague, Warsaw, Etc) There is supposed to be great Skiing in Poland as well.

      I hope that helps a little.

  2. Agness of aTukTuk

    I’m going on a road trip in a few days and I am glad I stumbled upon your post! So useful tips!

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