Zipping Around Penang In Our Europcar Malaysia Rental

When planning our time in Penang, we knew we wanted a “normal life” feel, for a couple of weeks.  We rented a 3 bedroom condo in Batu Ferringhi area and also decided we wanted to rent a car.  That would give us a little break from hotel and public transportation life and help us recharge our batteries.  We were thankful we had the opportunity to work with Europcar Malaysia for our car.  It is a company we’ve often used in Europe, so we were excited they were also in Malaysia.


Before we get into our review of the Rental process and our car, I thought our blog readers should know about the fun we have over on Facebook and Twitter.  (So go give us a like or follow, so you can play next time).  Whenever we rent a car, we have a little fun to see if our readers can help name our rental car.  Yes, we are weird like that.  We like to have a name for our car and if we have a GPS, it also receives a name.  This time was no different.

Our Europcar Malaysia Rental – White Honda City

Just so you know, our car is named Trudy and the GPS was named Simon, (you know, “Simon says, ‘ Turn left ‘”.  I will have to admit, finding our way around Penang has been pretty painless, so Simon has not had too much of an opportunity to say anything at all, but we will test him out in Georgetown.

Europcar Malaysia Rental Car Review

The Rental Process 

We arrived into the Penang International Airport, collected our luggage and made our way through immigration and customs with no problems.  Next up was finding a toilet and ATM, then it was on to the Europcar Malaysia Rental counter.  We were greeted with the nicest smile we had seen in a long time.  All of our paperwork was completed in no time, but they did want a local telephone number.  Uhh, we don’t have one yet!

Not to worry, they said we could email it to them later.  Alternatively they showed us where to purchase a SIM card just around the escalators.  We knew we were going to want our phones, especially after our little scooter incident in Phuket.  So Alan went off to take care of the communications purchase and I waited at the rental counter.

EuropCar Malaysia - Penang Airport Rental Counter

The staff (Yunus, Halina and Zamzani) were so nice and explained how people drive on the island, where to park, as well as their new scratch off parking process.  Yes they have scratch off cards to display in your car window for parking!  Too bad you can win the lottery with them.  They explained the GPS to me and told me a little about our Honda City car.  Alan returned with our phone numbers and that was it!  We were all set to go out to our new car.

Of course with any rental, you need to do the standard walk-through.  Alan always handles that stuff, while I goof around and take pictures or chat with the kids as they sit in the back seat.  This time was no different.  Like clockwork we all slipped into our rental car roles.

EuropCar Penang walk through

After about 3 minutes of scanning the car for any obvious flaws and a little chat about how things worked, we were on the road!  Of course we did a family selfie and Anya just despises that.  She said no old people (any one over 30) should take selfies.  She usually tries to duck out, but I just caught her off guard and she is in the photo!  And then it is away we go off to the Golden Sands Resort Penang.

EuropCar Family Selfie in our rental

What do we like most about our Europcar Malaysia Rental?

We were very impressed with how quietly the car drove and everything looked so new! This was a fun two weeks, as we had freedom!  No waiting for the bus or trying to find a schedule.  We could come and go as we please and meet up with all of the other traveling families on the island with ease!

Not too bad driving in Penang

I know this has nothing to do with the car, but these traveling families are the best! Actually, I take that back, it does have something to do with the car.  The car afforded us the opportunity to easily meet up with all of these families.  No matter where they were, we could get to them.

Our social calendar has been pretty full, as luck would have it we were all in the same area at the same time.  We have all been friends online for 1-2 years, so we are pleased to have finally met them all in person.  Unfortunately, we were having so much fun visiting, I didn’t always get that group shot photo!  UG!

We also love being able to get a few groceries for our condo and not have to figure out how to fit them on a scooter, carry them on a bus or walk 2 kilometers with them!  The joke on Facebook is that Trudy has a big trunk and will hold our junk.

Europcar getting groceries

The return process was also smooth running.  We just pulled up, they checked it over and we were out of there.  Off to check-in on our flight to Langkawi, Malaysia next.

Remember to hop on over to Facebook and Twitter to follow us.  We will have another rental car in May, when we are in the USA!  Yep, that was announced on our social media as well.  We will be making a pit-stop on our way to Spain in the USA.  We will spend about 10 days in Reno and then take a Road Trip in a rental and show the kids a few of the amazing sites in their home country.  We are thinking Yosemite, Death Valley, Zion National Park and the Grand Canyon!  Stay tuned, as that rental car will need a name too.

Do you like renting cars when you travel?  Do you name your car or GPS?

Europcar Malaysia Rental Info

Website:  Europcar Malaysia
Reservations: +60 19 279 9818
Other services offered: Chauffeur Limo Service.  Yes, it you want them to drive you around or to your destination they will.

Disclosure: Our car was hosted by the Europcar Malaysia and all opinions are our own.

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  1. It was awesome to meet you guys. I hope you had a great time in Penang. I wonder where we will meet next time?! All the best!

    • Thanks Sharon. Yes it was great to meet ou all as well. The world is so small with paths in every direction. I am sure they will cross again. 🙂

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