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Not only do we provide great information about applying for your visa, in the Live In Spain eBook,  as well as our ebook to prepare your for the move and getting settled, we also offer full move to Spain consulting services. Our consultations can be about any topic covered in the book, the blog, or even just a general Q&A about moving to Spain.  It’s up to you.

How does the consultation work?

It’s simple.  Purchase one of the Live In Spain Consulting packages below, we’ll contact you, and schedule a time that works for you.  There are several different ways that we can call each other via Skype (Skype-to-Skype, Skype-to-Landline, Skype-to-Mobile), or via Google Hangouts, Facetime or we can just call your phone.  Video chat is also an option if you would prefer to work “face to face”.

What do I need to provide?

You will provide the questions, and we at Wagoners Abroad will provide the answers!  To maximize the effectiveness of the consultation, it’s a good idea to provide a list of your questions in advance, via e-mail.  That way we can be better prepared for the call, and we’ll provide a response that you can keep for your records.

Our discussion can help clarify the answers.  We’ve found that every answer provided brings up more questions.  That’s normal, and to be expected.

How is the time consultation structured?

However you want!  If you want to spend half the time covering one topic and the other half discussing other questions, that’s fine.  We’ve can help out with topics such as:
  • Spain Resident Visa
  • Budgeting / Saving
  • Where to move in Spain
  • Areas of Interest / Strategies for finding the right place
  • Automobiles
  • Schools and Education
  • Lifestyle expectations
  • Adjusting to the culture
  • Banking
  • Pets
  • Medical Insurance
  • and More!

Why should I do the consultation?

Living in Spain Consultations cover many different aspects, and it’s a good bet that we’ll discuss topics that you might not have even thought about.  We’ve experienced the stresses of gathering and submitting the visa documentation, moving, getting settled, fitting in and more.  We’ll share our experience and provide you with honest feedback.

Consultation Special Offers 2021

Quick 15 minute skype call€25 now €20!

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Additional time at the regular rate of €25 ($28) per each 15 minutes.
Call times are usually limited between 10am – 10pm Spain time (GMT+1)

Buy discounted 15 minute consultation (€25) €20
(the discount code has already been applied to this link)

1 hr consultation 

Buy 1 hour consultation online (€100) about $115 -$120
(This may be via email, phone, in-person or a combination of those)

€90 (cash*)!
That’s a 10% discount!
(*valid for 1st hour only)

For the “in person” meetings: We usually meet people in or near our town of Almuñécar, in Southern Spain.  It is about 1 hour south of the city of Granada, on the coast or 1 hour east of Málaga.  We also offer a 1 hour driving tour of areas within Almuñécar & La Herradura, showing you various neighborhoods.  Of course we are in the car with you, so it is open question time as well.

For all consultation:  It is best to send your list of questions to us in advance via email.  This way we can be sure to cover all topics in-depth and have all of the resources ready for you with our response.

We can discuss on the call and have you write down (take notes) on what we say.  If you would like us to provide some documentation following the call, the after call follow-up should be included in the time purchased.  Documenting is a bit time-consuming and can sometimes take the same amount of time or more as the actual call.  I would estimate an hour of consultation to be roughly 30-40 min phone and 20-30 min documentation.

Buy Consultation Time Now!

  • Buy 15 minute consultation (€25)  code call2021 applied for your 20% discount
  • Buy 30 minute consultation (€50)
  • Buy 1 hour consultation (€100)
  • if you would like to purchase other amounts of time, please contact us


Move to Spain Packages!

If you want more help with your move, don’t worry we are here for you.  We also offer great packages to help with the move to Spain, which including consulting and many of our ebooks, resources and expert advice.
Click here to read more about our move to Spain relocation packages.

Move to Spain relocation packages. We can help you with your move. This is Plaza Mayor in Salamanca Spain


What do our customers have to say?

“I can’t thank you enough for opening this door for me. I would never have thought of it if we hadn’t spoken on Skype that day.”  Lillian D.


“Thank you! All of the information that you have provided has been extremely helpful!” Kerry


“I love that you have put Almunecar on the map for people from all over the world. 🙂  The city really owes you a huge debt, when you think of the $$ that you have brought to the town.”  Melanie H.


“I can’t thank you enough for getting all of this for me… You really went above and beyond with everything and I am so happy we connected.  Many thanks!”  Cassandra


If you require something specific, contact us, and let us know what you’re looking for.

What if I’m an EU resident?

If you are already an EU national, you are well on your way.  We can help out with your move to Spain too!   While the Live in Spain book is not recommended for your particular situation, we do have an excellent information for you.

13 thoughts on “Move To Spain Consulting

  1. Hello,
    I am considering buying your ebook to help us apply for the Non-lucrative visa (I am finding it so confusing & frustrating). I would love to see some reviews & know exactly how this book will help me. I have read other blogs that give step by step instructions & am wondering how your ebook is better.
    I greatly appreciate any information you could send my way!

    • Good question! So you sort of answered you own question:

      “I am are finding it so confusing and frustrating.”

      It’s a stressful process and I provide details on everything you need to conquer that confusion, and make it much less frustrating. As someone who has helped hundreds of people move to Spain and know what works, the book provides more information than just some bullet points you’ll find on the internet.

      I also provide a key tool to keep track of the entire process. That tool alone is worth the cost of the book! Yes I’m serious. There’s a ton of good content in the book that’s extremely useful, and will boost your confidence when it comes time to submit your application.

      At the end of the day, I sleep very well at night knowing that my book really provides value to those who are interested in relocating to Spain.

      It’s the book I wish I would have had when we were working through the process.

      Good luck!

      • Here is a recent quote from P.C. – from a facebook group, it was his reply to someone asking if they should hire an immigration lawyer.

        “Jesus h Christ don’t pay that much!
        The best money you can spend, IMO, is to buy the e-book from Alan and Heidi Wagoner . They have a blog with a ton of info and literally wrote the book about how to get the non-lucrative visa.”

  2. Hola, I’m so grateful you are here! It has been my dream to live in Spain for years now. I feel overwhelmed at the process. Can you help? I desire to one day work in Spain – to open a healing arts yoga studio. If I get the “Non Lucrative Visa” will I be able to change it one day? I desire to marry and create a beautiful life in Spain. I feel so at home in Spain and love the simply life – no car needed, the food, walking everywhere. I have been several times, speak Spanish and have my CELTA certificate. I am ready to do what it takes to make my dream a reality. Please help! Gracias. Saludos, Leilani

    • Hi Leilani, Of course we can help. I would suggest reading through our blog first. On the home page click on the photo Move to Spain and get started there. If you have questions or need help, we do offer consulting. Yes, it is possible to change from the non-lucrative to another once you are here, but we don’t have experience with that. After 5 years on the non-lucrative, work is automatic.

    • Hi Dan, you can purchase multiple hours or we can do fractions of the hour as well. We can work with you on a custom consulting package as needed.


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