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Not only do we provide great information about applying for your visa, in the Live In Spain eBook, we also offer full move to Spain consulting services. Our consultations can be about any topic covered in the book, the blog, or even just a general Q&A about moving to Spain.  It’s up to you.

How does the consultation work?

It’s simple.  Once you purchase one of the Live In Spain Consulting packages below, we’ll contact you, and schedule a time that works for you.  There are several different ways that we can call each other via Skype (Skype-to-Skype, Skype-to-Landline, Skype-to-Mobile), or via Google Hangouts.  Video chat is also an option if you would prefer to work “face to face”.

What do I need to provide?

You will provide the questions, and we at Wagoners Abroad will provide the answers!  To maximize the effectiveness of the consultation, it’s a good idea to provide a list of your questions in advance, via e-mail.  That way we can be better prepared for the call, and we’ll provide a response that you can keep for your records.

Our discussion can help clarify the answers.  We’ve found that every answer provided brings up more questions.  That’s normal, and to be expected.

How is the time consultation structured?

However you want!  If you want to spend half the time covering one topic and the other half discussing other questions, that’s fine.  We’ve can help out with topics such as:
  • Spain Resident Visa
  • Budgeting / Saving
  • Where to move in Spain
  • Areas of Interest / Strategies for finding the right place
  • Automobiles
  • Schools and Education
  • Lifestyle expectations
  • Adjusting to the culture
  • Banking
  • Pets
  • Medical Insurance
  • and More!

Why should I do the consultation?

Living in Spain Consultations cover many different aspects, and it’s a good bet that we’ll discuss topics that you might not have even thought about.  We’ve experienced the stresses of gathering and submitting the visa documentation, moving, getting settled, fitting in and more.  We’ll share our experience and provide you with honest feedback.

Consultation Special Offers through
December 31, 2017

Quick 15 minute skype call, $20!

Your total amount is : 20.00 (Currency: USD)

1 hr email consultation, $90!
That’s a 10% discount

Your total amount is : 90.00 (Currency: USD)

1 hr in person meeting/consultation, $90!
(€80 cash)
That’s a 10% discount!

Your total amount is : 90.00 (Currency: USD)

For the “in person” meetings: We usually meet people in or near our town of Almuñécar, in Southern Spain.  It is about 1 hour south of the city of Granada, on the coast or 1 hour east of Málaga.

For all consultation:  It is best to send your list of questions to us in advance via email.  This way we can be sure to cover all topics in-depth and have all of the resources ready for you with our response.

Move to Spain Packages!

If you want more help with your move, don’t worry we are here for you.  We also offer great packages to help with the move to Spain, which including consulting and many of our ebooks, resources and expert advice.
Click here to read more about our move to Spain relocation packages.

Move to Spain relocation packages. We can help you with your move. This is Plaza Mayor in Salamanca Spain

Standard Consultation Packages for Non Lucrative Visa Application

We have a number of packages available if you need our consulting services.  The Básico is $100, the Medio is $250, and the Grande is $450.
Click on the links below to purchase one of our consulting packages.

Live In Spain Consulting

Basico Buy Now $100              Medio Buy Now $250               Grande Buy Now $450

What do our customers have to say?

“I can’t thank you enough for opening this door for me. I would never have thought of it if we hadn’t spoken on Skype that day.”  Lillian D.


“Thank you! All of the information that you have provided has been extremely helpful!” Kerry


“I love that you have put Almunecar on the map for people from all over the world. 🙂  The city really owes you a huge debt, when you think of the $$ that you have brought to the town.”  Melanie H.


“I can’t thank you enough for getting all of this for me… You really went above and beyond with everything and I am so happy we connected.  Many thanks!”  Cassandra


Consultation as you like it, a la carte!

We also offer a la carte pricing.  Please Contact Us for a la carte payments via paypal.
Here are just a few of the offerings we have:

Live In Spain A La Carte

If you require something specific, contact us, and let us know what you’re looking for.

What if I’m an EU resident?

If you are already an EU national, you are well on your way.  We can help out with your move to Spain too!   While the Live in Spain book is not recommended for your particular situation, we do have an excellent information for you.

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  2. if i apply for non lucrative residence visa in Spain for one year
    and i need to renew it to 2 years after the first year finish ;
    how many days in need to stay inside the country in the first year
    to allow me to renew the residence to 2 years next §

    • I am not sure there is a requirement on the number of days to stay in the country. If you are traveling within the Schengen Zone, they will have no idea if you are in Spain or not. That said, they do review your every page of your passport for the renewal. If it appears you are out of Spain (non schengen zone), it may not be in your favor. It will all depend on the person reviewing your renewal application.

    • Hi Janice,

      You will need to apply in your country of legal residence. If you have legal residence in Dubai, then you should be able to apply from there. You may need an additional document which shows you’re legally residing in Dubai, but the application process should be the same. I would contact the local Consulate though for any special details.

      Also, you need a criminal background check in every country where you’ve established residence going back 5 years. I don’t know what organization does that in Dubai, but the Consulate or Google should be able to help you out.

      We can help you through the process via our consulting. If you check out the Live In Spain web page, there are details on purchasing the book and/or consulting time.

  3. I registered and got email confirmation, but am not able to get the booklet info on Spain; it keeps wanting me to re-register. Can you send me a PDF directly since I can’t access it on my computer?
    thank you,
    Janice brown

  4. I am American, my wife is Chinese. We live in the US and she has a 10 year Permanent Resident card for the US. We are self-employed with good income and can work from anywhere. We want to move to Spain but I am concerned that she as a Chinese Citizen won’t be able to get the Non Lucrative Residence Visa. Is that the case? I just want to know how possible it is to do before starting the consulting process. Thank you.

    Also feel free to email me directly.

  5. Hi We are applying for non lucrative visa and brining myself and 2 kids to spain to live. We are residents in UAE and are completing all the necessary paperwork. We were wondering how long the accommodation portion has to be for the process and if it would be possible to rent a place in spain for say 4 months while the visa is processing and then extend if it is granted. Also could we use Airbnb for extended stay and use that agreement to apply. Does it need to be accommodation for the whole year? Thanks!

    • Laura,

      You don’t need proof of accommodation in order to apply for the Non-Lucrative visa. That part comes once you’re approved, and you need to obtain your NIE. You won’t be able to wait in Spain for the NL visa paperwork. You’ll have to go back to the Consulate where you’re initially applying to pick up the visa.

      Let me know if you need the use of our consulting services.


  6. What…wait, I blinked, and you are moving to Thailand and not thinking about the North of Spain. WAGONERS slow down, lol. My three girls are gutted, and so is Matt. “The Americans are already moving…didn’t they like it?!” We have been to Thailand and that will be an amazing adventure for you guys…especially going to Cambodia and seeing the famous ruins…I will be waiting for that post. When we were there we simply paid as we went for healthcare, so I don’t know if the rules have changed much. So – we are packing up and getting ready for the move. Family rented a stunning big villa in the SW of France for the holidays – nov-Jan – when are you guys gone. The villa ( not how we usually travel ) is two hours from Barcelona. We were going to invite you over for the holidays if the reality matched the pics once there…but will you already be in Asia by Christmas? Anyway…we cannot get the ebook to open, not sure why…can you send it to us direct since I am being asked to re register etc. It is probably just me…the dh is the tech dude, and he is at work. We are thinking of moving to the town you did to transition the kids from Puerto Vallarta. We know we want to show them the sights in the south before settling in the North – so while we look at what we want to buy in Galicia, we will do our day trips from your area. It just makes so much more sense than second guessing, but we know we will settle in the North permanently…best do the sightseeing on the front end, and it will be far less of a culture shock. Warren is still working so we have to have access to the airports for now. I am not sure if you are able to generate much income with your blog, but tell us who you want to say…”we came bc of the Wagoner’s blog..” and we will drop that for you where it is useful and helps you the most with selling future ad traffic etc…fair enough, too, since we would not have selected that little municipality if not for your glowing reviews…if you have friends there who rent houses – send me an email, and we will rent from them – we will be there a year or two while seeing Spain and before moving north least one year while the kids finish nailing their Spanish. So…we will see if we need the consulting services…you are going to have such a blast in SE asia, and Thai is one of our favorite destinations of all time. Truly…Bangkok is simply awesome. Lots of people like the north…but we actually really liked Bangkok too….and even better to live there than just travel. Get a cook though…at least a few days a week. SO SO worth it, and affordable. It is a whole new world of spices and seasonings and so on…

    • Hi there! Not to worry. We already spent our year in Southeast Asia and returned to Spain summer 2015, so we are still in Spain. We are just finishing our 8 week road trip in Northern Spain and Southern France. We will be in “our town” for an undetermined amount of time, so feel free to let us know if you need any consulting! I will have Alan check on the link for your ebook.

  7. My partner and I are common-in-law partners. He has pension and social security, we both have savings. Should we apply for non-lucrative or retired visas? And, are we able to apply together or since we are not “officially” married, do we have to apply separately?

    • Hello Alisa,

      You didn’t specify the country in which you reside, so I’m making some assumptions here. If your partner can prove he is able to financially support himself through his pension (i.e. monthly income coming in), then the retirement visa is OK. Or, if either of you have enough savings/investments, you could opt for non-lucrative visa. Since you’re not officially married, I’m assuming that it’s probably best for you both to apply individually.

      If you need further assistance, you can choose any of the consulting packages and/or a la carte options.

      Good luck!

  8. I am a Canadian citizen and I was wondering who can apply for Non lucrative Visa.

    What do you need to have to get approved by the consulate.

  9. Hi! My husband is American (and I am Spanish citizen – although I have lived in the states more than I have lived in Spain and I am American as well). We are pondering the idea of moving to Spain in the near future with our kids. My husband is a consultant, therefore, he would work from home in Spain while earning American Dollars. We are concerned for how many taxes we would need to pay, how to do it, etc. Is there a company or someone that could help us determine if we moved to Spain, how many taxes would be deducted from his salary in Spain? We would have to continue to file here in the states, since that is where his work is. Also, since neither one of us has worked in Spain, do we qualify for public health insurance because my kids and I are Spaniards? Would my husband? What kind of visa should he apply for? So many questions before we make the jump!

    • Hi Renee, these are all consulting questions. Would you like to buy some time for a skype call or email answers? I think all of the prices are here on the consulting page, where you commented. Or we are running a special on our Contact Us page too. Let us know how you would like to move forward.

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