Renting A Car In Spain Tips & Frequently Asked Questions

Living and driving in Spain for the past ten years has turned us into road warriors and of course driving in Spain gurus.  We have purchased 2 cars, sold one car and we are well above the count of 20 when it comes to car rentals cars in Spain.  For almost a year, we rented cars regularly, when we didn’t own a car.  We have also flown to other parts of Spain and then rented a car for our vacation.  Not to mention the many visitors and blog readers we have helped with renting a car in Spain.  So I guess we do have a bit of experience on the matter.  Let’s cover the most frequently asked questions for your car rental Spain.

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Do You Want To Live In Spain For 6 Months?

So you are thinking you want to retire and live in Spain for 6 months or spend the winter in Spain.  If you are an American citizen, there isn’t a visa to do exactly this, but you do have some options available.  

Live In Spain For 6 Months! If you want to live in Spain for 6 months, we provide you with options, information, and tips to make it work for you. Read more on
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Do You Tip In Spain? All the info you need on Tipping In Spain

Should you be tipping in Spain?  You are traveling around Spain and of course enjoying plenty of offered services which come along with travel.  If you are coming from the US or another country which customarily tips for service, you may be a little perplexed when you are in Spain. I bet tipping in Spain is a bit different from what you are accustomed to. So, do you tip in Spain?  Keep on reading our Spain Tipping Guide!

Do you tip in Spain? We share the local info about Tipping in Spain. From big cities to small towns, this is a Spain tipping guide by locals. Read more on
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10 Free Things To Do In Porto with Kids (Oporto Portugal)

Yes, I did say Free Things To Do in Porto with kids!  We had a wonderful time visiting Porto, Portugal (aka Oporto).   It was so thrilling to find so many free activities for the kids, we thought we would dedicate an entire post just to that.  I am sure there are more free things to do in Porto out there, but we didn’t have time to enjoy them all.

10 Fun and Free Things To Do In Port, with kids or without. Read more on
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11 Creative Ways To Give A Gift (Give Money, Trips or Anything)

Unique and Creative Ways To Give A Gift. Scavenger hunt, riddles, puzzle pieces, a surprise gift, a special gift & more. Fun ways to present gifts!

Unique and Creative Ways To Give A Gift. Scavenger hunt, riddles, puzzle pieces, a suprise gift, a special gift & more. Fun ways to present gifts! Why not make some fun with the way you present the gift. We will share with you ideas which are perfect to replace the old-fashioned way of wrapping gifts. These would work for any gift and are ideal for those that are obvious or difficult to wrap, like golf clubs, a game console, spa visit or anything else you can think of. Read more on
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What To Buy In Spain Souvenirs Or Gifts From Spain!

If you aren’t sure what to buy in Spain, don’t worry we have a great list for you.  We cover things to buy in Spain as souvenirs for you to remember your trip.  Things to buy as gifts from Spain our Spain Souvenirs too.  We also share with you the best things to buy in Spain and enjoy while you are there!  What is Spain famous for?  We’re about to tell you about the best Spanish things to buy!

What To Buy In Spain, Souvenirs, Gifts & Things To Enjoy Right Away! If you aren't sure what to buy in Spain, don't worry we have a great list for you.  We cover things to buy in Spain as souvenirs for you to remember your trip.  Things to buy in Spain to give as a gift.  We also share with you the best things to buy in Spain and enjoy while you are there! Read more on
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How To Move To Spain – Non Lucrative Spanish Visa, Housing, Settling

If you want to move to Spain from the US or any other country, you have come to the right place!  Welcome to Wagoners Abroad Spain Travel Blog.   We have plenty of knowledge about getting a non lucrative visa Spain, as well as living in Spain for more than 6 years!  It can all be overwhelming planning a move to Spain and you will get years of experience from this page and our blog.

Move To Spain - Planning your move to Spain, Best places to live in Spain, Getting a non lucrative Spanish visa to live in Spain, Getting settled in Spain with schools, banks, and more. We have been through the process and have helped hundreds of others through it too. Now is the time to live your dreams and move to Spain. Click to read more on
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Taking Kids on Their First Cruise

Taking your kids on a cruise for your next family vacation is a great way to get the whole family away and be confident that there will be activities, food, and a comfy place to sleep for all. That said, it can be nerve-wracking to take your kids on a cruise for the first time. That’s why we’ve put together this short guide so you can make sure both you and your kids get the most out of your vacation.

family Cruise

Keep everyone healthy

We all let our health slip a little when we go on a cruise. All that good food and relaxation makes it inevitable. When travelling as a family, it’s important you take extra steps in ensuring everyone stays fit and healthy for the whole trip. Remember essentials like sanitizer, baby wipes, anti-nausea medication, and plenty of sunblock. Check out guides like this one from All About Vision for caring for your eyes on vacation. And make sure everyone gets some fruit and vegetables each day.

Do your research

Before you decide on a cruise, make sure you do your research. That means finding out what facilities you can expect on board, room sizes, childcare availability, age requirements, and the itinerary. You need to check, for example, that your kids are old enough for the activities they want to do or for the on-cruise kid’s club. You definitely need to know if babysitting and childcare facilities are available too. Taking the whole family on a cruise requires much more research than when it’s just you and friends or your other half.

Arrive with plenty of time

Let’s face it, travelling with kids can make everything from packing a suitcase to getting off a plane much more difficult. With that in mind, it’s vital that you arrive at your cruise’s departure destination with more time than you’d usually allow yourself. If you need to fly to your departure destination, consider arriving the day before departure so that you don’t need to combine air travel with getting to your cruise on time in one day.

Pack properly

Cruises are great for family vacations as a lot of the stuff you need is provided for you, including food and toiletries. That said, taking kids on a cruise requires some more careful thinking about what and how to pack.

You should remember that on your first day you might not have immediate access to your room and luggage, so be sure to pack everything you need for your first day in your hand luggage, including wipes, snacks, documents, swimsuits, and sunblock. If you feel overwhelmed by packing for your kids, check out this cruise packing list for kids to make sure you pack the right stuff.

packing for your trip

Set clear expectations

We’d all love our first family cruise to be perfect, but that’s not realistic. It’s important that before you leave, you set your own expectations and set your kids’ expectations too. Have a chat with the whole family before leaving to explain to them the health and safety rules of the ship, how they should behave, and any other rules you might have – like all of the family eating dinner together at 6pm every day.

With plenty of preparation and communication, you can be confident that you’ll have a successful cruise vacation with your family.

cruise otpions