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About the Book

Updated 2023: If you are planning a trip to Europe and intend on driving in Spain, this is an essential book for you.  We offer you a complete guide to driving in Spain.  While it isn’t intended to be a full driving manual, it is packed full of important information to help you drive safely, as well as avoid accidents and fines.  This is the perfect book with tips on how to drive in Spain!

Is driving difficult?

No, but we understand how overwhelming it can be to drive for the first time in a different country.  There are so many unfamiliar signs, terms and road markings.  Oh, the fear of doing something wrong and being stopped by the police, causing an accident, or getting a fine.  Sometimes just the worry while driving will cause you to make the mistakes, as it can all be so stressful.  These are all real fears and with just a little homework before arriving in Spain, you can help alleviate some of those fears and the stress.

Want to save some money?  (I thought that might get your attention!)

Would you like to know how to get excellent short-term or long-term rental car deals and tips?

Would you like to understand all of the painted lines on the street and all about parking and parking fines?

Would you like to know about the speed traps and how to pay a ticket, with a 50% discount?


Is this book right for me?

This book will be useful to anyone wanting to visit Spain for the short-term or if you are planning to live in Spain long-term.  If you are only going to rent a car for a few days or plan to purchase a car, this is a must for you.  It is easy to fall in to the trap of thinking you have been driving for years, so you will automatically know how to drive in Spain.

That is what we thought too, that is until we went to get our Spanish driver's license, then we found out how much we didn't know.  You get the advantages of our learning experiences right here in the book.  As Americans driving in Spain, we were required to go to driving school and get out driver's license.  Oh and if you are from any other non-EU country, you will likely have to do the same.

We will go over how important it really is to have that silly IDP (International Driving Permit and so much more).  Not to worry, even if you are from the EU, there is so much information in this book for everyone.  Yes, there are some specific references for the American driver or a non-EU citizen, but the majority of the content is useful to anyone driving in Spain.  You don't know what you don't know, so belive me this is for you!

We want you to have a great and safe experience driving in Spain!

Please feel free to check out all of our information on Visiting Spain or Moving to Spain.  We also offer consulting to help you with your visa or move to Spain.

What do all of those weird road signs mean?
How do you drive in those crazy roundabouts?
Where can I find good rental car deals?

What can you expect?

General road rules

Don't be afraid to drive because you don't know the rules of the road. We tell you what is allowed and what isn't, like talking on the phone.

Tips for renting a car in Spain

It doesn't matter if you are in Spain to visit or plan to live in Spain, renting a car is a likely event. Having rented numerous cars ourselves, we can provide you with tips to find the best deals, what to look for with options and we even talk about insurance.

How to obtain a Spanish driver’s license

How long will the license from my home country be valid in Spain? If you plan to live in Spain for the long-term, we can guide you through the process of obtaining your Spanish driver's license.

Explanation of road signs

We understand that feeling of being in a new place, driving around trying to find your way and not understanding what the road signs mean. We help you out with the most common, as well as the most important. Believe me, knowing these can help you avoid getting a fine or causing an accident.

How to drive in a roundabout

We've all seen them, but what is the correct way to use them? It can be so confusing when you are in a roundabout with multiple lanes and everyone seems to be driving so fast. What should you do? How should you enter and exit the roundabout? We tell you just how to do it and provide diagrams and a link to a video.

What to do in an emergency

It can be overwhelming driving in a new place and what happens when your car breaks down or you have a little accident? We can help you with the standard procedures to follow. Did you know even if you are just passing by someone else who has been in an accident, you do have a responsibility.

Do I need an International Driver’s Permit?

Come on does anyone really ask for this document? It doesn't really say much, so do we really need it? We provide the answer for you!

& Much more!

Driving in Spain- Everything you need to know & more. If you are planning a trip to Spain and intend on driving, this is an essential book for you. We offer you a complete guide to driving in Spain.

The epub version is only viewable with an ereader, such as a kindle, nook, ipad, tablet or the like. You may also install an ereader on a desktop.

The pdf version sends you a link to download the file. You should be able to print or view on the device of your choice .

Recent Customer Reviews

"This book made driving in Spain a lot less nerve wracking. I would recommend it to anyone who plans to drive in Spain. Pretty close for Portugal as well but doesn't cover the confusing tole issues. It would be nice if they added a chapter on Portugal, Hint Hint. Thanks for a great guide. The part about round-abouts was very helpful."  Stan K

"Thorough and very helpful... It saved us from getting an expensive parking ticket!"  Ariel

"This book was invaluable. I was way way more comfortable driving in Spain after having read it. Highly recommended for sure."  Dustin

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