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family travel Italy - Rome
We have visited 50+ countries over the past 20 years and have lived in USA, UK and Spain.  We share you our family travel experiences around the world.  Check out all of our destinations for recommendations, tips, reviews and local information. This time it is all about our time in Italy! If you are planning family travel in Italy, then we have some great tips and stories to share with you.

During our 6 week summer road trip, we spent about 3 weeks in Italy.

We took the ferry from Barcelona over to Rome, Italy. We then made our way up from Rome to Florence, Bologna, Reggio Emilia, Modena, Pisa, Venice, Cinque Terre, Lake Como, Lake Garda, Verona and more!

We absolutely fell in love with the country and can't wait to do more family travel in Italy. We tasted cheese, gelato and balsamic vinegar. We heard the roar of a Pagani, held up the leaning tower, walked the hills in Cinque Terre, and went to the Opera in Verona. Don't forget about our camping experience in Rome, just outside of Florence, and Lake Garda as well. We also had a great apartment in Venice and of course a wonderful meet up with cousins in Lake Como.

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