Our Best Advice For Venice Italy

Venice Italy holds a special place in our hearts.  The first few years Alan and I were married, we lived in London and that was nearly 17 years ago.  During our time living in the UK, we made a point to venture off and explore every chance we could.  Of course Venice was on our “must see” list and we decided to experience it during Carnevale (Mardis Gras).  We arrived to a city full of fun, energy and life.  I remember arriving to our apartment rental and just being in awe of its age, beauty charm and character.  And guess what, we were “blogging” back in the late 90’s and didn’t even know it.  Here is our write-up on our Venice trip.  Can you believe it?
Venice Carnivale Hats

As you can see this city touched our hearts forever, as have many others over the years.  I think we are really touched by cities with water.  Some of our favorites are San Francisco, Venice, London, Sydney, Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels.  We are making every effort to share our favorites with the kids and allow them to fall in love with these places too.  So far so good, our love for these location has spread effortlessly to the Wagoner offspring.

Our Best Advice For Venice Italy

Okay, I am sure you are tired of me babbling on an on.  I am sure you want to know what great wisdom I behold and what the heck is this advice of mine, right?

Here is goes… Get Lost!


Yep, it is just as simple as that.  When you arrive in Venice, don’t follow the map.  Don’t look for specific things.  Just walk, explore and be surprised with each turn, and see what the city will present to you.  You will happen upon all of the main tourist sights one way or another, so just go with it.  We are teaching the kids this method of travel, as well as following a map and navigation.  It is about letting go of “the plan” and just living in the moment.  Allowing your curiosity to take over and lead the way.

Venice Italy is the perfect place to follow this method.  You can’t really go too far off of the beaten path, as you are surrounded by water.  Ultimately, you will happen upon one of the main walkways, plazas or bridges.  Besides what is the worst that could happen?  Walk until you can’t walk anymore and take a water taxi back, if needed.  So come along and enjoy our “Getting Lost in Venice Italy Day”.  We had a great time on our Summer 2013 Road Trip, with Venice as one of our favorites!

Come on and tell us what you think!

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