Reggio Emilia, Itay – A Photo Walk

While we were staying near Florence Italy, for the upcoming week we had scheduled a tour to see some Pagani supercars as well as the Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Dairy in Modena.  We were looking for some last-minute accommodation near Modena, Italy to ensure we had easy access to the tour locations.

We fell in love with the small town of Reggio Emilia, Italy. It had so much charm and character. Come explore with us on a photo walk. Read more on

Where did we stay in Reggio Emilia?

We found the most adorable apartment in Reggio Emilia and the owners were very accommodating.

Reggio Emila Apartment

Our “home” for 4 nights in Reggio Emilia. We could walk everywhere and loved going to the local bakery and supermarket. There was a park at the end of the street too. It was ideal and the owners were so very nice!

We didn’t think of our little town of 4 nights in Reggio Emilia as a “tourist” location, to be honest we didn’t know much about it at all.  We were actually hoping there was nothing to do or see so we could have some down time to catch up on editing photos and writing.  To our surprise, we fell in love with this little town.  In fact, I am certain someone slipped some Love Juice into our food, because we fell in love with absolutely every part of Italy we visited.  It also turns out a friend of mine from college, Stacy had written a paper their unique form of education.  Perhaps she can share a little info on the topic in the comment?

Come on a photo tour of Reggio Emilia:

There was an adroable church and we tried to peek in, but service was in progress.  There were so many people attending they were overflowing out the doors.Reggio Emilia Italy Church

 It was fantastic to just roam the streets and have no clue where we were going.  This was a roundabout in town.  There weren’t too many people out during siesta time.A Round about in Town

This was one of the best discoveries!  A little picturesque street, with so many colors.  Looks like the guy with the bike got the memo that we needed someone to pose for this photo.Picturesque allies and streets

The town center!

Right in the center of town was the main plaza, with a fun fountain water feature.  The water would pop up in various places, so I bet it would be great for kids to play in. It was near a park as well.  Fun with fountains

Reggio Emilia Italy main plaza parking.  This was a bicycle town for sure. Reggio Emilia Italy main plaza

The town center drinking fountain was a popular place on a hot summer’s day!  Reggio Emilia Italy Fountain

Many people out doing their errands on their bikes.  I really don’t know how they managed with the thin tires and the cobblestone streets.  I am sure I would be taking a dive.  The dog seemed to be enjoying his ride in the basket.  Out doing errands

The Tricolor Flag Museum, in the beautiful 14th century town hall building.  The flag is the cities national claim to fame.  We learned all about the history of the Tri Color Italian Flag.  The museum didn’t open until 9 pm on Sunday, as it was too hot during the day.  Looks like Italy runs on a similar time schedule to Spain.  Reggio Emilia Italy Flag Museum

Everywhere we looked, we found an abundance of character and charm. Character in Reggio Emilia

Below is one of Reggio Emilia’s many plazas.  There was a stage set up at the end, so looks like we missed some entertainment event.  Not pictured to the right was a cute alley way with outdoor cafes.  Reggio Emilia Italy Main Plaza

Reggio Emilia, Italy Churches

Reggio Emilia Italy Church

Another little side street and church. Reggio Emilia Italy side street

I am sorry we didn’t stop to take photos of the Calatrava Bridge and The Reggio Emilia Train Station.  They were both works of art, so I had to go find some photos of them to share with you.  The photo of the train station is from REGGIO EMILIA

Calatrava Bridge Reggio Emilia was absolutely stunning.  There is no way we could do it justice with a photo.  The locals called it Reggio Emilia Pointi (bridge). Calatrava Bridge Reggio Emilia

Thanks for exploring the town of Reggio Emilia with us!

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If you are staying in the Reggio Emilia area, here is a little more information.  Or maybe you are in the big city and are looking for some things to do in Bologna?  Either way, you will be very pleased with all that Italy has to offer!

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