6 Week European Road Trip – 2013 “The Reality”

We did it!  We took a 6 Week European Road Trip and had a blast. We are now home in Almuñécar, Spain and catching up on laundry and some much-needed rest.  Now we will have time to actually write about all the cool things we did.  I will provide you with a quick summary here and then over the coming weeks we will share some of the highlights of our Summer Road Trip.Summer 2013 Road Trip - Europe

Just a little reminder of what we set out to accomplish:

Wagoners Abroad  Summer Road Trip Europe – 2013 “The Plan”.
We had an open-ended plan and were open to returning home after 2 weeks or extending and just going with the flow.  We mapped out a path and almost stuck to it.  Below you will see what we actually covered.

Road Trip Europe - The Reality With Kids. Read more on WagonersAbroad.com

Wagoners Abroad  Summer Road Trip Europe – 2013 “The Reality”

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Summer Road Trip Europe Summary and Stats

  • Length
    • 43 days exploring Europe
    • For those of you scrambling to do the math, that is 6 weeks and 1 day!
  • Driving
    • We drove  7658 km or 4758 miles
    • (That is almost from NC to Los Angeles and back!).  I have to applaud Alan as he drove 98% of the time!
  • Countries visited
    • Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France and Andorra
      Waterfall in Switzerland
  • Modes of transportation:
    • Our car (Citroen Berlingo – All over the map)
    • Ferry (Barcelona to Rome)
    • City Bus (Venice)
    • Gondola (Austria)
    • Funicular, Gondola and Cog Wheel Train (Switzerland)
    • Train/Metro/Subway (Rome, Toulouse and many of the bigger cities)
    • Feet –  Our tootie footies got a work out!  We walked, hiked, ran and swam.
    • Boat (Lake Garda, Italy)
      Lake Garda Italy - Boat
  • Accommodation
    6 week European Road Trip Accommodation. We share all of the places we stayed during our European Summer road trip and the costs too. Read more on WagonersAbroad.com

    • We stayed in 16 different accommodations around Europe
      • Apartments in 5 different locations
      • Hotels in 4 cities for a total of 6 nights
      • 1 Ferry
      • Mobile Homes at 5 campgrounds
        Camping in Interlaken Switzerland
    • We packed and unpacked a grand total of 32 times! (including our initial pack and final unpack at home).
      Packing and unpacking the car
  • Sickness
    • Zilch, Nada, Nothing.  No one got sick!  Can you believe it?  After all of the millions of people we were exposed to and public places and we all came out with a clean bill of health.  🙂
  • Injuries
    • I was hiking in my sandals and a stick decided it wanted to pierce my skin just at the cuticle of my big toe.  One band-aid and some TLC from Alan and I was right as rain.
  • Odd smells
    • Too many to count while driving along the road.  We attribute most of it to farm animals.  (I am sure some of them came from within the car too, but no one knows why.)
    • Cheese factory (We all had different reactions to this)
    • Crossing the bridge, on the bus, to Venice (Ooooh that was a doozy!)
  • Views while driving
    • Endless rolling hills with sunflowers (Northern Italy, Southern France and Northern Spain).
      Sunflowers Italy
    • The Alps –  (Italian, Austrian, Swiss and French)
      • All of them were “Ooooh…Ahhh” moments
      • Eiger and Mont Blanc were pretty exciting.
      • Glaciers and snow-capped mountains – (Switzerland and France)
    • Quintessential villages and big cities.
  • Arguments – Just a few sibling spats
  • Movies
    • Every Harry Potter movie was watched too many times to count.  The kids would hide under their blankets in the car so there wouldn’t be a glare on their screen.
      Harry Potter in the car
  • Gelato and Ice Cream – too many to count, but if you look at our pictures in Italy, gelato was almost a daily routine.
  • Water time – Lakes, Rivers, Waterfalls and the Sea
  • Laughs – Countless
  • Games 
    • Loads of Solitaire
    • Hundreds of games of Speed
    • Endless rounds of Black Jack
      Camping Lake Garda, Italy
  • Memories – Enough to last our lifetime
  • Experiences
  • Cost of the trip – Priceless!  Actually we share all of our costs with you.  just click on the image below.
    Summer European Road Trip Costs. Read more on WagonersAbroad.com

So you see, in a nutshell we had a blast!  More on our adventures coming soon.

By the way, we love being home too!  We live in such a fantastic town in Spain.  A popular holiday destination and meeting people from all of Europe here as well.  It is like we are on vacation at home!
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4 thoughts on “6 Week European Road Trip – 2013 “The Reality””

  1. Just found your site and so grateful for your hard work! We are just prepping for a our expat adventure in June and Spain is on the shortlist for places to settle and get the kids in school (11-16 when we arrive). I’m sure we’ll be buying some ebooks from you and taking advantage of your going before us. (PS, you may know this but Google is starting penalties for interstital ads, just an FYI from a marketer at large that you may need to switch to sidebar to keep your sweet organic rankings–which is how I found you!)

    1. Hi Valerie,

      That is wonderful. Sounds like you have a great plan. What part of Spain are you thinking of?

      Thanks for the google tip. I didn’t even know we had interstital ads! Just google ads, I thought. Now I guess I need to go see what that is.

  2. Six weeks is a lot of time to be on a road! I am impressed. We did a similar road trip a year back covering mostly Italy, Austria and Czech R., but it already was too much for 2 weeks that we had. What area did you find the most impressive?

    1. Hi Lena, yes it was quite a trip. We of course fell in love with Italy, but the big ah ha was a little town in Austria, named See. It was wonderful. That 6 weeks was just a road test for our bigger adventure, which we just completed. It was 11 months of nomadic travel. We spend a few weeks in Europe, 10 months in Southeast Asia and a few weeks road trip in the USA. We still need to write about so much. It is difficult to fit much into just 2 weeks, as you need a few days either end to just adjust. What did you like the most? Would you plan another?

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