On Our Way to “See” Austria – Part I

Flashback on 2013 European Road Trip:   I’ll admit it…I was sad to see Italy go.  We had a lot of fun there, and saw a bunch of really cool stuff.  Since I’m being so honest, I’ll also admit that I was a bit ambivalent about Austria.  I had done absolutely no research at all about where we were going, and what we were doing, so I guess I’m the one at fault.

So once we had crossed the Italy/Austria border, we all needed to stretch our legs, and do the Bio Break thing.  Immediately, Austria sucked me in.  As we were walking into our first Austrian tourist shop, I saw something that made me think that Austria was going to be awesome:

We're going to like it in Austria!

I totally can pull that off!  I haven’t had that much hair since…ever.  Once our Kodak moment was over, we head into the store, and what do I see?  Pretzel Bread!  Five minutes in Austria, and I am really digging it.  We bought a few rolls, and were munching away, and got back in the car.  While Heidi was snapping a few pictures, I turned on the radio, and lo and behold, I hit the jackpot.  Austrian music with accordions!  Needless to say, I was rockin’ out.  Something about accordions just moves me.  It really feeds my soul.  OK, I’ll admit that I was probably a bit on the loopy side, but at least I was keeping myself entertained.

I’ll fast forward an hour later, and about 70 miles, and we arrive in See.  That’s not a typo.  The town’s name is S-E-E.  It is an adorable little town, and fit with my expectation of what an Austrian hamlet would look like.

See Austria

It took us a little bit to find our place, but when we did, we were warmly greeted by the owner’s daughter who spoke English.  She got us checked in, and the place was very cute.

Nice flowers all overThe only strange thing about the place was that we shared a hallway with another room.  So you walk in the hall, to the left was the kitchen with a lockable door.

Every kitchen should have a lockContinuing on, there was our master bedroom again, with a lockable door.

Nice big bed

The hall takes a right, and then there’s the doorway to another tenant’s room/kitchen. Further down on the right was the kids’ room (another lockable door), and then a shared bathroom.  Luckily, nobody else was staying in the other tenant’s room, so it wasn’t too bad.


Once all of our gear was unloaded, Heidi took the kids to see a nearby creek.  As we were looking for our place, we heard this loud rushing sound.  It turns out that there had been a bit of a rockslide, which caused a large boulder to block the flow.  Workers had brought in some big machinery to fix the problem.

That's some big machinery! Once Heidi and the kids got back to the room, we found that our grocery supply was dangerously low.  Off to the grocery store!  Luckily it was close, and we knew exactly where it was, so there was no problem.

Let's grab some groceries

When we go into the store, it is immaculate!  This has to be the cleanest store I’ve ever seen.  Of course, they have pretzel bread, and the prices are a lot cheaper than anywhere we’ve been during our trip.  There’s a great selection of food, and we walk out of the place fully stocked.
See Austria – Part II (Austrian Tourist)
See Austria – Part III

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