6 Week Summer Road Trip Europe – 2013

What time is it?  Time for a Wagoners Abroad Road Trip!

As of June 21, the kids will have completed their first year attending a public Spanish School.  We will do a video interview with the kids and a write-up on their experience at school.  Our plan is to explore as much as we can during school breaks and Summer is our time to shine in that area. 

The Mac Daddy of Road Trips

Flashback to 2013:

The entire Wagoner Family has contributed to our plan and we are going to remain very flexible with this “On the move” type of travel.  We have selected some key locations within Italy, Switzerland, France and Spain, to spend our time.  We intend to stay 4-7 nights in each location and then do day trips, here and there, as we desire.  We aren’t going to be on the go every day, so we will build in down time and “work” time.

The “work” time is to be sure you are with us every step of the way and know what we are doing.  That said, it may be a few days behind the real plan, but we will likely keep Facebook up to date in a more real-time fashion.  We will discuss/review our destinations, things to do, budget, accommodation and more.  Our budget will increase during this time as we will be keeping our rental in Spain too.

We have our ferry from Barcelona booked, departing on 25 June and arriving in Italy on 26 June.  We only have our time in Italy reserved and will plan the remainder “on the fly” or a week in advance.  We have done all of the research, but don’t want to be completely tied to a schedule.  Who knows, we may fall in love with Italy and just stay there all summer.  Alternatively, if we have had enough of travel and want to go home to Spain, we can do that too.  Ah, the love we have for flexibility!

Wagoners Abroad  Summer Road Trip Europe – 2013 “The Plan”

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How did the road trip in Europe turn out?  Summer Road Trip Europe – 2013 “The Reality”

Other Road Trip Info:

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