Our Accommodation In Morocco – 7 nights, 4 locations

Riad Dar Limoun Amara Door

When we take a trip many people ask where we have stayed, as well as the price.  We don’t think of ourselves as the type of family that is bare bones with accommodation, nor are we the 5 star resort regulars.  We tend to stay in places that are comfortable with each of us having a little elbow room.  We don’t need many of the bells and whistles, but we do need wifi, and running hot water.  An extra bonus is when breakfast is included or we are in the ideal location for activities.

Well on this trip we managed to sneak in a little bit of everything, partially due to our unexpected change in itinerary.  I will give you list of where we stayed and a little about what we thought.

Our Accommodation In Morocco

Marrakech Morocco – Total of 4 nights at 2 locations.

  • Nights 1-3  Riad Dar Limoun Amara   (Favorite)
    • Price – We paid €135 for a total of 3 nights.
    • Meals – This included Moroccan tea, whenever we wanted!  So we bonded with the host, Mohammed and had tea often.  Breakfast was included for this price as well and consisted of fresh bread, fruit, yogurt, cake, tea/coffee and fresh jams.  It was lovely!  They do offer lunch and dinner if you order in advance, but we preferred to explore the local area and sample the street foods.
      Riad Dar Limoun Amara - Moroccan Tea
    • Location – The property was within the Medina and just a couple of turns past Hammam Ziani.  We were within walking distance to most of the attractions and right in the thick of things as far as the Berber market and food stalls.  Yet, it was very quiet at night and it felt safe.
    • Property –  It was beautiful inside, a typical patio home with open air roof.  It was raining while we were visiting, so the open air portion was covered with plastic.  There was a roof terrace with several seating areas as well as table and chairs.  We found the interior to be very comfortable and inviting.  We were requested to treat it as our own home and we did.  There was a reading/game room and the main patio, which was run by the house cat Limoun.  We all fell in love with Limoun and had a great time with him.
    • Room – Our room was directly off of the main patio room on the ground level.  As we entered there were two twin beds set up and on the other side of the room was a king bed.  We were so excited to have a spacious king bed!  There was plenty of storage as well as privacy.  We also had a very decent sized bathroom with a very large walk in shower.
    • Overall – We felt this was a great price, it met all of our needs, it felt like we were at home and the location was ideal.
  •  Night 7 Pullman Marrakech Palmeraie Resort and Spa
    • Price – We paid €64 for one night.  This was a special deal of 60% off through a promotional email as we are members of the Accor Hotels program.
    • Meals –  This can be an all-inclusive resort, but that comes at a price.  I did opt to have breakfast included for €13 per adult and the kids were free.  It was a buffet breakfast and I wanted us to eat to our hearts content on our travel day home.  A dinner buffet was also offered, but at €32 per person it was way out of our meal budget, not to mention we didn’t have the appropriate attire for the dining room.
    • Location – The property was about 8 km away from the Medina and the new city.  They did offer a free shuttle into town on a schedule and you need to reserve the shuttle time, to ensure there is room for you.  We did take the shuttle into town for our dinner, as the dinner buffet price for one person was more than our hotel room the previous night.  This was a standard resort out in the middle of nowhere.  You are meant to enjoy the amenities on property and not walk around outside much.
    • Property –  It was beautiful inside, a lovely desert resort.  There was a pool, spa, kids activity club, and much more.  The kids were so excited about the club as there were live animals and they had the opportunity to feed them all.  The staff was attentive and the lobby was beautifully decorated.  We stayed here on our final night because we weren’t scheduled to fly out until 8:30pm.  I knew we would be able to check out of our room at 1pm and remain on property to enjoy all of the amenities.  We stayed until a little after 5pm and enjoyed the pool, a game of bingo, and our son completed his homework in the lobby area.
    • Room – Our room was very beautiful, but basic for a resort.  We had a plush king sized bed and a pull out sofa.  We did receive a complimentary snack tray of dried fruits and nuts on arrival, as well as bottled water.  The bathroom was gorgeous and we all enjoyed the rain shower!  The room next to us had smokers and they liked to smoke next to our patio.  So I would have preferred the hotel grouped the non-smokers together.
    • Overall – We felt this was a great price with our deal and it met all of our needs.  This isn’t a place we would likely stay for the entire vacation, but it was perfect for us to hang out on our “travel” day.

Essaouira morocco – Total of 3 nights at 2 locations.

  • Night 4 Résidence La Galiote
    • Price – We paid €50 for one night.  This was booked frantically at 10 am the morning we had a change in our itinerary.  In brief we were supposed to be heading east to the desert, but due to inclement weather and closed roads, we decided to head west to the beach.
    • Meals –  This was a self-catering apartment, so we shopped at the local grocery store and even found Pastrami of all things!  We enjoyed hot pastrami sandwiches for dinner and again for breakfast!
    • Location – This was one block in from the beach and about a 10 minute walk down the beach to the Medina.  It was in a local neighborhood with a few places to eat nearby.  It was a bit quiet and isolated and not in the thick of things.  So after one night we opted to move into the Medina and be right in the heart of town.
    • Property – This was a lovely newer 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment.  It was sparsely decorated and felt very westernized.  The kitchen was well equipped as well as the bathroom.  One room had a queen bed and the other 2 twin beds.  To me the bed was far too firm and I awoke very sore.  This also contributed to our change in accommodation for our remaining 2 nights in town.
    • Overall – It was lovely, but it didn’t feel like Morocco.  We felt like we could have been located “anywhere” on a beach.
  • Night 5-6 Riad Inna (Favorite)
    • Price – We paid €22 per night.  This was offered on the Booking site for double that price, but I thought since we were in town and just a 10 minute walk away, we would take a peek at the rooms first.  We were up early in the morning and walked into the Medina to find the Riad.  We looked at 2 suites (Fes and Marrakech).  We ended up choosing Marrakech and asked the price and he quoted me 250 MAD, which is about €22!  I think it was closer to €45-50 per night online.  Sometimes it pays to be flexible and just show up.
    • Meals –  There were no meals included, however they did offer us Moroccan tea in the afternoon.  Of course we accepted and they even brought it to our room to enjoy.
    • Location – This was right on the “main drag” in the Medina.  We felt it was ideal for our needs.  We were located above the shops and we even had a roof terrace to get a grander view of the Medina.  Nutella crepes were just a 1 minute walk away for breakfast at €1.30, so that was a no brainer for us.  We also enjoyed the little cafe across from the Riad for tea and lunch.
    • Property –  The lobby was very comfortable and the stairs were gorgeous marble with wood railings.  It felt like Morocco and the staff was fantastic.
      Riad Inna Essaouira Morocco Central Stairs
    • Room – The suite had 2 queen beds and one twin bed and a bathroom. We did have a laugh at the bathroom, as you could sit on the toilet and take a shower.  There was no shower curtain, so we had to remove the toilet paper and anything else we didn’t want to get wet.  There were 2 floor to ceiling windows that overlooked the pedestrians streets and shops, so people watching was great.
    • Overall – We loved it here!

So if you are looking for accommodation in Morocco, we would recommend them all.  I do have to admit our favorites were the 2 Riads as it felt like “real” accommodation in Morocco.  The other 2 properties were great, but you can pretty much find something like that anywhere in the world.

Enjoy the little photo gallery of 3 out of 4 of our Accommodation in Morocco

We are not associated with any of these locations, but we did utilize our affiliate links.

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