Mom was Mugged in Gibraltar!

Gibraltar - Mom was muggedGot your attention didn’t I?  Okay, so she didn’t get “Mugged” in Gibraltar per se, more like pick pocketed in Gibraltar.  Mugged just sounded better with the word “Mom” so I had to go with it.  Kinda catchy huh?   

To be honest, I am using the term pick pocketed loosely as well.  You see, we were having a wonderful time in Gibraltar at the Upper Rock Nature Reserve.  There was a small shop and cafe near St. Michael’s Cave and Mom decided to hang out their rather than hike with us to the Top of the Rock.  Alan the kids and I had a blast exploring and hiking.  We returned about an hour later and Mom had to tell us what she did for the hour.  Boy, did she have a story to tell us.  Mom was mugged and we didn’t even get it on video! Oh man, that would have been a funny sight to see.

After she told us the story, I wanted to see if we could somehow reenact her story.  What kind of daughter am I, wanting to video my mom in a moment of panic?  Let’s just say, she was on board with the reenactment too, but we couldn’t get the other cast members to cooperate.

Mom was mugged in Gibraltar Story

This is one of those stories that is difficult to really capture in text format.  We decided to go ahead and let her tell you the story herself.  Now keep in mind we don’t have any footage of the actual event, but we have some footage to supplement.  Enjoy the video/slide show.

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