American Universities In Spain

Did you know that there are American Universities in Spain?  Yes, with courses taught in English and you would graduate with an American degree!  In some cases, it is is less expensive than studying in the United States!

Did you know that there are American Universities in Spain?  Yes, with courses taught in English and graduate with an American degree!  Read more on


Amerian Universities in Spain

Saint Louis University Madrid Campus

Saint Louis University Madrid is recognized as a center of international education in Spain.  SLU-Madrid educates students from more than 65 countries, providing four-year U.S. undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees or, study abroad credits toward degrees in your home country.  Saint Louis University is located in Madrid. It was established in 1818 and is an accredited university since 1916.

This is a great option for American students who want to study in Spain.  They are a highly ranked university and Madrid is a great location to study.  Not only to learn the Spanish language, but it is also a great travel hub to access the rest of Europe and other international destinations.  You may want to also research the scholarship and financial aid programs they offer.  Read more here.

Did you know that there are American Universities in Spain?  Yes, with courses taught in English and graduate with an American degree!  Read more on

Schiller International University

Schiller International University is located in Madrid was established in 1970 and is an accredited university.  Earn an American university degree while studying in Europe.  At Schiller International University, there are students from more than 50 different nationalities each term.  For almost fifty years, Schiller has offered students a unique opportunity to enrich their studies and their lives through an international educational experience.  Read more here.

The American College in Spain

The American College in Spain offers a curriculum based on the U.S. university system. Students can begin in Spain their first two years of studies by completing their general education courses required by all U.S. universities. The campus is located in Marbella, which is just 1 hour southwest of Malaga.  It was established in 2013 and is an accredited university.  This is an interesting option for university students.  They have a program called 2 + 2, which allows a student to get their general education years done in Spain and then transfer to a partnered university in the U.S. for the last two years.

Additional Universities in Spain with Degree Programs in English

We have a few listed below for you, but search the Education site to view more universities in Spain and filter by type of study, location, and program.

Marbella International University Centre 

MIUC offers a range of dynamic Bachelor and Master programs taught in English.  This is combined with interactive teaching practice with state of the art facilities and personalized student services, tailored for your needs.  Marbella International University Centre is an international university with a mind-set and teaching methods that enable their diverse staff and students to live, learn and explore together, building a distinct community of forward-thinking professionals and knowledge creators.  Read more here.

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Additional resources for you to analyze more universities:

Student Visa in Spain

A student visa is required to live and study in Spain.  Here is the full list of requirements from the Ministry of Spain website.  Check with the Spanish consulate nearest you for more details.

Requirements to obtain the student visa in Spain

  • National visa application form, in official form, in duplicate, duly completed and signed by the foreigner or his legal representative in case of being a minor. 
  • Full and valid passport or travel title, recognized as valid in Spain, with a minimum validity of the period for which the stay is requested.
  • Documentation accrediting the availability of financial means necessary for the period requested and for the return to the country of origin.
  • In the case of underage students, authorization of parents or guardians in which the center, organization, entity, and body responsible for the activity and the planned period of stay.
  • Documentation proving to have medical insurance.
  • Documentation showing you have been admitted to an educational center.
  • If the duration of the stay exceeds six months:
    • Medical certificate.
    • If you are of legal age, a criminal record issued by the authorities of the country of origin or of the country in which you have resided during the last five years.

Important note:  When documents from other countries are provided, they must be translated into Spanish or co-official language of the territory where the application is submitted.

Cost of living in Spain

You may be surprised to find out how affordable it can be to live in Spain.  Read more here in our study in Spain article.

Private Health Insurance

As an American, it is required to have private health insurance in Spain.  Don’t panic!  It isn’t too expensive and the coverage is really great.  Click on our link above for the companies we recommend and request a quote today.  For the student visa, it is typically required to have an insurance plan with no copay, no waiting periods, and no deductible.  It will also require repatriation, in the event of death.  This all means coverage will begin right away and there will be no additional costs for treatments.


Where to live

Where is the best place to live in Spain as a student?  I would highly recommend selecting one of the student housing options.  It isn’t always the same as a dorm in the United States, but it is best to have students together.  This allows them to make new friends and be around other students.  It may be more cost-effective as well.

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