7 Reasons To Study In Spain In English or Spanish

We are deep in the University research mode and are discovering so much information we feel will be beneficial to our readers.  Why not study in Spain and have an experience of a lifetime!  You may select programs to study in Spain in English or in Spanish. Just get your Spain student visa and you are in for a great experience.

Why not give your university student a gift of a lifetiem and have them study in Spain!  You may select programs to study in Spain in English or in Spanish. Read more on WagonersAbroad.com

Why Study In Spain?

We have several reasons we feel is it a good idea to Study in Spain!  You may find our list below, as well as additional information about living in Spain. Spain is the third most popular country for international studies with around 36% of those people from the USA.

The Gift of Immersion & Culture

Being immersed in another culture is priceless.  You will learn Spanish traditions, customs, taste new foods, and learn the language.  There is so much to experience in Spain, and who wouldn’t want to be exposed to thousands of years of history?  With plenty of fiestas, museums, arts, nature, cities, and more, it is something to experience.

Spain scenes

Programs in English or Spanish

Depending on what you are looking for, you will find degree programs taught 100% in English.  Or maybe you would like to take them in Spanish, providing you already have a good handle on the Spanish language.  If you aren’t already fluent in Spanish, there are plenty of degree programs offered in English.  You may opt to study Spanish as part of your university coursework or via s separate program.

You may choose from one of the American universities in Spain, or a Spanish university with degree programs in English for international students.  Search the Education site to view universities in Spain and filter by type of study, location, and program.


This is the perfect opportunity to learn a new language while living in the country or improve upon the Spanish language base you already have.  This will really expedite to process of learning and bring you to fluency much faster.  Yes, even if your university studies are in English, you can take Spanish classes and you will make Spanish friends.  If your daily life outside of university is in Spanish, you will be on your way to fluency much faster.

study in spain

The Weather in Spain

This will vary depending on where you are located, but Sunny Spain has the name for a reason!  Yes, you will certainly find the sun in Spain.  Now in the winter, it will be mild along the coastal regions and a bit cooler inland, but nothing too extreme.  Don’t buy into the myth that it’s warm in Spain in the winter, it can be mild to cold.  Of course, as we live on the coast, we may have a random day in January in the ’70s, so you just never know.

Slow Down & Siestas

The pace of life in Spain can help you slow down and really appreciate the moment.  Take it all in and enjoy what you have on a daily basis.  It is good to let go of a little of the American “go, go, go” pace and just go with the flow.  Yes, you will have structure and competition in schools, but it isn’t quite as crazy as it can be in the US.  The quality and pace of life is something to be cherished.

When we say siesta, it may or may not be “nap time”.  In many places, this is time for family, food and rest.  Stores may close down and everything stops to take time out for you.  It can be frustrating at first, but once you buy into siesta time you will love it.  Some of the bigger cities and bigger stores may not close for siesta.

Independence & Adaptation to Change

it is time to spread those wings and experience new things.  While in the care of the university, living abroad gives you a new perspective on life and family.  Living independently in a different culture, with different ways of doing things, will certainly have its challenges.  It will allow you to grow, mature, and become a bit more well-rounded.  This is the perfect opportunity to discover things about yourself, and perhaps appreciate those things which may have been taken for granted.  It provides you with the opportunity to tackle problems and find solutions on your own.

Why not give your university student a gift of a lifetiem and have them study in Spain!  You may select programs to study in Spain in English or in Spanish. Read more on WagonersAbroad.com

Tuition Costs

You may be surprised to find out how affordable it can be to live in Spain. Especially when compared to the US. For Spanish citizens most degree programs are under 2500€ a year, some are even free. For international students or foreigners, the tuition is a bit more.

There are public universities and private universities in Spain and these options can be lower cost, as the fees are based on the number of credits taken.  We have seen prices from 2500€ / year on up, but the average seems to be around 12,000€ a year for a private or American university.  (This is not deeply analyzed data when it comes to the average.  It is just based on the research I have done at random universities, as we have been looking at them for Lars.)

Additional resources for you to analyze:

This guide offers general information and useful resources for those who want to study at University in Spain or for those who are already pursuing university studies.

The Spanish University System is adapted to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and participates in exchange programs with other European Universities. You can inform yourself and decide if you want to go to study in another country of the European Union.

Cost of living in Spain

We share our cost of living in Spain, as a family of four.  This isn’t quite the same as a student budget and we live in a smaller town, but it is a data point for you to start with.  Most of the universities are in bigger cities, which are a bit more expensive.  Below is a general guide for a university in Madrid or Barcelona, with student housing in mind.  It is only to be used as a data point, as your choices in apartments, insurance, and eating habits will vary.

Rough Estimate of Monthly Bills€1,090
Rent / housing450
Utilities (tv, electricity/water)50
Mobile phone10
Misc. & Spending money180
Groceries, eat out, house supplies250
Health insurance50
Liability or renters insurance10

Family Visits

Okay, this may not be a bonus for the student, but it is for the family.  Just think, you can have your family come to visit you in Spain.  Your parents will have a purpose and reason to head over to Europe and visit you at university.  You can show them around and teach them about your new lifestyle and culture. 

Your family members may ask “Do I need a visa for Spain?”  

The answer for Americans is no, not for just a visit.  You may enter the schengen area and stay up to 90 days, without the need to request a visa. 

Did you know that there are American Universities in Spain?  Yes, with courses taught in English and graduate with an American degree!  Read more on WagonersAbroad.com

Spain Student Visa

A student visa would be required to live and study in Spain.  Here is the full list of requirements from the Ministry of Spain website.  Check with the Spanish consulate nearest you for more details on your student visa for Spain from USA or other locations.

Requirements to obtain the student visa in Spain

  • National visa application form, in official form, in duplicate, duly completed and signed by the foreigner or his legal representative in case of being a minor. 
  • Full and valid passport or travel title, recognized as valid in Spain, with a minimum validity of the period for which the stay is requested.
  • Documentation accrediting the availability of financial means necessary for the period requested and for the return to the country of origin.
  • In the case of underage students, authorization of parents or guardians in which the center, organization, entity, and body responsible for the activity and the planned period of stay.
  • Documentation proving to have medical insurance in Spain.
  • Documentation showing you have been admitted to an educational center.
  • If the duration of the stay exceeds six months:
    • Medical certificate.
    • If you are of legal age, a criminal record issued by the authorities of the country of origin or of the country in which you have resided during the last five years.

Important note:  When documents from other countries are provided, they must be translated into Spanish or co-official language of the territory where the application is submitted.

Private Health Insurance

As an American, it is required to have private health insurance in Spain.  Don’t panic!  It isn’t too expensive and the coverage is really great.  Click on our link above for the companies we recommend and request a quote today.  For the student visa, it is typically required to have an insurance plan with no copay, no waiting periods and no deductible.  It will also require repatriation, in the event of death.  This all means coverage will begin right away and there will be no additional costs for treatments.study in Spain student health insurance, including repatriation. This is one of your best private health insurance options in Spain

Where to live

Where is the best place to live in Spain as a student?  I would highly recommend selecting one of the student housing options.  Therefore, be prepared as it isn’t always the same as a dorm in the United States, but it is best to have students together.  This allows them to make new friends and be around other students.  It may be more cost-effective as well.

We will keep you posted as we continue our university research.  Let us know if you decide to study in Spain!

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