What will you do about education in Spain for your kids?

This is a tough one and as with all of our plans, we have a Plan A, B, C and combo plans.  With each decision in this process it is more like a decision tree to figure out what we will do for education in Spain.  You make one choice to an option and that leads you down a path with yet more options.

Learning Spanish Language at School in Spain - Education in Spain

If any of the choices have multiple outcomes, you just have more choices and it just grows exponentially. At times it is extremely overwhelming and we are full of “what are we doing?” thoughts.  In the end, we forge ahead to pursue our dream.

The Plan for Education in Spain

Our plan A is contingent upon our Spanish resident visa being approved.  If that works out, then the plan is to have the children enroll in a public Spanish school.   We feel it is best for socialization and total immersion.  It will be a challenge the first few months, but as the kids pick up more Spanish, it will be easier. Again another decision point, what if the public school will not accept them or what if we don’t meet their requirements? As you can see this goes on and on.  With each step we need to have a plan with a back up and then another back up.  Regardless of our plans or back up plans, we will need to either supplement or completely “home school” / “world school” to ensure they are up to snuff with USA curriculum.


We do have to keep in mind that this not only impacts our children immediately, but what will it do for or to their future? Are we making the right choice?  Will this help or hinder them later in life?  Aren’t these the same questions parents ask regardless of their decisions?  We do feel that all of these options or any combination of them will benefit our children.  Through many of our vacation travels, our children have been exposed to many cultures. They have fond memories, experiences and learning’s from each of those and that was from a week’s vacation. Imagine what 1-2 year could do for them. Imagine the standard USA curriculum and learning about Christopher Columbus “discovering America”. How cool would it be to see exactly where he set sail from?

We are fortunate enough to have children that love learning and are well ahead of their grade levels in Math and Reading.  I know that these 2 subjects don’t capture all that is required, but it is helpful.  As reading will be a huge part of their learning experience while we are abroad. Since they both have a passion for reading, we will rely on this often. In addition, they will learn from real life experiences with a global mindset.  I have done countless hours of research on-line, only to confirm that the options are limitless. Technology without a doubt will be our best friend.  There is so much to learn, just a click away.

Thank you for reading our posts and we will do more on this topic as our story unfolds.  Any tips or pointers, please feel free to share.   More info about education in Spain.

Hear The Kids Speak In Spanish – after 18 Months Living In Spain!

More info on our Public School – Education in Spain

Enrolling them was a breeze!  The kids love it.

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