How can you just quit your jobs and not work?

career break, is it a risk?Are you nuts? Aren’t you afraid?  The economy isn’t what it used to be, what if you don’t find another job?

First, let me possibly put you at ease. Yes we are a bit nuts, but that is what makes life exciting and worth living. We feel this career break was the right thing to do.

We Want The International Life, But There Is A Roadblock

As far as employment, this was the roadblock in our dream plans to “Live/Work” abroad.  We thought about taking a leave of absence, but it was likely such a request would only be approved for a 3 month period. We didn’t feel that was enough time to accomplish our goals. Three months sounds like a long time, but we would just be getting into our groove and then it would be time to go back. This would also be more costly and impact the kids schooling if it didn’t coincide with Summer vacation (most expensive time to travel).

Alternative Options – Like Taking A Career Break!

  1. Perhaps could “work remote” from the road.  This was slightly more plausible, but not likely for both of us. If we were working while abroad, would we need to follow USA work hours? When would we fit in our adventures?  We didn’t feel we would get enough of a recharge with this and again not the ultimate way to accomplish out goals. It would however, potentially extend the length of time we could be away. If only one of us was working, then that wouldn’t be fair either. One would be on a schedule and the other not. This wasn’t ideal either, as we couldn’t just get up and go.
  2. How about no work at all or at least not have an “official job”?  This would allow us time to be free and write our own script for out lives. At least for the time we were away. So many people ask “What would you possibly do with your time if we aren’t working?”. The answer to that is simple “LIVE”.  We can do whatever we want to do. Remember our goals (To take this opportunity for further self paced education and skill building). As far as we see it, the options are endless.


We have been squirreling away savings/investments for several years. According to “us”, we have our finances in check to make a bold move. Are we set for retirement for the rest of our lives? No Way Jose! We do however have enough funds set aside for this experience and made sure we have some left over to “restart” our lives back in the USA. This will be a topic all on its own soon.

Upon return to the USA, we will need to find jobs.  We do anticipate this will take a while. We are realistic with the thought that we may not have the “same” caliber of job we left and the economy has changed so pay may be different as well. On the flip side, perhaps we will have an edge up on others. Perhaps we will have figured out a way to self employ. Perhaps we will have doors open to us while we are away. Opportunities can come knocking anywhere.

Please feel free to comment and let us know what you think or ask any questions you like.  Of course we can only share our experiences with our Career Break and what it was like Breaking up with my job, but we will do our best to help you out.

More info on Sabbatical and Career Break

Meet Plan Go is a great resource for planning and networking.

Enjoying the Swiss Alps on our Career Break
Atop Niederhorn, chilling

Come on and tell us what you think!

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