Education in our Spanish Public School – Tutoring

I know you have loads of questions about Education in our Spanish Public School . We are trying to play catch up on some of these topics. On the first day of school, each of the kids brought home their individually made weekly agenda. They show what subjects are going to be taught in class each our of the day. The first week the kids were getting their sea legs on and attended all of the sessions.  While the class doesn’t move about the school to attend the different topics, they may have a teacher other than their own teach a particular topic.

Tutor #1

The school district provided a Spanish Language Tutor for Our son and daughter as well as 2 other children that are Russian.  This tutor moves around to each of the schools. They attend tutor from 12-2 every Tuesday and Thursday, with Tutor #1 (In Spanish).  The kids miss out on the topic that is scheduled on their agenda. That said, Physical Education is compulsory, so when that conflicts with tutor PE wins.  They still need to do the classwork that was missed as well as any related homework.

Tutor #2

Our son has it a little tougher as the vocabulary for 5th grade far surpasses what is needed for our daughter in 3rd grade. Don’t get me wrong, it is a challenge for both of them, but when it comes to 5th grade health and science it is difficult. Our son receives extra one on one tutor time for science. The 6th grade teacher comes to spend time with him on the topic. They are working with him at several grade levels (K-5) to build up his vocabulary and keep him on track with his class as well. This is all done in Spanish.

Our daughter has a second tutor as well. Each time her class is covering Science, she meets up with a 2nd grade teacher in the Library for extra Spanish Language.

Tutor #3

While the 5th grade class is covering Religion  Our son and 4 others in his class spend that time with their own teacher. They cover  anything extra that each of the students need. Our son has a language workbook during that time. While this is not officially a tutor, it is extra “special attention” time for our son to learn Spanish.

As of writing this, I verified the info with the kids and also asked them “How are you feeling about speaking Spanish?”

  • Our son-“I am feeling more confident and it isn’t that difficult to do anymore.”
  • Our daughter- “I feel good. I am learning a lot faster than I thought I would. It is easier to play with my friends now at school.”

Recreo – is Recess everyday  11:30-12.  They may also have ALT written in for Alternative to Religion.

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