The Purple Chicken Challenge Days 8-14: Learning Spanish Language

As promised, here is my journal of The Purple Chicken 14 Day Challenge – Days 8-14.

The games I play for Learning Spanish Language.

Day 8 – Well, today the universe brought me plenty of opportunity for Spanish. For instance, having an argument with the Civil Guard (traffic police).  <!–more–>  We were on our way out for an exploration drive today, my turn to drive. We were just about to enter the highway, when the exploration took a detour. Two Civil Guards standing beside their motorcycles, on the side of the road, hand signaled for us to pull over. I have no clue why as we were in a round about and going the correct speed.  So over we go.  He insists I was speaking on the phone while driving. WHAT?  Both hands were on the wheel. Phone was charging in the holder.

Anyway, had to have that conversation in Spanish. He again said he was sure he saw me talking on the phone. I said “I only know one person to call and that is my husband. He is sitting right here!”  That was a loaded sentence for me.  LOL After some negotiation and not fully understanding everything, he reluctantly let us go on our way.

Later in the day, our daughter had a school friend over to play. So I had the opportunity to speak with her in Spanish, as she doesn’t speak English. It was cute hearing them play downstairs. She would run up every once in a while and ask for help via Google. I then had a great conversation with her father, when he picked her up.  Good Day!

Day 9 – A very good day today. I had a little chit-chat with a mom in the school yard, while waiting for the children. I chatted with a lady about her beautiful Dalmatian puppy. Got in a little puppy playtime too!

But the best moment….-  She and I were in line at grocery store tonight and there was a couple in front of us not understanding the cashier (Spanish). I became the translator for them!  WHOA!  They were Swiss so spoke English, but not Spanish. I have my grocery store lingo down. 🙂

Day 10/11 – I accomplished my goals, but neglected to journal.

Day 12 – This was a good day of just speaking with store staff etc… no real meaningful conversations. I need to do better!

Day 13 – Frustration has set in. I am realizing that I don’t know much Spanish. Without a doubt, I have all of the tourist lingo down. (Asking directions, the brief hello and intro type conversations). I just need to get over this hurdle. I have made progress since arriving with speaking and even more progress with understanding. I just feel like I keep having the same conversations over each day. I suppose that is because I am “controlling” the conversations and limiting it to “what I know”. I need to step out of the box and have more than just the initial chit-chat. I need to figure that one out. This is driving me crazy!  I want to just spit out all of the words!

Day 14 –  I did it! 
While I haven’t made huge strides to increase my vocabulary, I have been understood and understand others better.  This will be an ongoing challenge to improve.  I will need to figure something out to make that jump. I did however dream about Spanish last night and it was in Spanish!  LOL so that must mean something.

Thanks for reading. I’ll keep you posted as I progress in this area.

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