Do you see what I see? (Paragliding – La Herradura, Spain)

We intentionally selected Almuñecar as our home, because of the proximity to both the Sea and the Mountains. We so enjoy nature and this was the best of both worlds. Little did we know, there would be so many extra bonus features. Since the first week we arrived in September, we regularly see people Paragliding - La Herradura, Spainhere in Spain.

I remember us leaving our hotel the first week we were here and they were Paragliding just above us and landing on the beach in front of the hotel. From a distance they appear to be birds gracefully soaring in the sky, but as you approach you realize they are people!  Just drifting and floating in the sky. As it turns out, we get to enjoy watching from somewhere near our home weekly, sometimes daily.

One afternoon we were enjoying drinks along the beach promenade just prior to sunset. Off in the distance we could see a large group Paragliding, but we couldn’t tell which side of the hill they were on. We were very curious if they were landing at the beach around the corner from our place. It was time to head home, so we hopped in the car (with me driving).  Curiosity got the best of me and I drove right past our turn. The kids were in a frenzy, “Mom, where are you going? We have to finish our homework!”  The good mother that I am replied with “Your homework can wait a little longer. I have to see where they are landing”.

Paragliding – La Herradura, Spain

We drove through Cotobro (the area/neighborhood between Almuñecar and La Herradura).  We stopped up in the hills along side the road and BAM!  There they were above our heads! It felt like we could just reach out and touch them.  We even said a quick “Hello” and received a reply. We spotted where they were landing on La Herradura Beach below. Time to go check it out.

We were all full of adrenaline and the kids have now forgotten about their homework. They were everywhere and landing so close to us.  We were chatting with the main guy on the ground asking “How can I do this?”.  The kids also want to take a run.  So in time, we may give it the old Wagoner try, but for now it is very exciting watching the sights.  We made a small video of our experience and hope you enjoy.

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