Do you see what I see? (Off in the distance)

Every morning and evening I love to sit on our terrace and just gaze at the sights. Off to the right is nothing but the deep blue of the Mediterranean Sea. Occasionally we will see a cruise ship off in the distance. Other times cargo ships or sailboats.

view in distance Almunecar Spain


Looking East along San Cristobal Beach in Almunecar Spain

Directly in front of us is an out cropping of rocks and the Beach.  We can see the fishing boat come and go, as well as scuba diving boats. (Lucky for us, we are just a block above a cool dive shop). Along our beach are people swimming, walking, playing at the playgrounds and at the Fútbol area.

Just  to the left of the beach we can see a stretch of apartments and hotels, some high-rise and some not so much. Just one layer back from that is a hill covered with picturesque white houses, this is the Barrio de San Miguel. Just what you would imagine the Spanish pueblo blanco to be. At the edge of this hill, closest to the see and rock outcropping is a stone Castle. This is Castillo de San Miguel.  Who get’s to live by a castle?  We do!

For many days we wondered how to get there to the castle to explore.  Each time we passed near, on foot or in the car, there just didn’t seem to be a way to get up there.  Then one day the kids and I went exploring! (we do that many days).

We finally found a small winding road that would lead you there, but the sign said only residents could drive up the hill. We were on foot, but didn’t want to make our new discovery without Dad. So, we returned home and picked up Alan to go explore some more. At the entrance to the road is a small park, where the kids like to play. They have the coolest see saw ever! It not only goes up and down, but it spins around at the same time. This is a LOVE moment for our two crazy nuts!

After a stop at the park, we venture up the small winding road. We reach the top and we see the Castle to the right and a very quaint road to the left. We opt for the castle as it is “tourist day” and all public tourist sites are free.  The castle is incredible and it is just crazy how old it is.  Can’t find things like this in the states, much less just within view from your home!

Above, you may view the link to the castle, that can describe it far better than I. Of course we took loads of pictures, so just look below.  After the castle, we just couldn’t wait to explore the little barrio de San Miguel.  This is just above “Old Town”. So in order to access, you can either go up the one road to the castle or via one of the pedestrian walkways from Old Town. This area was sooooo adorable and there were setting up for a 3 day festival, starting the next day.  We just briefly explored and decided to save the rest for the festival.

We did return to the festival on Saturday and there was a PARTY going on here!  They had a band stand, music, dancing, food, and bounce houses. It was like a massive neighborhood block party for 3 days.  The partied for 3 days and nights from morning to midnight.  It was loads of fun and on Sunday night around 11pm, we could see the fireworks from our place. The kids were in bed on a school night, but it was fantastic.

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