Do you see what I see? (Terrace Envy)

Yes, we are very fortunate to have a spectacular view each and every moment of the day. We are even more fortunate to have a small balcony off of the Master Bedroom. I do love our main Balcony. It isn’t a grand terrace, but it is bigger than an ordinary balcony (~16 ft wide x 5 ft deep). I do have to say, that when dreaming of a place here I did envision a grand terrace. And I do love my gardening, so this terrace was going to have flowers and vines everywhere.

Do you see what I see?   Look at that bougainvillea. They eat Al Fresco often.

From our place we do see other’s nearby with a terrace that I had dreams about. Grand in size with a table for six and lovely Bougainvillea draping along the sides. While I love exactly what we have, from time to time I must confess: “I have the slightest bit of terrace envy”.   Is it human nature to want to keep up with the Jones or is it an American learned problem?  Either way, each day I am grateful for exactly what we have.

We have a small round patio table that seats 3 with no problems. The kids and I love to sit out there and chat. Many times, that is our Skype location as well. It also has plenty of room for our clothes drying rack and another chair at the other end.  We are still in search of a BBQ that is to our liking, and I still would love to have the Bougainvillea, Unfortunately that will take years to grow along the railing and walls.

Again, we are happy campers!  Here are the terraces we see from ours.

Do you see what I see?

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4 thoughts on “Do you see what I see? (Terrace Envy)

  1. Actually, you got the better deal in the bargain: When you wake up in the morning you get to see their very nice terrace with the lovely Bougainvillea draping along the sides… on the other hand, when they wake up they only get to see your smaller balcony.

    You see, all of life depends on your perspective 😉

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