Where oh where is that Spanish non lucrative visa?

Well it has been nearly 3 months since we submitted all of our paperwork for the non lucrative visa in Spain and it seems like a lifetime.  We are so anxious to make more firm plans and stop living with “tentative dates” and limbo plans.  The consulate did tell us 3-6 months, so we have a long way to go.

Since May, I had plans to take the kids to NY over July 4th to visit grandma. We were to leave on July 2 and return on Monday July 9.  This was to be a fun week of time in the city as well as at Grandma’s house. It was almost the 3 month mark after applying for our visa. We applied for them on April 12 and were told they would take 3-6 months, so July 12 would be when the clock starts ticking.

During the entire month of June I kept telling people “jokingly” that the consulate will magically call us the week I am in NY, so we can just stop in DC as I pass thru on July 9. I really believed this, even though it wasn’t quite the 3 month mark. 

Well the week came and went and no visas.

The day after returning home to NC, July 10th, We received an email from the consulate. Our resident visa contact Eva, had been away on vacation for 10 days. She returned to work on the morning of July 10th to find our approved visa’s were sitting on her desk. We can go pick them up any time in next 30 days.

So they were there! I probably could have stopped by on my way thru DC…. UG! Isn’t that wild?

Well, we all made a quick trip up to DC late on Sunday and we were at the consulate first thing Monday morning. We dropped off our passports and returned a couple of hours later with a nice visa in the passport!

The visa in the passport gives us 90 days to register at the local police station in Spain.  They will then give us our resident card, which is good for  1 year and may be renewed.

Yipppeee Yahoooo!

Just leaving the Consulate with our new visas!


More info on getting your Non Lucrative Visa Spain Here

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